Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 132

While Alisa was taking care of Fang Li. Fang Li himself was in a strange condition. Actually, it was quite marvellous.

“A sea?”

Right now he was standing above a vast sea. This sea however was different from what a sea would normally look like. Usually a sea would be a relaxing blue but this sea was pitch black.


A black sea.

Fang Li stood above this sea and observed around it, he couldn’t see any waves, it was just like a mirror, tranquil and motionless.

Fang Li couldn’t help but start walking.


As he walked, each step produced waves rippling from his feet expanding everywhere.

Under those ripples, the tranquil sea suddenly showed a scene underneath.

Fang Li was somewhat surprised at this as he looked closely. What he saw was a person lying down in a coffin.

It was an old man with a gentle face.



This was Fang Li’s grandfather. Seeing this, Fang Li understood.

“This was the first time I saw Death.”

It’s because of this experience that Fang Li realised his difference with other people. Thinking so, Fang Li took another step.


The sea flooded with ripples as he continued walking. The ripples turned into another scene slowly. This scene showed someone lying in a pool of blood.

Regarding this, Fang Li knew it as well.

This was Fang Li’s experience as a child witnessing someone jump off a building.

“This was the second time I saw Death.”

Understanding this, Fang Li knew what was happening.

As he continued walking at a slow speed, the water kept rippling and changing scenes one after another. All these scenes had one thing in common however, that was they were all of Death.

There were scenes of Death from old age.

There were scenes of Death from accidents.

There were scenes of Death from injury.

There were scenes of Death from an illness.

As Fang Li kept walking, scenes of Death appeared one after another in front of him. Not only the deaths of people but also the deaths of animals.

The death of a mouse eaten by a cat.

The death of a pet crushed by a car.

The death of an insect from pesticide.

The death of a dog from a human.

There was even the death of a cockroach killed by a slipped, the deaths of a centipede turned into medicine, the death of a domestic animal killed for meat, all kinds of death appeared.

Finally, even scenes of death of plants and flowers were shown. It was all comprehensive.

At this moment, all these scenes of death were pasted in front of Fang Li in his eyes.

Regarding this, Fang Li only felt one thing.

“Is there only Death here?”

At least, right now Fang Li seemed to only be surrounded by Death.

Furthermore these deaths were all deaths he had witnessed in life.

Therefore, as he kept walking, these deaths were no longer ordinary deaths but deaths that didn’t exist in his previous world.

For example, an undead monster and human fighting to the death.

For example, a mysterious lifeform called a God fighting against a warrior.

There were even scenes of Fang Li himself killing these monsters.

These deaths were all linked to Fang Li. Therefore these deaths all started to show here.

Although there was no sound, but just seeing all these scenes of death could show the desperation, fright and sadness in all of them.

“If it was a normal person here, they’d probably go insane wouldn’t they?”

However, Fang Li actually tranquilly looked at all these scenes, his emotions not fluctuating at all.

Fang Li understood three thing right now.

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“This is my inner soul.”

Fang Li was dragged in here after using stigma. The scenes here all showed what was recorded in Fang Li’s soul.


This was something Fang Li was clear about.

The second thing was, Fang Li finally knew why he felt so aloof towards death,

“Because I’m already numb…”

Anything or anyone after experiencing so much of it would become numb. That was Fang Li’s condition.

Only, Fang Li didn’t feel numb because he had seen too many deaths but because his soul had recorded too many deaths to the point of numbness.

Even if someone hadn’t died in front of Fang Li, if Fang Li saw him then their death would automatically be carved into his soul.

This is why Fang Li was numb towards death.

“This is probably also why I can freely use the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception…”

This was Fang Li’s third matter he was clear about.

The brain of a normal human couldn’t’ understand the concept of death.

Therefore, even if they had the Mystic Eyes of Death, once they used it it would cause a huge burden to their brain and could even leave them brain dead.

Fang Li however didn’t have this weakness.

That’s because there were too many recorded deaths in Fang Li’s own soul.

Regarding Fang Li, death was like eating to normal people, there was no burden.

Fang Li should’ve figured this out earlier.

“Since stigma chose me, there was definitely something unusual about my soul.”

Being enlightened about this point, Fang Li’s figure suddenly started sinking into the sea, vanishing under the waters.


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