Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 131

In the badly ruined space, the silent atmosphere continued. Until finally a shadow approached. This was a small Ogretail Aragami that was moving towards space.



The ogretail looked around searching for prey. Meanwhile several of them saw some broken flesh scattered around. This was left behind from Dyaus Pita killing the three Vajra.

There was also the torn part of Dyaus Pita’s face lying there sending out a cold aura. Seeing this, those Aragami couldn’t help but let out a joyful cry.

Regarding these small weak lower level Aragami, a high tier Aragami’s flesh was a big boost.

Let alone, this was the jaw of Dyaus Pita.

Compared to a general Vajra it was much more powerful as a Fallen Species and more valuable.

Those Ogretails jumped towards it and started to eat that high-level flesh. They hadn’t discovered that in the ruins in a corner there was a form. Seeing the Vajra corpse attracting their attention, Alisa relaxed and looked to her side.

Fang Li was still unconscious and held onto by Alisa, his face was covered in pain and cold sweat dripped from his forehead.

Even the unreasonable Alisa knew that his current situation wasn’t good.

The injury wasn’t actually that serious, besides that wound to his stomach, they were just small injuries. But that wound had already stopped bleeding and so shouldn’t be causing this right?

However, right now Fang Li had actually fainted and seemed to be in pain.



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Dude… did it it said she got happy doing it? Damn woman already becoming his woman already? Waifu love!

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