Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 135

Night arrived quietly. In the open space near the ruined mansion, darkness engulfed the land. But there was no hiding the pools of blood everywhere, the dark red lustre was dazzling and made a person’s heart beat faster.

Right now, the Vajra’s corpse had all been eaten. The accumulated Aragami hadn’t all dispersed yet, there were still some Ogretails pacing around.

Furthermore, there was also a large form about two metres tall and standing next to the helicopter.

That form was larger than a person and had large mechanical like wings on its back like an angel holding its arms and appearing to guard as it stood there.

In a corner, Fang Li and Alisa were hidden in the shadows looking at that winged person before looking at each other’s eyes.

“Is that Chi You?”

Chi You

That was a famous medium sized Aragami.

The defensive power of this Aragami was very high and therefore it was given the name of a God in Chinese Myth that was said to be invulnerable.

This was one of the hardest Aragami to deal with in the medium-sized Aragami category.

It not only had a steel defence, but the wings could also be used to attack as well. This Aragami could also store up heat energy and release a flame type ability.

Under the large scale Aragami category, Chi You was definitely one of the hardest to deal with being able to defeat many God Eaters.

“Nearby should be Chi You’s habitat, it was probably attracted by Aphrodite’s hormones and attracted by the Vajra’s corpse.” Alisa nodded and said, “But if it’s just that then I can cope.”

“It’s a pity that there’s not just Chi You here, there’s also a lot of Ogretails.” Fang Li looked at the open space and narrowed his eyes saying, “Therefore, you’re responsible for killing those Ogretails and I’ll cope with Chi You.”

“Won’t there be an issue?” Alisa asked, “Your body isn’t fully healed yet.”

“No my body is fine.” Fang Li replied, “Although I’m drowsy but there’s no real issue, it won’t affect my fighting.”

“But…” Alisa wasn’t convinced.

Seeing such an Alisa, Fang Li couldn’t help but rub his nose and smile in his heart.

Since waking up and Alisa opening up her heart, she was starting to reveal her genuine side and not just the aloof stance she normally showed, she’d suddenly turned more intimate with Fang Li.

Otherwise, this sort of worry wasn’t something the previous Alisa would do.

Therefore, Fang Li said to her, “Relax, to me, Chi You is actually quite easy to cope with, that famous defensive power is nothing much, one blade will solve it that’s why for me to cope with it is best.”

Hearing this, Alisa remembered what Fang Li said before.

“There’s nothing in this world that I can’t kill, even Aragami.”

These words had been proven multiple times so Alisa didn’t suspect them at all.

Right now, Alisa hesitated before helplessly saying, “Be careful.”

Fang Li nodded and focused on the ruins in front.


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Fang Li really is the worst possible match up for anything focusing on defense, especially since they are usually slower.

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