Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 136

*Pu chi*

Along with a burst of blood, the waning moon dagger dug into Chi You’s death line. That was the most important death line of an Aragami.


A clear sound rang out from its body. That was the sound of the core shattering. With the death line being cut, any life form even a microbe wouldn’t be able to escape from the fate of being guided towards the end.

Therefore, Fang Li killed this Aragami’s core.

The Aragami named Chi You stopped moving immediately.

Fang Li was like a ghost appearing and disappearing moving behind Chi You.

At this moment, time stopped.

The leading Ogretail’s roaring stopped as well.

Alisa who had just moved was also frozen on the spot.

In the entire process, not even three seconds had passed. In these three seconds, with the Flashing Dash, Fang Li had managed to bypass all the Ogretails before Alisa could attack and attack Chi You with an instant kill.

This was astonishing!

Finally, though, this period couldn’t remain before the stiff corpse of Chi You fell backwards with a bang.

At this moment, Fang Li took back his Moon Blade and looked at the frozen Alisa, laughing and saying, “Don’t stand there in a daze, hurry and tidy up these Aragami.”

Alisa then responded.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

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Loud gunshots rang out in the sky as the Aragami’s started wailing continuously.

The disparity between all the Aragami was quite big. Regardless of the Fallen Species type and Deusphage Species Aragami, the difference between the small and medium along with large type Aragami was also quite huge.

Regarding large types like Vajra, Fang Li would need to think about being injured when fighting it, even now he could only confidently solve one of them if there were more then it would be troublesome.

For the medium type, even before comprehending Flashing Scabbard and Flashing Dash Fang Li could suppress them and kill them with some effort but right now he could instantly kill them.

Regarding the small type, these were easy to kill, for example, Alisa now was able to kill the around twenty or so Ogretails despite just being a rookie proving how weak this Aragami was.

At least to Fang Li, these small Aragami were at most stronger than an average Kabane from the previous world, it was probably weaker than the Wazatori type Kabane.

The Aragami’s true strength relied on the fact that nothing besides the God Arc’s could kill them, if they weren’t pierced in the heart they wouldn’t die.

In other words, if this problem was solved then they were easy to kill. Thus there was a large disparity between the Aragami.

Therefore, Alisa quickly solved the crowd of Ogretails. As for Fang Li, after solving Chi You he moved to the helicopter and touched the tablet Rindou Amamiya gave him, pulling out a wire and connecting it.

The panel lit up as it performed it’s procedures before making the helicopter start booting up with lights turning on.

“How is it?” Alisa asked as she arrived at the helicopter as well, “Is the helicopter usable?”

“It’s still examining.” Fang Li looked at the tablet and watched the boot process, saying, “Luckily the First Unit gave us this thing otherwise even if there was a helicopter in front of us we wouldn’t be able to use it.”

After all, Fang Li wasn’t from the military, he had no idea how to fly a helicopter even in his previous eight lives!

For Alisa, although she had a military rank and was technically a soldier even as a God Eater her main focus was fighting she shouldn’t have an issue driving but flying was impossible.

Luckily, Rindou Amamiya expected this and gave Fang Li this tablet. This was the year 2070 after all, so the humans of this time had quite advanced technology compared to before. Naturally, the ultimate goal of the technology was to make thing convenient.

Therefore, although it was still necessary to have manual control, using autopilot wasn’t impossible either.

RIght now, Fang Li only needed to connect the instrument and helicopter and let the tool do everything. Time started passing by slowly.

After who knows how long, the tablet in Fang Li’s hand flashed with a green window.

“Examination, although there’s some damage, there’s no critical breakdown so it can be used.” Fang Li read the information and looked at Alisa with a smile, “Our luck’s finally improved.”

Hearing this, Alisa smiled faintly and asked, “Do we return to the Russian Branch now?”

“I’m thinking we should.” Fang Li turned his head and looked outside the helicopter saying, “Although I really want to settle things with Dyaus Pita but I’m too weak now so even if I could kill it I’d need to pay a huge price, therefore, we’ll leave it for now.”

“But sooner or later I’ll settle this.” Fang Li looked at Alisa and asked, “What about you? Do you want to leave like this?”

Alisa lowered her head and her eyes had some struggle.

After making a sigh, she raised her head and those sky blue eyes once more shone with intense willpower.

“I also need to make myself more formidable, after I truly get stronger I’ll make Dyaus Pita pay back what it owes me.”

“Right?” Fang Li closed his eyes and smiled.

Seeing such a confident Alisa acknowledging her current ability and also not going out of control mentioning Dyaus Pita, Fang Li knew that Alisa had definitely managed to overcome her trauma.

“Let’s prepare to set off.” Fang Li touched the tablet’s screen.

“Set the pilot to automatic, the destination is the Russian Branch!”

Then, the helicopter’s blades started rotating as it slowly left the pile of ruins and flew into the horizon.


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