Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 148

“They’ve arrived?”

When Fang Li spoke, Alisa heard the words and an unspeakable pressure surrounded the Russian Branch. Right now, the entire Russian Branch was in disarray, be it the God Eaters, soldiers, researchers or high-ranking officials, they all looked at a direction.

Over there, at the position of a huge armoured wall, a huge form could be seen.

Its entire body was pure white.

The upper part of the body was a beautiful young girl while the lower part looked like a blooming lotus flower.

It had no arms.

It had a beautiful face.

Vines extended from the lower part of its body moving around like tentacles.

Seeing this beautiful and strange huge form in their eyes, the heartbeats of all the people in the Russian Branch sped up and their breathing stopped.

This overwhelming pressure exuded by the huge form covered the entire Russian Branch making even the Aragami that entered before stop moving as if they were submitting towards it, lowering their heads.


The young girl figure of the upper part of the body cried out and the sound wave blew onto each building in the Russian Branch.

That cry was like a strong typhoon. This was one of the most terrifying Aragami on Earth, the ones known as the Deusphage Species.


That loud cry startled everyone as those tentacle like extensions rose high up.


It fell from the clouds and slammed into the wall, crushing it easily. The rubble was blown apart causing a sand storm submerging the area.

Aphrodite easily invaded the Russian Branch, slowly moving with those vines flinging all around.

*Bang bang bang bang*

With ear-splitting blows, everywhere it visited all the buildings were destroyed by the vines turning into rubble.

As an incarnation of violence, it continued advancing as the other Aragami followed suit causing havoc in all directions.

“Ah… ahh….”

The soldiers everywhere were shivering so hard they couldn’t even hold their machine guns properly as they fell to the ground.

Their desperation and fear was evident. Even Alisa’s face was pale as her tender body shook.

Everyone in the Russian Branch was probably feeling the same way.

“Tch!” Fang Li cursed and held on his ear communicator anxiously asking, “Is it done Hibari?”

Hibari’s sound came out immediately from it.

“Almost!” Hibari knew that it was an awful situation right now, her voice was also anxious saying, “The ejection seems to need Captain Rolins’ fingerprint and a password, I’m trying to crack it now!”

“That dead useless Captain is lying there already so the fingerprint is easy, just focus on the password!” Fang Li looked at the approaching Aphrodite with a dignified voice, “If you don’t hurry, we’re in a lot of trouble…”

“Understood!” Hibari replied as she focused on cracking the password.

After awhile though she made a surprised sound.

“This… This is?”

Hearing her surprise, Fang Li immediately asked, “What happened!?”

“Nothing bad!” Hibari sounded pleasantly surprised, “The radar has just confirmed that the bracelet signals of all the God Eaters are here but there’s some signals approaching extremely quickly towards the Russian Branch, it seems like the Far East Branch’s unique signal!”

“Our Far East Branch?” Fang Li was startled.

Right now, Alisa had as if discovered something as she looked at a direction and said in surprise, “Look there!”

Fang Li looked at the direction Alisa was pointing at. Then, Fang Li saw it.

Behind Aphrodite, a helicopter was flying towards it extremely quickly. The door of the helicopter opened up.

Inside, three forms walked out.

The distance was too far but Fang Li could see a slight outline.

However, even without this he knew who the three people were.

Alisa muttered the title of the newcomers, “Fenrir’s Far East Branch, First Aragami Punitive Force.”

It was precisely, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma.

Right now, all three jumped down the helicopter.


With a loud shout, Rindou Amamiya and Soma swung their sword-shaped God Arcs towards Aphrodite.

Sakuya Tachibana also aimed the gun-shaped God Arc towards Aphrodite.

At this moment, a system notification sounded out in Fang Li’s mind.

“Serial Number 11273 has triggered A Rank Side Quest – Fight against the Deusphage Species.”

“Quest Details – Collaborate with the Far East Branch and Russian Branch God Eaters and fight against Aphrodite.”

“Quest Reward – 10 free Attribute Points.”

Fang Li’s feelings shook as he felt a scalding hot feeling in his chest.


Fang Li jumped out of the cracked glass.

“?!” Alisa just responded before his form vanished below the street.

Seeing that, Alisa’s face fluctuated before she looked at the crazy Aphrodite and her eyes turned firm as she jumped out as well.


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