Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 134

Regarding Alisa’s idea, Fang Li knew even without saying.

Therefore he just showed a faint smile and said, “In fact, I did reach my limit at that time.”

Stigma’s burden was quite heavy to the soul. Originally Fang Li thought he could use it for some time but who knew that as time went on the burden would get bigger and bigger.

At the last minute, Fang Li’s entire head was like he was wrapped in sharpened needles, the pain was beyond imagination and his soul was aching causing his vision to turn blurry.

If not for Fang Li using his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception to keep firm on Dyaus Pita’s death line then comprehending Flashing Dash and Flashing Scabbard along with the Moon Blade’s double attack effect he likely wouldn’t have hit Dyaus Pita.

When Dyaus Pita went into berserk mode, Fang Li didn’t even have the means to move.

“But I did have enough strength to swing my blade one more time.” Fang Li said like it was of no concern, “If Dyaus Pita hadn’t backed down at that time and attacked I definitely would’ve dragged it to hell with me.”

In other words, Dyaus Pita truly did save itself.

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If Dyaus Pita didn’t choose to retreat then the final result would’ve been getting its core picked by Fang Li. Naturally, Fang Li would die as well.

At that time, if it chose to attack, Fang Li wouldn’t have been able to dodge it.

Therefore, the final result would’ve been both of them dying and none living.

It can be imagined how close the fight between both of them was.

“All I can say is I’m a bit frustrated.”

“This fight was too sudden, I hadn’t thought Dyaus Pita would appear there.”

Before, although Alisa did say that she wanted to rely on Aphrodite to lure out Dyaus Pita using Aphrodite’s ability to control Aragami, Fang Li didn’t think that they would actually encounter it.

First, although it releases hormones that can control Aragami, they were all targeted at the Russian Branch. To find Dyaus Pita in such a sea of Aragami wouldn’t be easy. Next, although Alisa didn’t know, Fang Li knew that Dyaus Pita had high intelligence, it was more powerful than the average Vajra and even achieved the Fourth Rank.

A Fallen Species like this wouldn’t be easy to control.

If it was just Dyaus Pita then as a Deusphage species, Aphrodite might be able to control it but if it was while controlling massive amounts of other Aragami then it wouldn’t be too easy at all for it.

Taking this into consideration, Fang Li didn’t expect Dyaus Pita to appear.

However, Fang Li forgot one thing.

“Dyaus Pita is cruel and enjoys the feeling of hunting.” Fang Li said, “Therefore, even if there wasn’t any control, Dyaus Pita would’ve joined this hunting field.”

Finally, Fang Li and Alisa met this evil Aragami and who knew if it was because Fang Li’s luck was too bad or Dyaus Pita’s luck was too bad, maybe both.

Otherwise, Fang Li wouldn’t have been reduced to this situation and Dyaus Pita wouldn’t have gotten half its face cut off.

“This enmity is there now.”

Fang Li was still smiling but there was no happy expression in his eyes.

“Next time, don’t let me see it again else I’ll definitely kill it.”

Hearing this, Alisa’s expression turned complex.

“What’s wrong?” Fang Li looked at Alisa and asked, “Think I’m robbing your prey?”

“Prey?” Alisa couldn’t help but give a self-ridiculing smile, “I’m not even a match for Dyaus Pita let alone it being my prey.”

Saying so, three pictures appeared in Alisa’s mind.

One was her wanting to take revenge and get rid of her weakness thus becoming a God Eater and wielding the New Type God Arc.

One was her parents getting eaten in front of her, with only Dyaus Pita’s evil and cold face in front.

One was lying down in front of her foe, looking at the contempt and ridicule on its face.

These three pictures kept revolving in her head making her hold her head as if falling into a nightmare, a painful nightmare.

Alisa couldn’t help but scream before a hand quietly held her.

Alisa was startled before raising her head and looking at Fang Li.

Fang Li looked at here yes and held her hand tightly saying in a tranquil voice, “Relax you can become stronger, you don’t need to feel bad about your fear.”

Fang Li’s clear voice sounded out in Alisa’s head.

“I don’t care if you know this but in this world, there isn’t anything I can’t kill, even if it’s an Aragami.”

“Therefore, if you really do fear then don’t worry, I’ll kill your fear as well.”

“However, you only need to keep walking forward.”

Fang Li smiled. This was the gentle smile he showed before fighting Dyaus Pita.

Then he said, “Believe me, I’m very reliable.”

As those words could be heard in her ear, Alisa was startled looking at Fang Li and couldn’t respond.

But the ache in her head suddenly started going away.

Then Alisa gripped Fang Li’s hand as well and didn’t seem to have that cold chilly look as before only an indescribable mood.

This atmosphere slowly turned into a warm one as the two of them looked at each other with no words needed.


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