Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 143


The loud gunshot rang out and flames illuminated the room like dazzling fireworks. The bullet broke through the air and shot forwards, however before that Fang Li had already vanished!


The bullet fell on the ground causing sparks to fly.

“Wha?!” Rollins was surprised.

Meanwhile, a form appeared in the darkness before Rollins could detect anything.

“Do you know what mistake you made?”

With such a sound, a waning moon dagger slashed Rollins’ hands.

*Pu chi*

Blood flew through the air and fell on the ground.


Rolins held the hand that had just been cut off and yelled out painfully.

However just after he yelled a foot trampled his chest.


Rollins was kicked back into the huge tank and coughed out blood.

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“You…” Rollins raised his head with difficulty alarmed and afraid.

Fang Li curled his lips and walked towards him slowly.

“You thought I was just an ordinary soldier, therefore, you didn’t pay any attention to me.”

Fang Li raised the dagger dripping with blood and like a murderer about to kill slowly smiled.

“It’s a pity that that’s what caused your current fate.”

If it was Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana or Soma that had invaded the Russian Branch then Rollins wouldn’t have just used a gun to confront them he’d likely not even appear and just arrange traps behind the scenes to kill them.

With Rollins’ meticulousness, there’s no way he wouldn’t have just done that.

However, he had misplaced Fang Li’s ability.

“Although I’m not a God Eater, I’m also not just an ordinary soldier, at least to solve a research scientist like you that two years ago didn’t have any strength is still quite easy.”

Fang Li arrived in front of Rollins and looked down at him.

“Therefore, you can hold this regret in your heart as you go to hell.”

While saying so, Fang Li lifted up the dagger in his hand and approached Rollins.

“Wait!” Rollins screamed, “You can’t kill me, besides me no one knows how to control Eros, if you kill me the Russian Branch will be trampled by the Aragami!”

At a crucial moment, Rollins actually planned to use the entire Russian Branch as a hostage!

“Not just the Russian Branch, Eros relates to humanity’s future, if you kill me then humanity will never get rid of the Aragami!” Rollins shouted, “You’ll be the criminal of all mankind!”

“Criminal?” Fang Li’s hands stopped and he ridiculed Rollins, “You make it sound as if you’re very great, do you really think that just because of your research on Eros you’re able to speak for all mankind?”

Fang Li’s ridicule made Rollins feel as if everything was out in the open and he felt nervous.

However, he was too stubborn to admit his mistakes saying, “My study of Eros will allow humans to conquer the Aragami and get rid of them, what’s wrong with that?”

“That’s true.” Fang Li said indifferently, “But if you really did care about all of mankind, why didn’t you just give Eros to Fenrir’s headquarters but instead kept it a secret in the Russian Branch? If the entirety of Fenrir studied a method to control it, it wouldn’t have taken 10 years to study a method to control it right?”

“This…” Rollins was flustered.

Seeing him acting fidgety, Fang Li ridiculed him more, “To conceal Eros and even not hesitate to frame us, this already exposed your goal.”

“You don’t want to study Eros for all of mankind, just for yourself.”

“If you truly could control Eros and control all the Aragami then with this sort of power everything will become your’s.”

“Privilege, wealth and women, so long as you became the person that could control humanity’s life and death, these things would be easy to obtain.”

“Therefore, from the moment you obtained Eros you had greed in your heart, to serve those selfish thoughts you did everything possible to control everything about Eros’ research to make you the only benefactor.”

“Perhaps to conceal Eros, you even instigated a minister in the Russian Branch by telling him the sort of possibilities he’d have with Eros’ power making him greedy and collaborate with you.”

“It’s precisely because of this that you needed to eradicate anyone who wanted to get close to Eros because once Eros is exposed it’ll be collected by Fenrir’s headquarters and it will no longer have anything to do with you.”

“That’s the whole story right?”

Rollins trembled as he heard Fang Li speak as his face turned ugly.

Obviously, Fang Li had just exposed everything.

“How is it? Accurate isn’t it?” Fang Li sneered at him and said, “Do you know what? The people I hate most are people like you.”

As his voice fell, a chilly blade flashed out towards Rollins’ neck.

*Pu chi*

With a loud tearing noise, blood sprinkled the ground.

Rollins’ eyes opened wide as he stared at Fang Li before his pupils turned lax and he fell to the ground.


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