Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 150

Actually, Aphrodite didn’t really care about the damage caused by the First Unit’s attacks. Only Sakuya Tachibana’s light was still blinding it.

Although Soma’s attack was powerful and could cope with large sized Aragami, it was only a small pain to Aphrodite, it hadn’t even penetrated the skin. Rindou Amamiya’s attacks were effective however that wound seemed large but compared to its size, the injury was negligible, the equivalent of a tiger getting a cut on its paw.

Aphrodite simply hadn’t cared about their attacks!

However, right now, it was crying out in grief. That blade that dropped from the clouds wasn’t so fearful but Aphrodite’s instinct was telling it that if it got hit then even if it didn’t die, it definitely would be close to it.


Aphrodite let out an ear-piercing cry and immediately got stopped focusing on Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma. It focused all its attention on Fang Li.


A huge vine shot out with strong winds blowing out slamming into the air towards Fang Li.

That strength was stronger than all the previous attacks, it was a full-power strike from Aphrodite.

The wind carried by the strong attack hadn’t even arrived in front of Fang Li but it was already blowing hard onto Fang Li and stopping his fall. Then that fearful vine before it could touch him, it was met with a blade from Fang Li.

Seeing that vine coming, Fang Li knew that his one-shot kill definitely couldn’t land on Aphrodite. Therefore, he changed targets and looked at the oncoming vine visualising the death line.

Immediately, that dagger flashed out and cut it.

*Pu Chi*

The tiny dagger easily pierced into the vine just above the skin where Fang Li could see a cracked line. Then, that huge incomparable vine was immediately sewn into two halves!


Aphrodite let out an angry cry and all its vines moved like a rainshower covering Fang Li’s entire field of view.

Each vine wasn’t weaker than that last one. Even if Fang Li’s VIT had reached 18 points, if he were hit then even if he didn’t die he would be close to it.

Not to mention, with so many vines, the moment they cover him, Fang Li wouldn’t be able to cut all of them and then he’d definitely have played himself.

However, since he was still in the air, he couldn’t easily dodge this attack. This was almost a dead end!

If it was the Fang Li before fighting with Dyaus Pita then he would probably only be able to wait for death. However, right now he was different from before.

When those vines approached, Fang Li’s figure suddenly stagnated.


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