Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 147

*Bang bang bang bang*

Gunshots could be heard throughout the corridor with bullets and flames continually showing. The loud calls of “Shoot shoot shoot” could be heard by the various team captains as the soldiers used their machine guns to keep shooting all around the corridor.

To move forward in such a rain of bullets you’d need a tank!

It’s a pity that the ones facing those bullets were the Aragami as they howled and charged forward with no injuries. These bullets couldn’t affect them at all.

Although to cope with the Aragami, all the bullets had a certain amount of bias factor but these could only make the Aragami want to avoid the object with it and not cause any fundamental damage.

Therefore, these Russian Branch soldiers could at most slow them down but not kill the Aragami.

If this continued, once the bullets ran out, these soldiers were doomed to die. They obviously knew this because each soldier had a crazy and anxious look. The team captain’s head was full of cold sweat as he shouted.

“Why haven’t the God Eaters arrived?!”

In fact, these words weren’t right. Because, the God Eaters were actually currently bravely fighting with the Aragami everywhere.

*Pu Chi*

A scarlet red God Arc sword sliced off an Ogretails’ head causing it to be coated in red blood.  Alisa held up her God Arc and looked at the Aragami surrounding her taking deep breaths but her eyes were filled with anxiety.

“Why? Why are there Aragami here?”

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In order to shield Fang Li, Alisa had confronted the soldiers that came because of the warning sounds. Alisa didn’t want to injure anyone and only wanted to delay time for Fang Li to complete his task therefore she didn’t actually take any action.

However, the soldiers didn’t care about Alisa as they just held up their guns and aimed at her. If not for her being a precious New Type perhaps they would’ve already fired. But just then, loud roars sounded out as the Aragami came out of nowhere.

Therefore, it turned into this situation.

Nobody knew why the Russian Branch suddenly had a bunch of Aragami. Only one thing was for certain, these Aragami were a threat to the entire Russian Branch.

Regarding this situation, all Alisa could do was meet the enemy. As for her question before, Alisa couldn’t understand it but she had a vague idea why.

“Could it be because of Captain Rollins Wright?”

Alisa’s face was cloudy and uncertain. Right now, an even more awful matter occured.

At the edge of the Russian branch, the Aragami neared the armoured walls and a fierce explosion could be heard as flames and dust shot in the air.



Numerous terrifying sounds could be heard behind the walls amongst the flames and dust as the Aragami rushed out like ants coming out of a nest into the Russian Branch.

*Bang bang bang*

The surroundings of the Russian Branch quickly exploded as more and more Aragami spilled inside. The main facility was farther away from the walls however Alisa could still see the crowds of Aragami exploding out of the cracks as they neared the inhabited areas.

That sort of scene would be a living hell to anyone seeing it.

Meanwhile, loud alarms sounded out throughout the Russian Branch.

“The first defence wall has been breached! The first defence wall has been breached!”

“The second defence wall has been breached! The second defence wall has been breached!”

“The third, fourth and fifth defence wall has been breached! The third, fourth and fifth defence wall has been breached!”

“The crisis warning has reached rank one, this is the higher warning, all God Eaters quickly approach the enemy and attack as soon as possible!”

Listening to those ear piercing alarms and seeing those Aragami, not just Alisa but all the soldiers that were shooting could not respond.

At this moment, everyone understood something.

That Aragami army had broken through the walls and entered the Russian Branch. This Fenrir Russian Branch was approaching its demise…

“Is this a nightmare?!”

Those words were muttered by a soldier. But this fully expressed everyone’s feelings.

Alisa gripped her God Arc tightly as she felt despair in her heart.

Alisa didn’t notice that in a corridor, a form was quietly hiding…

*Pu chi pu chi pu chi*

With the sound of flesh being cut, the Aragami’s howling stopped. Alisa responded and looked around. She saw a person standing amongst the corpses holding a radiant dagger silently looking at everything.

Who else could it be but Fang Li?

Seeing him, Alisa was pleasantly surprised. However, Fang Li didn’t say much and quickly turned to look at the distance muttering, “It’s arrived?”

At a corner of a wall, a huge form appeared…


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