Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 145


With the sounds of howling, Ogretails jumped up and plunged towards Fang Li. Seeing the Ogretail, Fang Li couldn’t ignore it and stuck his body to the ground like a beast before vanishing on the spot.


The big Ogretail fell on the ground and cracked the metal floor into fragments. At the same time, Fang Li appeared out of nowhere in front of the Ogretail with his Moon Blade in hand jabbing into the Ogretail’s body.

*Pu chi*

Blood spluttered out as he submerged the blade into its body. It splashed onto his face and gave him a frightening look, combined with that ghost-like movement of appearing and disappearing along with his bright blue eyes it was truly scary.

But these Aragami didn’t feel any fear as they charged one after another towards him.

“Really annoying Aragami…”

Fang Li spun his body and kicked the Ogretail he just killed backwards. The Ogretail’s corpse turned into a huge projectile as it smashed into the other Aragami.


The impact couldn’t be avoided by the Aragami’s leader as the Ogretail corpse smashed into it.

Fang Li then appeared like a gust of wind in the middle of the group…

*Pu chi*

The dagger once more cut an Aragami’s head as blood splashed around.

*Pu chi Pu chi Pu chi*

Constant noises of flesh being torn resounded as the blade cut through the Aragami causing the entire surroundings to be covered in dazzling blood.

Fang Li was like a ghost appearing and disappearing at random moments to slash the Aragami group, his speed and movement was so fast that they couldn’t respond before their core was shattered with the help of the mystic eyes.

After Fang Li comprehended Flashing Scabbard and Flashing Dash, he was like a murdering demon carrying a huge amount of killing intent and showing traits of the Nanaya Assassination Arts.

After all, his soul recorded all sorts of death making him particularly skilled in this area. Regarding Fang Li, an assassination art like the Nanaya Assassination Arts was no doubt the best sort of skill.

Therefore, Fang Li could teach himself and comprehend the Flashing Scabbard and Flashing Dash skill. it could be said that if Fang Li had grown up in the Nanaya clan and been trained he would’ve exceeded all the ancestors and become an unprecedented strongest assassin.

Even Tohno Shiki and Nanaya Shiki would not be able to kill people as efficiently as Fang Li. Therefore, right now he was using the Nananya assassination arts to its maximum combined with the Mystic Eyes to easily kill all the Aragami.

However as Fang Li started to kill them, parts of the Aragami had actually ignored Fang Li and started attacking the surroundings.


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