Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 131

In the badly ruined space, the silent atmosphere continued. Until finally a shadow approached. This was a small Ogretail Aragami that was moving towards space.



The ogretail looked around searching for prey. Meanwhile several of them saw some broken flesh scattered around. This was left behind from Dyaus Pita killing the three Vajra.

There was also the torn part of Dyaus Pita’s face lying there sending out a cold aura. Seeing this, those Aragami couldn’t help but let out a joyful cry.

Regarding these small weak lower level Aragami, a high tier Aragami’s flesh was a big boost.

Let alone, this was the jaw of Dyaus Pita.

Compared to a general Vajra it was much more powerful as a Fallen Species and more valuable.

Those Ogretails jumped towards it and started to eat that high-level flesh. They hadn’t discovered that in the ruins in a corner there was a form. Seeing the Vajra corpse attracting their attention, Alisa relaxed and looked to her side.

Fang Li was still unconscious and held onto by Alisa, his face was covered in pain and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

Even the unreasonable Alisa knew that his current situation wasn’t good.

The injury wasn’t actually that serious, besides that wound to his stomach, they were just small injuries. But that wound had already stopped bleeding and so shouldn’t be causing this right?

However, right now Fang Li had actually fainted and seemed to be in pain.


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Alisa remembered something and then looked at the back of Fang Li’s hand.

There was a mysterious tattoo there, if one wasn’t focusing on it then it couldn’t be seen easily.

This mysterious mark was what was causing that radiant glow from before. When it glowed, Fang Li’s strength had also risen by a large section causing Dyaus Pita to retreat.

Now that she thought about it that seemed strange.

The prime culprit seemed to be this veined mark?

Alisa truly wasn’t a simple person since she easily managed to guess this.

Although Stigma’s power was strong, the side effect wasn’t small. The side effect would manifest as a burden caused to the user. Furthermore,because it was a soul based power, this attacked the soul directly and not Fang Li’s body.

Therefore, Fang Li now was not only unconscious but he was also suffering like he was in a nightmare. This matter wasn’t known to Alisa. But she could tell right now that Fang Li’s condition was awful.

It seemed like it would take a long time for Fang Li to regain consciousness.

At this time, Alisa needed to not only protect the injured Fang Li but also find a way to look after him later. To be honest, Alisa caring for someone else if this was before would’ve been impossible. But right now, she couldn’t just toss Fang Li aside.

Because before he said.

“I won’t run away on my own.”

Recalling the expression Fang Li showed then, Alisa looked at Fang Li and said in a low voice.

“I won’t run away on my own.”

Then Alisa carried Fang Li to the nearby abandoned mansion.



More and more Aragami started to gather in the open space howling. The leading Aragami was eating the Vajra’s flesh while others gnawed on other parts of its corpse.

In the abandoned mansion, Alisa looked out the window and felt relieved.

“If their goal’s just the Vajras’ corpse then there shouldn’t be any issues.”

It had to be known that the two people needed the helicopter to return to the Russian Branch. If this was eaten by the Aragami then they’d lose big time.

“Hopefully those corpses will last a while longer and not vanish.”

The Aragami were only a collection of Oracle Cells, only because of the core would they have a form. So long as the core wasn’t removed then the body would be restored after a while. If the core was removed then the corpse would turn back into pure Oracle Cells and disperse in the air until they got absorbed by another core.

This would then become a new Aragami.

That’s why theoretically, the Aragami can never truly be killed. So long as the Oracle Cells exist, then the Aragami exist.

Now those several cores that from the Vajra killed by Dyaus Pita still existed.

“Hopefully there’s no Aragami that’ll eat the helicopter.”

Alisa whispered then looked into the room. On a worn out bed, Fang Li was lying down breathing hard and his face coated in sweat.

This appearance showed him in pain, Alisa was silent as she went forward and took out a handkerchief and canteen, wetting it and then helping him wipe off the sweat.

Fang Li’s breath was still irregular and his lips appeared dry. Seeing this Alisa tried to feed him some water but couldn’t do it.

Alisa struggled for a moment before finally sighing and then pouring the water into her mouth she helped Fang Li up.


Those dark red lips plastered onto Fang Li’s mouth and stopped his incessant breathing. Then Alisa passed the water into his mouth.

“Gulp gulp.”

Fang Li swallowed the water. Alisa was happy about this and continued feeding him the water in this way.



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