Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 129

In the Chief God’s Dimension training ground, Fang Li trained with Shiki Tohno to improve his skills. As a base, he was very qualified.

After all, his Nanaya Assassination Arts was only at the foundation stage, even if he wasn’t personally taught, just with Fang Li’s killing skill and his own self-teaching he could still learn a hint about the Nanaya Assassination Arts in those ten days.

When Fang Li arrived in this world, through fighting the Aragami his skills kept improving as well. This way, Fang Li would soon fully absorb the Nanaya Assassination Arts and stand on the same level as Shiki Tohno.

However right now, with the support of stigma in the midst of life and death, Fang Li had increased his sensibility to death and comprehended the Nanaya Assassination Arts’ Flashing Dash.


With an earthquake like sound, Fang Li’s footsteps cracked the ground and he turned into a phantom as he moved in strange ways flashing here and there.

*Bang bang bang bang*

The falling lightning attacked one after another as Fang Li dodged them all causing them to blow open the ground. Fang Li’s movement was unpredictable and fast as he fended off the lightning and advanced towards Dyaus Pita.

After three seconds, Fang Li finally got in front of Dyaus Pita as the Moon Blade in his hand turned into a chilly light cutting towards it.


Dyaus Pita let out an angry roar as it flexibly leapt up and dodged the fatal strike. Seeing here Fang Li understood.

“Comprehending Flashing Dash alone isn’t enough.”

Flashing Dash represented the foot portion of the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

It used a movement technique that allowed it to surmount a human’s peak speed and spiderlike footwork. This was what made it represent the foot portion.

However, the Nanaya Assassination Arts didn’t only have this movement technique. This peak assassination technique was in the end developed to kill people. Naturally, that was the most important part of the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

Even the Flashing Dash incorporated some portion of this. Fang Li merely comprehended the Flashing Dash and hadn’t learned any other exquisite techniques from the Nanaya Assassination Arts. These were not something Skihi Tohno could perform.

Therefore, Fang Li couldn’t comprehend them either.

But even without learning those techniques Fang Li had at least learned one attack method.

“Not only moving quickly but attacking quickly too.”

Fang Li’s footsteps changed as he shot towards Dyaus Pita with his Moon Blade in hand.

*Shua shua shua shua shua*

Immediately, the blade light cut towards Dyaus Pita. It roared again as that huge build flexibly jumped around and allowed it to avoid all of Fang Li’s attacks.

But after a while, Dyaus Pita was surprised to see that it seemed as if it became harder and harder to dodge.

As for Fang Li, he had only one thought.

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