Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 128

At this moment, the atmosphere suddenly changed. Fang Li ignored his injury and just like he hadn’t been injured started walking slowly towards Dyaus Pita.

Perhaps because the air around this person seemed different, Dyaus Pita’s whole body was tense and his eyes flashed with uncertainty.

Fang Li closed his eyes all of a sudden.

Right now he was immersed in his own soul. There was a mysterious mark there.

It was a ring with a mysterious rune in the middle, a six-pointed mark.

This was Fang Li’s trump card.

Now was the best time to use it.


Fang Li immersed his consciousness in this mark.


The back of Fang Li’s hands flashed with a bright glow and a mark exactly like the one in his soul appeared lighting up the ruins.

The ray wasn’t dazzling but instead profound and pure. Under that ray, Fang Li’s whole body started to burn.



As if a pure white flame had covered his whole body, it was wrapped in a white glow.


Under the white glow, Fang Li cried out loud.


The white glow shook off from Fang Li’s body and started to spread throughout the air causing the wind to blow everywhere around Fang Li.

“Wha..!?” Alisa was surprised by this before she saw this wind coming her way and lifted her hands to block it.

“!?” Dyaus Pita also opened its eyes widely and looked at the white glow surrounding Fang Li’s body.

But Fang Li only thought that a formidable strength came out from his soul filling each cell of his body. This was the strength of Stigma.

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Thanks for the chapter, at this point I think that the chapters are getting shorter, but maybe it is just me.

It was so powerful that he literally wouldn’t die even if he sky dive from thousand kilometers from the sky, and use the skill just before he hit the ground.

That is a stupid name for such an op skill, ignore inertia. also these chapters are wayyyyy shorter recently

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