Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 151

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

Bullets continued to explode in Aphrodite’s face as flames and smoke covered her entire body and grew thicker and thicker. Alisa’s continuous shooting made Aphrodite constantly cry out angrily allowing Fang Li who was dodging her water bullets to land safely on the ground.

Next to Alisa in fact.

“Are you all right?” Alisa kept shooting while asking.

“All good, I won’t die at least.” Fang Li forced a smile and asked, “Why did you come?”

“To help you.” Alisa said with no hesitation, “You’re not going to be able to cope with Aphrodite on your own right?”

“That’s true.” Fang Li said, “But even if we add you, I don’t think we can cope with Aphrodite.”

Fang Li’s words had just fell before another voice sounded out.

“Then, what if you add us too?”

Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma leapt from three directions and fell in front of Fang Li and Alisa.

Raising that huge God Arc onto his shoulder, Rindou Amamiya lit a cigarette smiling as he said, “If you add on the three of us as well, that should be enough right?”

Hearing this, Fang Li looked at all three of them including Alisa before focusing on Rindou Amamiya as he smiled as well.

“The Far East Branch’s First Unit’s three elites along with a Russian Branch New Type, if I can’t handle it even with this team that’ll absolutely make me punished by heaven.”

“It’s our honour to be able to enter your eyes.” Rindou Amamiya smiled and looked at Alisa, “The New Type of that side, I’ve heard quite a lot about you I anticipate your performance.”

“No need to worry.” Alisa was aloof as she indifferently replied, “The Old Types should just do what the Old Types do.”

This arrogant speech made both Rindou Amamiya and Sakuya Tachibana smile bitterly as Soma just closed his eyes and didn’t reply.

Seeing all the different God Eaters around him, Fang Li’s forced a smile as well but his blood was bubbling already.

Rindou Amamiya.

Sakuya Tachibana.



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“It’s our honour to be able to enter your eyes.” the chinese never fail in trying to covertly make characters from other cultures act just like the chinese. they really can’t imagine people that don’t give a shit about face or eyes.

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