Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 136

*Pu chi*

Along with a burst of blood, the waning moon dagger dug into Chi You’s death line. That was the most important death line of an Aragami.


A clear sound rang out from its body. That was the sound of the core shattering. With the death line being cut, any life form even a microbe wouldn’t be able to escape from the fate of being guided towards the end.

Therefore, Fang Li killed this Aragami’s core.

The Aragami named Chi You stopped moving immediately.

Fang Li was like a ghost appearing and disappearing moving behind Chi You.

At this moment, time stopped.

The leading Ogretail’s roaring stopped as well.

Alisa who had just moved was also frozen on the spot.

In the entire process, not even three seconds had passed. In these three seconds, with the Flashing Dash, Fang Li had managed to bypass all the Ogretails before Alisa could attack and attack Chi You with an instant kill.

This was astonishing!

Finally, though, this period couldn’t remain before the stiff corpse of Chi You fell backwards with a bang.

At this moment, Fang Li took back his Moon Blade and looked at the frozen Alisa, laughing and saying, “Don’t stand there in a daze, hurry and tidy up these Aragami.”

Alisa then responded.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

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