Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 153

*Gu Lu*

Just as Fang Li’s blade was about to fall on Aphrodite’s forehead and cut the Death Line, a strange sound came out of her body.

Hearing this sound, Fang Li saw it clearly. Aphrodite’s forehead opened up a crack and expanded slowlu. As it grew bigger one could see that it looked like a beast’s fangs. This was a mouth!


Fang Li’s face changed drastically. That mouth on its forehead meanwhile seemed to curve in a taunting smile opening up wide.

Seeing this, Fang Li knew what was about to happen.


A piercing sound shook the air as a high pressured water current shot out of it. Right now, the distance between Fang Li and the mouth was less than 1 metre. At this distance, Aphrodite’s peak speed water attack could touch him in a split second and hit him.

But Fang Li was stuck in mid-air, furthermore, he was in the middle of an attack.

He couldn’t respond at all. Therefore, Fang Li’s mystic eyes could only look helplessly as the high pressured current fell on his body.

Directly on his heart.

This high-pressured water current could even pierce steel let alone the human body, everyone knew what would happen.

Even if Fang Li’s VIT reached 18 points, this strike could easily pass through his skin and flesh reaching his heart and making him die.

Therefore, Fang Li understood.

He understood that his second death was approaching.

But he was fearless.


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“he understood his second death was coming”
its not his third? i mean, didn’t he died in our world then in the kabaneri before?

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