Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 142

Seeing that gun aimed at himself along with the smiling face yet with eyes filled with anger, Fang Li narrowed his eyes.

As if turning a blind eye to his threat, Fang Li not only ignored him but also made fun of him saying, “Worthy of once a research team expert, even if you have a military rank once someone makes fun of your research you can’t bear it, no wonder you couldn’t help killing all of us to keep this secret.”

“Therefore, I’m saying you don’t understand anything.” Rollins sneered and said, “After separating from Aphrodite, Eros is no longer a part of it and is independent, the evidence is that it doesn’t have a core yet it doesn’t decay into Oracle Cells.”

Without a core, an Aragami’s oracle cells will disintegrate after some time, this was no secret.

Although the difference would be visible between different types it would still disintegrate, but for something to maintain the same appearance after 10 years it truly could be said to be independent.

“Only this isn’t truly independent, at most it’s half a body.” Fang Li looked at Rollins and said, “But, to you, this is actually a good thing right?”

Right now, Fang Li had guessed what Rollins was researching with Eros.

It’s because of the hormones.

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