Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 137


In the dark sky, painted black like ink where thunder rang out for the past few days, a dazzling lightning strike illuminated the sky every now and again.

In the clouds, a military helicopter’s propellers were rotating and flying at a moderate pace. In the helicopter, Alisa looked at the cloudy sky and was somewhat worried, “Is it really okay to fly in this sort of weather?”

“Who knows?” Fang Li looked at the touch screen and carelessly answered, “Our luck shouldn’t be so bad as to get hit by lightning again right?”

“No, it’s just there could be something unexpected.” Alisa wasn’t calm yet asking, “You’re not worried?”

“Naturally I’m worried, if there’s another accident then we really won’t be able to return to the Russian Branch.” Fang Li gave off a careless appearance saying, “It’s just that it’s pointless to worry, I don’t want to stop just because of this.”

Alisa opened her mouth to say something but seeing Fang Li’s lazy appearance swallowed her words…

Doesn’t this fellow fear death?

Who would’ve known that Alisa had actually really guessed why Fang Li was so calm as she stared into the distance and prayed there would be no more accidents.

Fang Li then opened his mouth.

“Alisa look down.”

Hearing this, Alisa was startled as she looked at the ground.

Then her face froze.




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