Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 139


With a mechanical sound, the automatic door opened and showed what was inside. Fang Li and Alisa entered the dimly lit room and seeing the only light source, the shining terminal they looked at each other.

“I haven’t used this terminal before but with my jurisdiction, I should be able to unlock it.”

Alisa reached out to the terminal as the bracelet in her arm fit perfectly with the insertion point.


The screen shone as the computer presented an interface. Completing this, Alisa drew back a step and looked at Fang Li saying, “The above knew that I’ve come back, if too long has passed then they’ll definitely suspect something so get it done with quickly.”

After all, Alisa had also violated a military order before and needed to report back. Not to mention, the Aragami army was about to attack, Fang Li didn’t have much time.

“Now’s a race against time.”

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Therefore, Fang Li moved forward and touched the tablet screen Rindou Amamiya gave him before, connecting it to the terminal and searching for the information.

“A secret that would make the Russian Branch not hesitate to sacrifice so much would be the highest rank secret.”

“Therefore, I can skip all the lower rank information directly and just go through the highest rank information.”


After a moment, Fang Li pressed down on the start key on the search panel.

Then the terminal ran through the procedures to search as multiple windows popped up.

Seeing this, Fang Li couldn’t help but smile bitterly.

“No wonder Rindou Amamiya gave me this tablet before, the Far East Branch was prepared long before.”

At least, Fang Li didn’t believe that any casual tablet could crack the confidential files inside the Russian Branch’s base so easily.

“Saved me a lot of trouble actually.”

Therefore under their eyes, secret documents appeared on the screen for display. Seeing the project list, Fang Li earnestly started reading to see if it was the information they needed before Alisa made a startled sound.

Hearing this, Fang Li asked with doubts, “What’s wrong?”

“Look here.” Alisa pointed at the screen.

Fang Li looked and slowly read the name of it.

“Eros Project.”


What’s that?

“Don’t you know?” Alisa looked at Fang Li with a bit of astonishment, before saying, “Eros is the Goddess of Love’s son in greek mythology, it’s also called Cupid in Roman mythology, his father is the God of War and his mother is the Goddess of love, Aphrodite”

Hearing this, Fang Li understood why Alisa noted this subject title.

“Is this the name of Aphrodite’s son?”

Only this sole point made it a key investigation point. Fang Li clicked on it without hesitation.

A document showed in front of Fang Li and Alisa’s eyes. It was a report.

“In 2050, the Aragami lifeforms suddenly appeared and swallowed the majority of Earth’s population, even the buildings and machinery were not spared, these Oracle Cells split into all sorts of different lifeforms.”

“The majority of civilisation was destroyed in one moment, the entire world’s population also declined to only 1%, humanity had suffered unprecedented losses.”

“In one year after that, the surviving humans launched an attack on the Aragami causing the population to decline yet again.”

“According to this result, eventually humanity will go extinct within three years and the Earth will turn into the Aragami’s habitat destroying all traces of humanity and civilisation.”

“With that in mind, the only ones that will stand in this chaotic time is Fenrir.”

“Using the techniques of harvesting Oracle Cells that other countries did not have, Fenrir rapidly became the leader of the human race and stood at the peak position in the world setting up various branches so the human race wouldn’t be fully exterminated.”

“The Russian Branch was established in the year 2055 and received resources from headquarters, a total of 12 Aragami Expedition Groups, after several years, the strength of the branch has been at the top of the various branches.”

“But in the year 2060, the Russian Branch suffered huge losses fighting against a Deusphage species, losing a majority of the Expedition Groups and causing the deaths of 50 God Eaters.”

“But these casualties actually gave birth an important opportunity.”

“An opportunity for humanity to shake off the control of the Aragami and let humans once more become this land’s masters.”

“We call it, Alpha.”

“To let Alpha become the spear that will let humanity conquer the Earth once more, the Russian Branch set up a special research team headed by Rollins Wright Einz Dorothy, the lead researcher in debugging and controlling Alpha.”

“The name of this project headed by Rollins Wright Einz Dorothy will be called, Eros Project.”

“The Eros Project’s ultimate goal is to let humans once more dominate all things and regain peace of before.”

This was the contents of the report.

Reading this, not to mention Fang Li’s response, Alisa was silent for a moment before saying, “The Eros Project’s goal is what we need to investigate.”

“Hm?” Fang Li was startled, “Why are you so sure?”

“Haven’t you said that the one that disliked you the most and even framed you was the captain?” Alisa looked at Fang Li and opened her mouth slowly to repeat each word.

“The captain’s name is Rollins Wright Einz Dorothy.”

“Before he became a captain he was the head of a secret research team, it was only two years ago that he was given a military rank and became the captain.”



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