Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 154

“Fang Li san!”

“Rindou! Soma!”

Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana screamed when they saw the whole area being destroyed by Aphrodite.

Because they were quite a distance away they weren’t affected by Aphrodite’s rampage. However, as the vanguard, the rest of the team were as the three forms vanished amidst the crazy rampaging sandstorm.


Seeing this, Alisa was about to rush in.

“Wait!” Sakuya Tachibana grabbed her hand and said hastily, “You can’t go now it’s too dangerous.”

“But…” Alisa wanted to retort.

But, Sakuya Tachibana’s eyes were firm.

“I know you’re worried about Fang Li, I’m the same, I’m worried about Rindou and Soma too however right now if we go in it won’t do anything.” Sakuya Tachibana looked at Alisa and said, “Trust them, they won’t die from something like this.”

Hearing this, Alisa’s face changed before she bit her lip and hoisted her weapon again carrying out the volley of gunshots towards Aphrodite.

However, with that rampage and all the crazy vines, even if Alisa shot through the vines it couldn’t touch Aphrodite.

Aphrodite kept letting out painful screams. Both its eyes were leaking blood. Its forehead was bruised and bloodied.

The whole face covered in blood along with the painful cries made even Alisa’s heart shiver. If it wasn’t for the fearful destruction it was causing just seeing that painful look on its face would probably evoke pity in most people?

Only, since it was destruction incarnate there was no pity.


A loud thunder-like sound eruted as the ground couldn’t endure Aphrodite’s rampage and collapsed inwards. Aphrodite fell along with the ground into the depths buried by all the rubble.

Even with this, those vines still swung around amidst the rubble like a plant that had grown and was moving back and forth in the wind.

The sand cloud got bigger and bigger until Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana could no longer see anything.

“Fang Li san”


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