Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 138

After who knows how long the helicopter was finally close to the Russian Branch. As Fang Li prepared to descend, Alisa said, “Enter directly, don’t stop.”

“That’s no good!” Fang Li was startled and shook his head, “If we go in like this we’ll definitely be intercepted, when the time comes we’ll need to fight the entire Russian Branch.”

If it was just normal soldiers then with Fang Li’s current ability, defeating them was a matter of time. However, in the Russian Branch, there were also God Eaters.

Fang Li didn’t think he would be able to cope with so many God Eaters. Therefore they could only sneak in.

This was more convenient for him to move around. Regarding this thought, Alisa knew as well.

But she said, “Since we could find the helicopter using its electrical signals then the Russian Branch would likely have a way to discover this helicopter as well if you stop now the Russian Branch will be suspicious.”

Fang Li knew this too.

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