Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 141

This was a dim room. It was quite large but there was little light in it, only instruments and tools emitting light, you couldn’t even see your own fingers.

In this dim room, there were many fluid-filled tanks. In all of them, the liquid was bubbling like it was boiling. They were all connected to a deeper part of the room, connected to the ceiling of a huge tank on the ground causing the liquid inside that tank to change colours.

This was quite an amazing scene. At this moment, the door of the dim room moved.

*Clang clang clang*

The door split open into multiple white lines as it was cut open by some sharp weapon.


Then it exploded inwards, letting the light from the outside burst in.

*Ring ring ring ring*

Alarm bells and red warning lights sounded out covering the room in red light.

A form walked from the destroyed door, observing the situation inside. This was obviously, Fang Li.

Entering this dim room, he observed each of the liquid filled tank muttering, “This looks like an underground research area.”

In fact, this truly could be considered as such.

At least there were definitely people carrying out some shameful research here.

Fang Li entered the room and passed by each of the tanks walking slowly towards the deepest one.


At this moment, a loud sound could be heard behind him.

This was a sound from the entrance.

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The door that Fang Li destroyed, another door had suddenly taken its place and sealed up the room once more.

Fang Li’s footsteps stopped for a moment before he kept moving again calm as ever proceeding towards the inner part of the room. Until he arrived in front of that large tank he finally stopped.

Then, Fang Li looking at that huge tank couldn’t’ speak at all.

“So that’s how it is…” Fang Li seemed to have solved all his doubts as he made a surprised sound.

“Is this the reason why Aphrodite is so obsessed with attacking the Russian Branch?”

In that huge tank, there was a pair of white arms!

These were smooth white arms like an extremely beautiful woman’s delicate arms. Seeing these arms, Fang Li recalled Aphrodite’s characteristics. Aphordite or venus, the Goddess was renowned as a beautiful woman. But the Deusphage species Aphrodite didn’t have any arms.

Fang Li had thought that Aphrodite had no arms since the beginning. However, it seems he was mistaken. Not only was he mistaken, anyone who knew Aphordite in the world was mistaken.

“Aphrodite does have arms, its arms are here..”

Therefore, to get back her arms, Aphrodite didn’t hesitate to launch such a large scale attack.

“I should’ve thought about this sooner.”

It had to be known, that Aphrodite’s ability was to release pheromones to attract and control the Aragami. But inside that land mine that Fang Li used the other day, there were these types of Aragami attracting hormones.

This hormone’s source there could only have been one.

“This arm is the chief criminal…”

Fang Li’s words were opposed out of nowhere suddenly!

“You can’t say that it’s innocent after all right?”

This sound emerged from the room and Fang Li heard it clearly.

However, Fang Li wasn’t surprised still looking at the huge tank and saying, “Since you’re here don’t hide.”

As his voice fell, a faint voice in a happy tone could be heard.

“I’m not hiding, I’ve been here since the start.”

With those words, a person wearing a military uniform walked from near the tank arriving in front of it and facing Fang Li.

This person was the captain.

“I was wondering which person was the one infiltrating from the First Unit, who would’ve thought it would be the impolite soldier, you.” The captain sneered and said, “You’re pretty lucky to be able to live or was it Alisa Illinichina Amiella that saved you?”

“Whatever you think.” Fang Li said indifferently and asked with a faint smile, “Should I call you captain? Or should I call you Mr Rollins Wright?”

Hearing this, the captain, Rollins smiled as if he didn’t care at all.

“It seems like you understood quite a lot of information from that terminal, call me whatever you like.”

Saying so, Rollins spread out his hands before Fang Li as if showing something and asked, “How is it? Beautiful?”

What he was referring to was obviously the arms inside the tank.

“After 10 years had passed it still looked exactly the same, although I also tried to maintain it as far possible, it seemed as though even if I hadn’t it would never have vanished or rotted away, therefore it’s beautiful.”

Rollins’ tone was filled with pride.

“Those who know its existence call it Alpha but I like to call it by another name, Eros.”

“Obviously it’s a part of Aphrodite’s body but you gave it another name, furthermore Eros is the son of Aphrodite.” Fang Li curled his lips and said, “Don’t you think it’s unnecessary?”

“Unnecessary?” Rollins smiled. Except in his eyes, there was no happiness only endless anger.

This was the anger of someone who encountered another person tarnishing their beliefs.

“You don’t understand anything.”

Saying so, Rollins held a gun up and approached Fang Li.

The atmosphere immediately turned hostile.


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