Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 137


In the dark sky, painted black like ink where thunder rang out for the past few days, a dazzling lightning strike illuminated the sky every now and again.

In the clouds, a military helicopter’s propellers were rotating and flying at a moderate pace. In the helicopter, Alisa looked at the cloudy sky and was somewhat worried, “Is it really okay to fly in this sort of weather?”

“Who knows?” Fang Li looked at the touch screen and carelessly answered, “Our luck shouldn’t be so bad as to get hit by lightning again right?”

“No, it’s just there could be something unexpected.” Alisa wasn’t calm yet asking, “You’re not worried?”

“Naturally I’m worried, if there’s another accident then we really won’t be able to return to the Russian Branch.” Fang Li gave off a careless appearance saying, “It’s just that it’s pointless to worry, I don’t want to stop just because of this.”

Alisa opened her mouth to say something but seeing Fang Li’s lazy appearance swallowed her words…

Doesn’t this fellow fear death?

Who would’ve known that Alisa had actually really guessed why Fang Li was so calm as she stared into the distance and prayed there would be no more accidents.

Fang Li then opened his mouth.

“Alisa look down.”

Hearing this, Alisa was startled as she looked at the ground.

Then her face froze.




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The extremely noisy howling thundered in the air. From above, one could see countless Aragami spread out like ants marching in a direction. There were small sized Aragami like Ogretails, there were medium sized Aragami like Kongou and Chi You there were even Vajra type large sized Aragami.

All kinds of Aragami were moving in a direction like a fearful army causing the dust to blow everywhere they moved. This scene was incomparably magnificent.

“This…” Alisa couldn’t help but be somewhat shocked. Although she knew the Aragami army would be out of the ordinary and would have an astonishing number of them including tens of thousands of large scale Aragami, Alisa hadn’t realised to what level this terror actually was.

After all, before Alisa was just a novice that couldn’t really judge the strength of a match and thought that after she became a God Eater she could immediately fight the Aragami and take revenge for her parents, how would she know how fearful her enemy was?

But now, Alisa knew that with only her strength at most she could handle a medium sized Aragami but she definitely couldn’t fight a large sized one.

Now, seeing tens of thousands of large-sized Aragami along with all the other types of Aragami, Alisa finally knew how fearful this army was.

To be blunt, this fearful army would easily be able to trample the Russian Branch to the ground. At least anyone seeing this would think so.

Even Fang Li.

“Such an army along with the Deusphage, only if all the Fenrir branches around the world were dispatched otherwise even Fenrir’s headquarters wouldn’t be able to resist this sort of army let alone this branch…?”

Fang Li looked at the dense army and sneered.

“Facing such an army, the Russian Branch actually didn’t hesitate to backstab the rescuing Russian Branch, this plan has also been paid with the blood of many soldiers and God Eaters, I hope their plan is really worth it.”

Alisa had no reply.

As a Russian Branch God Eater, Alisa didn’t know what to say.

If it was before, Alisa wouldn’t care much about the higher-ups’ thoughts, as long as she had the power to attack her enemy then anything was alright.

However now, Alisa had her doubts.

“What were they hiding?”

This matter was what everyone wanted to know. Only this matter hadn’t yet been uncovered.

However, one this was for sure.

This secret was not ordinary.

Thinking of this, Alisa’s face looked pensive as she showed some hesitation.

Fang Li opened his mouth suddenly and said, “We’ve arrived.”

Those words made her wake up. Then she saw.

Around that familiar base, there was a dense Aragami army in circling the defensive wall. However, Alisa wasn’t joyful but instead surprised.

“Have the Aragami already managed to attack such a near area?”

According to this sort of progress, the Aragami will be able to attack the Russian Branch’s wall before long.

“Combat?” Alisa’s tone was uncertain.

“Wasn’t there an operational plan drawn up before, where’s the army?”

Could it be that all the people the Russian Branch sent before were annihilated?

Alisa couldn’t help thinking so and Fang Li was thinking the same saying, “It seems like I don’t have much time either. The Aragami will be attacking the Russian Branch soon, I need to get there as soon as possible.”

Then Fang Li touched the tablet in his hand.

The helicopter’s speed suddenly increased to maximum speed as it flew to the Russian Branch. Fang Li and Alisa hadn’t discovered but at this moment in the huge Aragami army, a huge form emerged slowly and also moved towards the Russian Branch.



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