Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 128

At this moment, the atmosphere suddenly changed. Fang Li ignored his injury and just like he hadn’t been injured started walking slowly towards Dyaus Pita.

Perhaps because the air around this person seemed different, Dyaus Pita’s whole body was tense and his eyes flashed with uncertainty.

Fang Li closed his eyes all of a sudden.

Right now he was immersed in his own soul. There was a mysterious mark there.

It was a ring with a mysterious rune in the middle, a six-pointed mark.

This was Fang Li’s trump card.

Now was the best time to use it.


Fang Li immersed his consciousness in this mark.


The back of Fang Li’s hands flashed with a bright glow and a mark exactly like the one in his soul appeared lighting up the ruins.

The ray wasn’t dazzling but instead profound and pure. Under that ray, Fang Li’s whole body started to burn.



As if a pure white flame had covered his whole body, it was wrapped in a white glow.


Under the white glow, Fang Li cried out loud.


The white glow shook off from Fang Li’s body and started to spread throughout the air causing the wind to blow everywhere around Fang Li.

“Wha..!?” Alisa was surprised by this before she saw this wind coming her way and lifted her hands to block it.

“!?” Dyaus Pita also opened its eyes widely and looked at the white glow surrounding Fang Li’s body.

But Fang Li only thought that a formidable strength came out from his soul filling each cell of his body. This was the strength of Stigma.

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Stigma (Lv 1)

– Active Skill

STR promotes 100%

VIT promotes 100%

AGI promotes 100%

Power will be promoted by a large amount

Depending on how long it’s used and the skill level, a burden will be imposed on the user

Skill Level can be promoted

The first Active Skill Fang Li obtained from the Chief God’s Dimension was now in full bloom.

Feeling this formidable power in his body, Fang Li looked up and approached Dyaus Pita. A terrifying sense of crisis rang out in Dyaus Pita’s heart suddenly causing its evil face to change.

It immediately leapt and tried to retreat. But at this moment the glowing white Fang Li was like a meteor shooting towards it and causing a sky-splitting sound. Almost in the blink of an eye, Fang Li was in front of Fang Li with his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception staring straight at Dyaus Pita’s face with his Moon Blade turning into a flash of light cutting towards it.


With the sound of flesh being torn, the cheeks of Dyaus Pita was cut and caused blood to seep out. If Dyaus Pita hadn’t retreated in time then what would’ve been cut wouldn’t just be its cheek but its neck.

Understanding this and feeling the pain from its cheek, Dyaus Pita was angry.


With a wild rage, Dyaus Pita’s body flashed with electricity.

*Biri biri*

The berserk lightning flashed everywhere from Dyaus Pita’s body and swept past the surroundings. Fang Li’s figure turned into a meteor again as he flashed left and right to evade and cause the lightning to miss.

With Stigma’s power, Fang Li’s wounds stopped bleeding and his speed increased as well.

At least with speed, Fang Li was far above Dyaus Pita.

Therefore now, Fang Li wasn’t having a hard time dodging the lightning and his figure was like a meteor as he dodged several strikes.

But Fang Li was still dissatisfied.

“With only this speed it’s going to be hard to kill it.”

After all, Dyaus Pita’s powers weren’t only from its Attributes but also from its strong lightning ability. Fang Li not only needed to be faster than Dyaus Pita but also needed to be faster than it’s lightning.

At least he had to be able to attack Dyaus Pita first.

“Can I do it?”

Theoretically, it could be done.

Right now Stigma was the only trump card Fang Li had.

“I need to do it.”

Otherwise, he couldn’t kill this evil Aragami.

“I need to be even faster.”

Fang Li’s figure flashed continuously as he avoided all the lightning.

“Even faster.”

His movement turned into a shadow as he avoided all the attacks and he advanced like a ferocious beast continuously.

“I know a way.”

At this moment, Shiki Tohno’s form appeared in his head.

That form moved back and forth in the narrow alley in a strange and elegant way. Recalling this superior movement, Fang Li’s own movements changed.

Stepping on the ground, he relaxed his body. He turned into an unpredictable gust of wind. Right now, everything disappeared.

Nanaya Assassination Arts.

This couldn’t be separated from the Assassination part. The goal was to kill.

In this regard, Fang Li was sure he wasn’t weaker than anyone else.

“This is the true essence of the Nanaya Assassination Arts.”

Suddenly a notification sound rang in Fang Li’s head.

“Serial Number 11273 has entered comprehension mode and comprehended the skill – Flashing Dash.”

Flashing Dash (Lv 1)

– Active skill

– When the skill is used, movement speed will increase by 50%

– When the skill is used, jumping ability will increase by 50%

– When the skill is used, speed can be increased to the limit in any direction

– When the skill is used, any inertia can be ignored.

– This skill can be promoted



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