Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 144

The pool of blood under Rollins’ corpse slowly expanded. One could see the injustice in his eyes as he died whereas Fang Li remained indifferent as his face turned tranquil. No matter what Rollins did, once he died, he was no longer worth paying attention to.

Regarding Fang Li, the character Rollins was now just a corpse.

“I’ve given back to you what you owed me.”

The hatred from before about him backstabbing Fang Li had been fulfilled.

“Only, now there’s another issue…”

Saying so, Fang Li raised his head and looked at the pair of arms.

What Rollins said before was true. That is, once the person controlling Eros died, the Russian Branch really could be destroyed.

So right now, the Russian Branch was heading towards disaster!

This disaster was because of the Russian Branch’s crusade against Aphrodite ten years ago, obtaining the arms and also giving it the code name Eros, this caused the sacrifices to be even more.

Fortunately, there’s a way to stop it.

So long as Eros is brought away from the Russian Branch, Aphrodite will definitely pursue the arm.

“Since Aphrodite knew the arms were here then it means it can find the position of it.”

After all, Eros was the same as Aphrodite and could release pheromones to control the Aragami, as the true wielder Aphrodite could definitely trace the arms.

“The only reason why it didn’t pursue the Russian Branch ten years prior would likely be because the distance was too far and the pheromones generated too little.”

However, after ten years Aphrodite managed to locate the arms. What did this show?

It showed that Eros’ pheromone release was changed.

“In order to control the Aragami, Rollins studied a method to increase the pheromone production, when it released a large amount, Aphrodite managed to find the arms’ existence and targeted Russia to attack the Russian Branch.”

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But this wasn’t an issue to Rollins since he had confidence in being able to control the arms enough to fight Aphrodite.

So long as the pheromone release rate was higher then the control would clearly fall to the greater side.

“Now, the method to control Eros is gone so the only solution is to move this bomb somewhere else.”

Thinking so, Fang Li looked at the arms in the tank and walked towards it.

At this moment, an unexpected event happened.

*gu lu gu lu*

A boiling sound could be heard as the fluid in the tank trembled, bubbles were being sent out of the pores of the arms causing the fluid to tumble.

Fang Li’s footsteps stopped as his eyes widened.

*gu lu gu lu gu lu*

The pure white arms kept trembling.

*gu lu gu lu gu lu*

After a moment, those arms were still twitching and causing bubbles to keep appearing.

Seeing this, Fang Li’s heart had an unclear premonition.

Then, this thought of his was fulfilled.


A loud explosion sounded as a tank burst open suddenly causing the fluid to splash all over the lab.

However, the fluid didn’t actually sprinkle on the ground but instead stopped in midair before suddenly combining into one beastly outline gradually turning real.

Then suddenly, an ogretail Aragami appeared where the tank blasted, its eyes filled with viciousness as it approached Fang Li.

“What?” Fang Li was startled.

Right now Fang Li finally understood, those tanks weren’t filled with fluid but Oracle Cells.

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

Explosive sounds continued as more tanks burst open and condensed into Aragami. There were small ones like Ogretails and medium ones like Kongou but also large-sized Aragami like Vajra.

All the Aragami roared like wild beasts set free from a cage.


The loud roars turned into a shockwave shaking the whole lab.

Seeing the Aragami, Fang Li shouted out, “Why?!”

Why would the Oracle Cells suddenly turn into Aragami!?

Truly, Aragami were Oracle Cells that combined with each other but generally, the separated Oracle cells for research shouldn’t be able to combine to form Aragami!

“Could it be…”

Fang Li looked up towards the huge tank.

*gu lu gu lu gu lu*

It was still bubbling and twitching as bubbles filled the tank making it look like magma. This unusual thing was likely related to these arms.

“How could it be like this?”

Fang Li didn’t know that in order to achieve his goal, Rollins not only spent the entire of the ten years to greatly enhance Eros’ hormone release rate but also a method to connect with Eros and control it through a microchip in order to issue orders to the Aragami.

This chip would be what would be used to control Eros. But, that chip had been implanted in Rollins’ brain. So now with Rollins dead, the chip would no longer be able to give instructions to Eros…

In other words, Eros was now on a rampage.

Finally, with the overloaded confusing instructions, Eros ordered the surrounding Oracle Cells to turn into Aragami and this caused the Aragami to rampage as well.


The Aragami started to charge towards Fang Li!




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