Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 134

Regarding Alisa’s idea, Fang Li knew even without saying.

Therefore he just showed a faint smile and said, “In fact, I did reach my limit at that time.”

Stigma’s burden was quite heavy to the soul. Originally Fang Li thought he could use it for some time but who knew that as time went on the burden would get bigger and bigger.

At the last minute, Fang Li’s entire head was like he was wrapped in sharpened needles, the pain was beyond imagination and his soul was aching causing his vision to turn blurry.

If not for Fang Li using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to keep firm on Dyaus Pita’s death line then comprehending Flashing Dash and Flashing Scabbard along with the Moon Blade’s double attack effect he likely wouldn’t have hit Dyaus Pita.

When Dyaus Pita went into berserk mode, Fang Li didn’t even have the means to move.

“But I did have enough strength to swing my blade one more time.” Fang Li said like it was of no concern, “If Dyaus Pita hadn’t backed down at that time and attacked I definitely would’ve dragged it to hell with me.”

In other words, Dyaus Pita truly did save itself.

TL – Fang Li practising his girl soaking technique!!! hahahaha

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By the way, is there any chance for the translation to speed up? Juat wondering, no pressure

THANKS AGAIN(im back to read some more, got in some trouble recently so i haven’t been able to read your stuff since just before you got done with this chappy, but it’s all good now.)

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