Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 152

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

*Bang bang bang bang bang*

The gunshot sounds continued sounding out. Under the cover fire of Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana, those vines fell around and were like huge stone pillars.

Fang Li, Rindou Amamiya and Soma were quickly moving around those fallen vines pulling closer and closer to Aphrodite.


Who knew why but Aphrodite had already regarded Fang Li as a major threat and was constantly attacking him as its cries turned more and more berserk. Aphrodite lifted up one of its vines and slammed it down heavily.


At this moment, a large water current surged up from the ground and swelled upwards as if a dam had broken turning into a wave of water that covered the entire sky as well as Fang Li’s group.

Seeing this, Fang Li was startled. He didn’t think that Aphrodite also had the ability to control water, no wonder it could shoot water from its mouth.

Perhaps, this was the reason why this Deusphage species was given the name Aphrodite.

After all, the Goddess in greek history, Aphrodite was born from the sea.

This Aragami’s habitat was also the sea. Being able to use water as weapons was not too strange.

Rindou Amamiya and Soma seemed to have expected this after fighting it before so they were not too surprised.

At this moment, Rindou Amamiya shouted, “Soma you’re up!”

“Hmph!” Soma coldly snorted and accelerated past Fang Li and Rindou Amamiya towards the surge of water lifting up his God Arc.

Profound purple light gathered around the God Arc shaking the air.

“Hyah!” Soma swung his God Arc and the purple light turned into a huge stream of light like a laser shooting towards the waves of water.


The ocean waves and the purple light slammed into each other with a loud crash as if two mountains had smashed into each other as the laser like light welcomed the attack of the waves.


At once, those massive waves of water smashed apart and fell like rainwater and meteors in different directions. Soma had managed to open up a path to Aphrodite!

Fang Li and Rindou Amamiya rushed past Soma towards Aphrodite.

They both finally arrived in front of Aphrodite.


With heavy earthquake-like sounds, Fang Li and Rindou Amamiya rushed forward like arrows soaring to the heavens towards Aphrodite’s head.


Aphrodite’s cries were more anxious now. Seeing that arrow-like figure shooting up, Aphrodite’s eyes turned vicious as it opened its lips.

*Pu pu pu pu pu*

Piercing sounds could be heart as tiny streams of water shot out from its mouth with fearful speed cutting through the air towards Fang Li.

From start to finish, Aphrodite was only wary of Fang LI, it simply didn’t care about the rest of the people.

Therefore, it didn’t know that right now what sort of role a neglected person could play.


Rindou Amamiya shouted and swung his God Arc ruthlessly towards the front.


Those water current were immediately turned into nothing by his strike.

*Pa pa pa pa pa*

At this moment, Rindou Amamiya carrying that huge God Arc was swinging it around easily striking all the water stream attacks.

Each of those could easily pierce steel, even Fang Li had no alternative but to dodge them yet Rindou Amamiya didn’t fear them at all like an invincible martial god easily fighting against them.

This allowed Fang Li’s feet to fall safely.


Another loud *pa* sound could be heard but this time it wasn’t Rindou Amamiya smashing a stream of water but Fang Li stepping on the God Arc and shooting forward.


With a sky splitting sound, Fang Li’s figure was like a bullet shooting towards Aphrodite’s face.

With this astonishing speed, Fang Li suddenly appeared in front of Aphrodite. His ice blue mystic eyes flashed like jewels. A sharp dagger swung through the air creating a dazzling light.

At this moment, Fang Li was above Aphrodite’s forehead. Compared to the large Aphrodite, Fang Li was like a mosquito. Therefore with him being above its forehead like this it couldn’t aim at him with its mouth.

“Now’s the moment of victory!”

Without any hesitation, Fang Li’s dagger turned into a flash of light cutting the air and under the gaze of his mystic eyes of death perception it cut directly on the death line crack on Aphrodite’s forehead.

This trike was the strike of victory.

However, Fang Li hadn’t discovered something.

The corners of Aphrodite’s mouth were curled up in a taunting smile. This appearance combined with its beautiful face was like a young girl that had successfully carried out a practical joke, a very playful smile.

However, this playful smile on Aphrodite didn’t symbolise beauty but…death.


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