Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 133

In the dim room, there were no sounds, only the sound of slight breathing could be heard. Fang Li’s condition on the bed had returned to normal and he didn’t look as awful as before. His eyelids then trembled as he slowly opened his eyes.


Waking up Fang Li felt his whole body was weak. This wasn’t a feeling of weakness from the body per se but actually from the soul. This feeling made even Fang Li’s head tired and he couldn’t muster any strength.

This exhausted feeling really made him want to close his eyes and sleep.

“Is this the side effect of Stigma?”

Fang Li couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

If it was just a burden on the body then he might be able to solve it. For example, using the VIT attribute.

This attribute could improve the body’s condition, if it was promoted further then it could even increase the restoration speed for injuries and abnormal statuses, even the body would be promoted somewhat.

Therefore, after Fang Li used stigma the wounds on Fang Li’s body quickly stopped bleeding. The burden if it was only the body then Fang Li could eventually keep improving the use of Stigma and even become immune to its effect.

Unfortunately, however, Stimga attacked the soul and the burden it caused completely targeted the soul, it had little relations with the body actually.

“As it is now, it’s going to be hard to restore it using just items.”

In the Chief God’s Dimension, there were all sorts of mysterious items so naturally, there were some for healing.

However, the item that was scarcest would be the ones related to the soul, one that could restore Fang Li’s injury would be difficult to find.

“Besides this thorny side effect, the skill is truly formidable.”

At least as a trump card Stigma could truly be used to turn the tide. For example in the last fight, Dyaus Pita without Stigma even if Fang Li had comprehended Flashing Scabbard and Flashing Dash he likely wouldn’t have been able to injure it.

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