Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 139


With a mechanical sound, the automatic door opened and showed what was inside. Fang Li and Alisa entered the dimly lit room and seeing the only light source, the shining terminal they looked at each other.

“I haven’t used this terminal before but with my jurisdiction, I should be able to unlock it.”

Alisa reached out to the terminal as the bracelet in her arm fit perfectly with the insertion point.


The screen shone as the computer presented an interface. Completing this, Alisa drew back a step and looked at Fang Li saying, “The above knew that I’ve come back, if too long has passed then they’ll definitely suspect something so get it done with quickly.”

After all, Alisa had also violated a military order before and needed to report back. Not to mention, the Aragami army was about to attack, Fang Li didn’t have much time.

“Now’s a race against time.”

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Thanks for the chapter. It seems that the translation is getting slower. Is there any problems?

Yeah life is the problem. I don’t have that much time to work on a hobby unfortunately.

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