Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 142

Seeing that gun aimed at himself along with the smiling face yet with eyes filled with anger, Fang Li narrowed his eyes.

As if turning a blind eye to his threat, Fang Li not only ignored him but also made fun of him saying, “Worthy of once a research team expert, even if you have a military rank once someone makes fun of your research you can’t bear it, no wonder you couldn’t help killing all of us to keep this secret.”

“Therefore, I’m saying you don’t understand anything.” Rollins sneered and said, “After separating from Aphrodite, Eros is no longer a part of it and is independent, the evidence is that it doesn’t have a core yet it doesn’t decay into Oracle Cells.”

Without a core, an Aragami’s oracle cells will disintegrate after some time, this was no secret.

Although the difference would be visible between different types it would still disintegrate, but for something to maintain the same appearance after 10 years it truly could be said to be independent.

“Only this isn’t truly independent, at most it’s half a body.” Fang Li looked at Rollins and said, “But, to you, this is actually a good thing right?”

Right now, Fang Li had guessed what Rollins was researching with Eros.

It’s because of the hormones.

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“Since it was once a part of Aphrodite, it can send out those hormones to attract the Aragami as well and using this property you managed to insert them into that land mine to kill me.”

Only after all is said and done, Eros is merely a pair of arms, it can’t think and send out hormones independently so it’s unable to give any orders to the Aragami.

“Therefore, you’ve been trying to study Alpha and try to find a method to control it in order to control the Aragami for your own purposes.”

The Eros Project’s report proposed these few words.

“In order for Alpha to become a method for conquering the Aragami, the Russian Branch set up a research team headed by Rollins Wright Einz Dorothy in order to research Alpha and control it.”

These words described clearly what use Alpha had.

If they managed to find a way to control Alpha through Rollins’ research then it would have the same ability as Aphrodite which would mean they could realise the dream of finally conquering the Aragami.

“Therefore, the Eros Project’s ultimate goal is to make humans dominate amongst all things again like before to gain back the peace of before rather that trying to wipe out the Aragami.”

If the Aragami that caused the collapse of human civilisation became their pet then didn’t that verify the dominate above all things part?

“You scientists really are a bunch of lunatics, to be able to think of so many random things.” Fang Li shot a look at Rollins and smiled, “But I also understand that to remove us you didn’t hesitate to pay such a price.”

The failure of the mission because of the land mine?

The failure of crusading against Aphrodite?

The failure of these missions eventually caused Aphrodite and the Aragami army to invade the Russian Branch.

But, Rollins wasn’t worried.

That’s because so long as they can control Alpha freely, the Russian Branch can control the Aragami and disintegrate this threat.

It’s precisely because of this that Rollins wasn’t worried about the threat of the Aragami and instead targeted Fang Li’s group. Regarding Rollins, the Aragami were not a threat but the support from the Far East Branch was.

Therefore, he spared no effort to sacrifice all those missions and to speed up the Aragami attack just to wipe out the Far East Branch, not even bothering to send any God Eaters to fight the Aragami.

“Only, even if you’re able to manipulate the Aragami army using Alpha you won’t be able to control Aphrodite right?” Fang Li stated, “As once a part of Aphrodite and having the same ability, that arm likely can’t control Aphrodite?”

Let alone Aphrodite, similar Deusphage species Aragami would likely be unable to be controlled by Eros.

Otherwise, Aphrodite wouldn’t only be one of Earth’s most fearful Aragami but would be the most fearful out of all the Aragami.

“The son doesn’t have the ability to manipulate the mother.” Fang Li spread his hands and looked at Rollins with a thought provoking look, “To think that controlling the Aragami would let humans reach the top of the food chain is a daydream.”

So long as the Deusphage species Aragami existed then humanity’s crisis existed.

After all, if all the Deusphage species Aragami wreaked havoc, just these few Aragami would be able to wipe out humanity ten times over.

Since Eros couldn’t control the Deusphage species Aragami then this plan was doomed to fail.

Fang Li wanted to express this meaning. However, Rollins actually smiled.

“I thought you were a soldier don’t you know that to end a war only one side can win?”

Rollins’ expression turned dark and he smiled, “Truly perhaps, relying on Eros’ ability, the Deusphage species Aragami couldn’t be controlled but so long as we can control an army of Aragami and crusade against the Deusphage species like that I’m sure under that continuous onslaught even the Deusphage species can only be eliminated.”

“So that’s how it is, you plan on manipulating the Aragami army outside to cope with Aphrodite?” Fang Li leisurely asked, “But Aphrodite has the same ability as those arms, do you really think you can succeed in taking control from the Deusphage species?”

“That’s something for me to worry about, not you.” Rollins’ smile vanished.

“For you, so long as you die, that’ll be good enough.”

Then he pressed on the trigger.


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