Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 138

After who knows how long the helicopter was finally close to the Russian Branch. As Fang Li prepared to descend, Alisa said, “Enter directly, don’t stop.”

“That’s no good!” Fang Li was startled and shook his head, “If we go in like this we’ll definitely be intercepted, when the time comes we’ll need to fight the entire Russian Branch.”

If it was just normal soldiers then with Fang Li’s current ability, defeating them was a matter of time. However, in the Russian Branch, there were also God Eaters.

Fang Li didn’t think he would be able to cope with so many God Eaters. Therefore they could only sneak in.

This was more convenient for him to move around. Regarding this thought, Alisa knew as well.

But she said, “Since we could find the helicopter using its electrical signals then the Russian Branch would likely have a way to discover this helicopter as well if you stop now the Russian Branch will be suspicious.”

Fang Li knew this too.

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Only, compared to arousing some suspicion, it was better than meeting the Russian Branch army head on right?

While Fang Li was thinking, Alisa shot a look at him before setting up her resolve.

“Just enter directly.” Alisa looked at Fang Li, “I’ll be responsible for acting if you hide then it should be fine.”

“What?!” Fang Li was astonished.

“If it’s just me going in then there shouldn’t be any issues right?” Alisa looked at his surprised face and smiled, “After all, I’m a member of the Russian Branch so I have reason to enter the base.”

In other words, Alisa was prepared to shield Fang Li.

“You want to help me?” Fang Li looked at Alisa and asked, “Why? As a Russian Branch member, you don’t have any reason to?”

“I said before that I would choose to be your enemy depending on how you acted.” Alisa looked straight at Fang Li and said, “However now, I think that what you want to do could save the Russian Branch, therefore, I want to help you.”

The reason Aphrodite was attacking the Russian Branch on such a large scale was in the Russian branch.

To hide this secret, the Russian Branch’s upper echelons didn’t hesitate to do so many dirty things causing Alisa to suspect that the Russian Branch seemed to have something else planned.

If the Russian Branch’s top echelons had no plans to aid the other people and only wanted to pursue this goal and caused this condition, Alisa would be unable to continue watching.

“The reason I became a God Eater was that I was once extremely weak and couldn’t save anything.” Alisa’s expression dimmed but she didn’t avoid Fang Li’s eyes and said, “Therefore now, I want to save everyone with my own strength.”

As her voice fell, the air froze.

Fang Li looked at Alisa’s charming face and seemed as if he had given up on something as he sighed.

Seeing this, Alisa understood Fang Li’s decision.

Then, the helicopter directly flew into the Russian Branch’s main region.

Before the airstrip area of the main facility, the helicopter slowly descended from the sky into its assigned position. At this moment, a crowd of soldiers holding machine guns were surrounding the helicopter.


As the cockpit opened, Alisa walked out of the helicopter.

Seeing Alisa, the leader of the soldiers relaxed before his face tightened.

“Alisa Illinichina Amiella.” The captain’s expression was serious as he said, “Why did you only return now?”

Hearing this, Alisa’s face was expressionless like when she met Fang Li before as she looked indifferently at the captain.

“Do the higher-ups know I’m back?”

“Yes.” The leader nodded with his expression still serious.

“The captain is quite angry that you violated the orders, Alisa, I hope you’re prepared for the punishment.”

“Those several people that followed me would definitely pass the responsibility to me anyway right?” Alisa ignored the leader of the guards and said, “I’ll explain this later to the captain.”

Then Alisa no longer paid him any attention and walked over to the main facility.

Seeing that, the leader of the guards had no alternative but to watch her leave helplessly.


Before she arrived, Alisa’s cold face instantly dissolved as she relaxed and observed her surroundings.

At the same time, a form mysteriously appeared in some place and arrived in front of Alisa smiling at her.

“Worthy of the Russian Branch’s New Type, even if you violated the order, you can still use such an attitude, if it were anyone else they’d immediately be escorted away by the army right?”

Alisa couldn’t help but flinch before discovering that this person was Fang Li as she relaxed and asked, “Then are you ready to investigate?”

“Right.” Fang Li nodded and said, “What ideas do you have?”

“I head that there’s a room in the main facility that’s used to keep all the information of the Russian Branch.”

“If we go there, perhaps we can find what you want.”

“Ok.” Fang Li hesitated before nodding.

“Where is it?”


Alisa brought Fang Li to an automatic door and said, “Although I’ve never been here, because I’m a New Type I’m allowed to enter.”

Saying so, Alisa took out an ID card and inserted it into the scanner.

The automatic door suddenly opened as a room full of machines came into Fang Li’s view.

Seeing a large terminal in the room, Fang Li’s eyes flashed.


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