Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 146

“That is…”

Seeing the form in the corner, Fang Li was startled and concentrated his eyes on the spot. Then he saw an outline of the full form. Seeing who it was he was a bit startled.


It was Hibari!

At this moment, Hibari was handcuffed and lying on the ground, her mouth was also stuffed with a cloth but after seeing Fang Li she couldn’t help making noises.

*Wu wuuu*

Fang Li responded and quickly pulled out the cloth from her mouth.

“Fang Li san” Hibari looked on the verge of crying.

“Hibari” Fang Li hastily asked her, “Why are you here?”

“After you guys left the Russian Branch, Captain Rollins immediately got some people to imprison me.” Hibari bit her lips and said, “I didn’t think that the Captain was that sort of person…”

Hearing this, Fang Li looked at the tied up Hibari and sighed.

This was normal. Although Hibari was merely an operator she was still a member of the Far East Branch.

Even Fang Li an ordinary soldier was plotted against let alone Hibari.

Only, Rollins hadn’t actually killed her but just tied her up.

“Perhaps, he wanted to use her as a hostage to deal with the First Unit when they came back?”

After all, the First Unit’s death hadn’t been confirmed yet so Rindou Amamiya and his group might’ve escaped.

Considering this, Rollins would rather imprison Hibari as a contingency plan rather than killing her immediately.

“This Rollins Wright truly was intelligent, his plan was flawless from start to finish it’s too bad that he looked down on my skill too much.”

If this Laboratory had been found by the First Unit instead of Fang Li then Rollins would likely have used Hibari as a hostage to divert Rindou Amamiya and the rest. The outcome would definitely have been different if that were the case.

“One can only say that it was fate.”

Thinking so, Fang Li swiped his Moon Blade.


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