Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 154

“Fang Li san!”

“Rindou! Soma!”

Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana screamed when they saw the whole area being destroyed by Aphrodite.

Because they were quite a distance away they weren’t affected by Aphrodite’s rampage. However, as the vanguard, the rest of the team were as the three forms vanished amidst the crazy rampaging sandstorm.


Seeing this, Alisa was about to rush in.

“Wait!” Sakuya Tachibana grabbed her hand and said hastily, “You can’t go now it’s too dangerous.”

“But…” Alisa wanted to retort.

But, Sakuya Tachibana’s eyes were firm.

“I know you’re worried about Fang Li, I’m the same, I’m worried about Rindou and Soma too however right now if we go in it won’t do anything.” Sakuya Tachibana looked at Alisa and said, “Trust them, they won’t die from something like this.”

Hearing this, Alisa’s face changed before she bit her lip and hoisted her weapon again carrying out the volley of gunshots towards Aphrodite.

However, with that rampage and all the crazy vines, even if Alisa shot through the vines it couldn’t touch Aphrodite.

Aphrodite kept letting out painful screams. Both its eyes were leaking blood. Its forehead was bruised and bloodied.

The whole face covered in blood along with the painful cries made even Alisa’s heart shiver. If it wasn’t for the fearful destruction it was causing just seeing that painful look on its face would probably evoke pity in most people?

Only, since it was destruction incarnate there was no pity.


A loud thunder-like sound eruted as the ground couldn’t endure Aphrodite’s rampage and collapsed inwards. Aphrodite fell along with the ground into the depths buried by all the rubble.

Even with this, those vines still swung around amidst the rubble like a plant that had grown and was moving back and forth in the wind.

The sand cloud got bigger and bigger until Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana could no longer see anything.

“Fang Li san”


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Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana both looked worried.

However, soon the two people saw something. In the sandstorm, they saw a few forms breaking through the dust.

Seeing those forms, Alisa and Sakuya Tachibana were pleasantly surprised.

“Fang Li san!”

“Rindou! Soma!”

It was the three of them!

Only, right now Fang Li was being held by Rindou Amamiya, he looked tired and his eyes showed exhaustion.

“Fang Li san” Alisa’s face changed and she hastily asked him, “What happened to you?”

“I’m all right.” Fang Li covered his exhausted eyes with difficulty before shaking his head, his face was pale.

When Aphrodite went crazy, Fang Li immediately activated Stigma again.

It had to be known that just yesterday Fang Li fainted because of Stigma’s use and his soul was injured.

With this condition, using Stigma again would bring an even greater burden than before.

If it was the usual way, when Fang Li uses Stigma then after a minute he’d be fatigued at most and only grow weak when three minutes had passed then fainting after that.

If he used Stigma continuously before the soul had a chance to rest then the burden will increase severalfold.

After all, Stigma used the soul as its source of power which was what made the user’s power rise so quickly.

With this sort of condition, his weak soul combined with Stigma would cause a more fearful result.

This was also why Fang Li didn’t immediately use Stigma to fight Aphrodite. Otherwise, if it was in that final moment, he wouldn’t have wanted to trade his life for Aphrodite’s. Naturally, that was also because Fang Li didn’t think that Aphrodite was hiding another mouth alongside its core which could kill him.

When it had happened, it was already too late to use Stigma.

Luckily, Fang Li passed that threat safely thanks to the Goddess of Fortune. It’s only when he realised Aphrodite was about to rampage that he activated Stigma decisively to escape.

Only, he’d activated it for just a moment before the oversized burden caused him to collapse in pain almost fainting on the spot.

Luckily, Rindou Amamiya and Soma managed to get to his side and carry him.

Feeling that weakness from his soul, Fang Li forcefully tried to ignore his fatigue and looked in front.

Aphrodite’s rampage had finally stopped as the sand cloud slowly dissipated.


Fang Li, Alisa, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma looked in front.

The sand cloud finally disappeared as all that was left behind were crushed stones and rubble.

Only the vines lying above the ruins reminded everyone that Aphrodite was truly buried here.

Seeing this, Alisa hesitantly asked, “Did we win…?”

The group didn’t make noise as they all looked at Fang Li.

Seeing everyone looking at him, Fang Li couldn’t help but laugh wanting to say something before Rindou Amamiya suddenly smiled and said bitterly, “It seems our troubles haven’t ended with just Aphrodite.”


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