Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 141

This was a dim room. It was quite large but there was little light in it, only instruments and tools emitting light, you couldn’t even see your own fingers.

In this dim room, there were many fluid-filled tanks. In all of them, the liquid was bubbling like it was boiling. They were all connected to a deeper part of the room, connected to the ceiling of a huge tank on the ground causing the liquid inside that tank to change colours.

This was quite an amazing scene. At this moment, the door of the dim room moved.

*Clang clang clang*

The door split open into multiple white lines as it was cut open by some sharp weapon.


Then it exploded inwards, letting the light from the outside burst in.

*Ring ring ring ring*

Alarm bells and red warning lights sounded out covering the room in red light.

A form walked from the destroyed door, observing the situation inside. This was obviously, Fang Li.

Entering this dim room, he observed each of the liquid filled tank muttering, “This looks like an underground research area.”

In fact, this truly could be considered as such.

At least there were definitely people carrying out some shameful research here.

Fang Li entered the room and passed by each of the tanks walking slowly towards the deepest one.


At this moment, a loud sound could be heard behind him.

This was a sound from the entrance.

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