Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 130

“Bang bang bang bang bang!”

The dark red lightning shot around the Vajra out of nowehere destroying the ground, evaporating the air and caused everything under its foot to be destroyed and crushed exploding into innumerable pieces of rubble.

Under this fearful power, Fang Li only had time to move sideways and avoid the red lightning caused by the eruption before being caught in the blast.

Personally seeing this, Alisa was shocked.

“ actually had this sort of power?”

Red lightning.

This ability was never head of before. Obviously it was a power that Dyaus Pita had hidden. Even if Alisa whose parents had been killed by it had no idea it was hiding this sort of ability.

If it wasn’t for Fang Li compelling it to this situation then it would never have shown this power, if Alisa didn’t know about this power and fought Dyaus Pita in the future then she’d definitely be caught off guard and be defeated…

Fang Li unexpectedly actually managed to dodge this sudden attack which was astonishing.

Only, Alisa didn’t know that Fang Li was already ready for it. Dyaus Pita hiding its power was one thing but Fang Li being familiar with the original plot definitely knew about this attack.

Even with that though, when Dyaus Pita attacked, Fang Li was totally involved as before.

Therefore, under that berserk lightning attack, Fang Li’s body was shot away and pounded the ground heavily, rolling around before stopping flipping over and kneeling down on one knee.


Dyaus Pita’s body was covered in red lightning as it looked up and roared continously staring at Fang Li with killing intent.

For a hunter that enjoyed hunting what would make it the most angry?

That would definitely be the prey counter attacking.

Before, Dyaus Pita didn’t pay any attention to Fang Li, it only dreaded those eyes that made it feel a bit of fear, it didnt think that this human had the ability to injure it.

What a pity the facts of the matter had directly slapped it in the face.

Therefore, Dyaus Pita was angry. Regarding this, Fang Li only kneeled on the ground looking at it with his ice blue mystic eyes, his expression still calm.

Then Fang Li opened his mouth and said.

“I can definitely kill you the next time.”

Dyaus Pita then stopped roaring. The red lightning shooting out of its body also stopped. Feeling the severe pain from the side of its face and staring at the kneeling Fang Li, its eyes appeared cloudy and uncertain.

At this moment, everyone could see that Dyaus Pita had high intelligence.

Otherwise, this variant Vajra wouldn’t show that sort of hesitation. Precisely because of this wisdom, Dyaus Pita could tell that Fang Li was telling the truth.

The opposite party wasn’t a God Eater however relying on just a dagger it could injure it to this sort of situation, this proved his point.

Therefore, Dyaus Pita didn’t suspect anything.

The next time, if he could get another hit, its own fate wouldn’t be too good…

The violent anger in its heart from being an Aragami made Dyaus Pita really want to attack. The reason in it however was making this highly intelligent Vajra not want to act rashly.

Then, Dyaus Pita recalled the fearful speed and attack of the opposite party before and its heart couldn’t help but focus more on the rational thought.

Facing that sort of speed and attack, Dyaus Pita didn’t dare to take risks.

No it should be that it didn’t want to take risk rather.


Dyaus Pita sent out an unwilling howl and actually didn’t attack but instead turned around and jumped towards the abandoned mansion.

That gloomy and cold shadow immediately flew through the air and vanished on the other side of the mansion dissapearing from sight.

Dyaus Pita eventually chose to retreat. This Fourth Rank variant Vajra was actually forced to draw back. The ruins turned silent once more.

What remained was a badly damaged open area, pools of blood and flesh telling other people what had happened before.

Seeing that Dyaus Pita was forced to retreat, Alisa was startled for quite a long time and couldn’t respond.

Until finally she heard a sound and then responded, looking at Fang Li’s direction.

Fang Li was still kneeling down, gripping his dagger tightly, the white glow around him started to grow dimmer and dimmer before vanishing.

But there was no other sound from Fang Li.

Seeing this, Alisa hesitated before clenching her teeth and walked step by step towards Fang Li. She arrived in front of him after a moment.

Seeing the motionless Fang Li kneeling down there on one knee, Alisa opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.

Finally, she could only ask, “Are you all right?”

Alisa’s question drew no response.

This made Alisa hesitate.

Could it be that he’s mad at me?

This idea wasn’t too strange.

If not for Alisa disregarding everything and attacking, they could’ve avoided Dyaus Pita and didn’t need to be in this situation.

Not to mention, Fang Li didn’t abandon her before, even the aloof Alisa couldn’t say anything.

She extended her arm and touched his shoulder.

From this small movement, Fang Li’s whole body fell sideways.


Alisa was startled.

At this time, Alisa finally found out why. Fang Li had already fainted. Right now, Alisa couldn’t do attend to anything else, squatting down immediately and placing her hand on his chest. The rhytemic heartbeat could immediately be felt by her.

Alisa let go of a breath she was holding in. Seeing the ruins all around and then a helicopter amongst the rubble. Alisa hesitated before finally making a decision




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