Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 149


With an ear-piercing shriek, Aphrodite’s vine-like extensions swung like whips everywhere.


Buildings were crushed like balloons popping apart into rubble.


They also slammed into the ground and blew apart the earth itself as if a meteor had struck it.

With such fearful attacks, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma had to quickly avoid the meat grinder like extensions.

“It’s still as scary as before!”


Rindou Amamiya and Soma jumped holding their God Arcs and rushed towards Aphrodite.

Seeing them, Aphrodite, swung one of her vines at Rindou Amamiya and Soma.

Those heavy vines caused the air itself to shake as if a tornado was forming. Seeing this, let alone a person even a tank would be crushed…

Facing such a strike, Rindou Amamiya and Soma were unfazed still rushing forward. Behind them, Sakuya Tachibana held up her God Arc and aimed at Aphrodite’s head.


A loud gunshot rang out as a shell flew through the air towards Aphrodite’s face.

Aphrodite merely held up one of its vines to block it. Then, the bullet fell on the vine.

However, when the bullet touched the vine it hadn’t exploded as expected but instead flashed with light like a dazzling sun.


Aphrodite’s vision was immediately occupied by the white light making it close its eyes, even the vines causing havoc stopped for a moment. That included the ones attacking Rindou Amamiya and Soma.

“Good!” Rindou Amamiya cried out, “Now, Soma!”

“I don’t need you to mention it!” Soma stared stubbornly at Aphrodite before swinging his sword up high.

But before that, something happened.


The air buzzed with a whirring noise as the God Arc turned into a fierce blade with purple light glowing. In the Far East Branch, if Rindou Amamiya could be called the strongest then following closely would be Soma.

Although he was only 17 years old, he had already become a God Eater five years ago. Even at the age of 12, Soma was a God Eater.

Later on, Soma had been fighting against the Aragami in the front lines being even more outstanding than people older than him. With just pure combat skill, Soma dominated the Far East Branch’s other captains, if not because he was uncommunicative and hard to teach along with violating orders several times, then Soma could already have become a captain himself.

He was definitely a cream of the crop talent.

Not to mention he also had a unique skill.

With his high compatibility with his God Arc, Soma could activate his God Arc and release a formidable attack.

Right now, he was using this exact skill.

“I’ll return the favour from last time!!!!!”

As his voice fell, Soma swung down his God Arc.

That mighty purple light flew down with it and caused a shockwave to blow out the entire area blasting the ground and approaching Aphrodite’s direction.


That purple light fell onto Aphrodite’s body and burst open like an intense flame enveloping it.


Aphrodite let out a painful cry. Then Rindou Amamiya showed up in front of Aphrodite as well with his God Arc held up.

Although he didn’t have a unique skill like Soma, his God Arc was extraordinary as well, the sword turned into a power saw as the bright teeth started to rotate.

“Eat this!”

Then, Rindou Amamiya appeared in front of Aphrodite and swung that God Arc.

*Pu Chi*

The sound of flesh being torn could be heard. Dark red blood shot out. Rindou Amamiya’s slash created a huge wound on the lower half of Aphrodite’s body shaped like a lotus.

That wound was like a broken water pipe shooting out blood.

Aphrodite’s moans suddenly stopped. In its pair of beautiful eyes, a crazy aura started to show. Rindou Amamiya smiled seeing those crazy eyes. Immediately he said, “Don’t get too angry now, everyone hasn’t arrived yet, if you don’t pay attention then you’ll die.”

Along with those words, Aphrodite’s eyes opened up as it turned around and looked up. There, a form was dropping from the clouds.

The ice blue mystic eyes flashed.

The moonlight dagger shone.

Fang Li looked at Aphrodite as his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception glowed with an ice-cold light.


The bright blade light soared.


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