Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 133

In the dim room, there were no sounds, only the sound of slight breathing could be heard. Fang Li’s condition on the bed had returned to normal and he didn’t look as awful as before. His eyelids then trembled as he slowly opened his eyes.


Waking up Fang Li felt his whole body was weak. This wasn’t a feeling of weakness from the body per se but actually from the soul. This feeling made even Fang Li’s head tired and he couldn’t muster any strength.

This exhausted feeling really made him want to close his eyes and sleep.

“Is this the side effect of Stigma?”

Fang Li couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

If it was just a burden on the body then he might be able to solve it. For example, using the VIT attribute.

This attribute could improve the body’s condition, if it was promoted further then it could even increase the restoration speed for injuries and abnormal statuses, even the body would be promoted somewhat.

Therefore, after Fang Li used stigma the wounds on Fang Li’s body quickly stopped bleeding. The burden if it was only the body then Fang Li could eventually keep improving the use of Stigma and even become immune to its effect.

Unfortunately, however, Stimga attacked the soul and the burden it caused completely targeted the soul, it had little relations with the body actually.

“As it is now, it’s going to be hard to restore it using just items.”

In the Chief God’s Dimension, there were all sorts of mysterious items so naturally, there were some for healing.

However, the item that was scarcest would be the ones related to the soul, one that could restore Fang Li’s injury would be difficult to find.

“Besides this thorny side effect, the skill is truly formidable.”

At least as a trump card Stigma could truly be used to turn the tide. For example in the last fight, Dyaus Pita without Stigma even if Fang Li had comprehended Flashing Scabbard and Flashing Dash he likely wouldn’t have been able to injure it.

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“At the end of it all it’s just me being too weak.”

This was the reason, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been forced to such a situation.

No matter what, Fang Li had just only experienced his first Dungeon World and recently entered the second. In the Chief God’s Dimension, he was the lowest level without a doubt.

“Luckily in this fight, although it was quite pitiful the harvest wasn’t too small.”

Although he hadn’t killed Dyaus Pita, Fang Li had comprehended Flashing Dash and Flashing Scabbard improving his Nanaya Assassination Arts to the pinnacle of the current level.

Now in fact, Fang Li’s skill wasn’t weaker than Shiki Tohno’s.

Furthermore, after comprehending both of the skills, Fang Li understood his following road to improvement.

“To learn all the splendid peerless abilities in the Nanaya Assassination Arts and grasp them all!”

After all, right now Fang Li had merely just crossed the threshold and learned the foundation. Only when Fang Li learned all the Nanaya Assassination Arts will his fighting style truly take shape.

The Nanaya Assassination Arts in completion combined with his one hit kill Mystic Eyes of Death Perception would be quite fearful.

Shiki Tohno merely had some self-defence techniques and just using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception he could kill many formidable enemies and inhuman existences, even some terrifying existences, if Shiki Tohno had the full Nananya Assassination Arts in hand it would be fearful.

But Fang Li if he grasped all of the techniques he would only be stronger, not weaker. After all, he was the Chief God’s Envoy and besides techniques, he could promote his attributes, wear equipment and level up his skills.

Flashing Scabbard and Flashing Dash right now were merely Level 1. If he promoted it in the future, then it would only become more terrifying and not weaker.

“It seems like after this I need to go back to the training ground.”

Fang Li then noted that he wasn’t alone.


Beside Fang Li, Alisa was lying down breathing steadily deep asleep.

In her hand, there was a wet handkerchief.

On the handkerchief, there was a sweaty smell, telling Fang Li that it was covered in sweat and not water. But whose sweat it was would be easy to find out.

“When I was unconscious was this girl taking care of me?”

Fang Li was surprised.

Alisa would actually take care of people?

This truly was a miracle.


Perhaps because Fang Li was thinking of something disrespectful, Alisa slowly opened her eyes. As she opened them, she saw Fang Li looking at her with a faint smile.

Alisa realising what happened quickly moved forward and asked in an astonished voice.

“Are you awake?!”

Seeing Alisa being so surprised, Fang Li just replied, “Just woke up.”

“That so?” Alisa didn’t know what to say after and remained silent.

A weird atmosphere filled the air between the two of them.

Fang Li couldn’t help scratching his cheek and asking, “How long have I been unconscious?”

“About one day.” Alisa answered in a low voice, “I brought you here yesterday.”

In other words, Alisa had been taking care of him for an entire day.

Did this unreasonable young girl finally have a cute side?

Thinking about this Fang Li asked, “Dyaus Pita?”

“…Ran away.” Alisa’s tone was somewhat complex as she looked at Fang Li asking, “Did you faint before seeing Dyaus Pita escape?”

Otherwise, he should’ve seen Dyaus Pita retreating right?

Could it be that Fang Li’s final declaration was only a bluff?


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