Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 155

When Rindou Amamiya had just spoken, shadows started appearing.


Some Aragami had appeared in the surroundings moving towards Fang Li’s group until they were surrounded.


Besides Rindou Amamiya that had already discovered the situation everyone else’s nerves tightened.

Fang Li got down from Rindou Amamiya and gripped his moon blade tightly but he couldn’t help kneeling on the ground.

The pain from his inner soul made it feel like there was an invisible weight on his shoulders.

The fatigue and lack of sleep also made it so his vision was blurry.

“Damn…” Fang Li bit the tip of his tongue to expel the fatigue and observe the surroundings.

From all directions there were various types of Aragami, these were all large-sized Aragami!

Furthermore, they were all Vajra…



The low roars started to resound.

This sort of quantity of over a hundred Vajra started to approach Fang Li’s group with their eyes glittering an ominous light.

“These many Vajra…”

“This is tricky….”

“What should we do?”


Alisa, Rindou Amamiya, Sakuya Tachibana and Soma were surroundings the kneeling Fang Li as they stared tightly at the Vajra, protecting Fang Li from the fight that was about to happen.

Realising this, Fang Li was slightly helpless.

“This is why I didn’t want to use Stigma…”

After all, besides Aphrodite, the number of Aragami inside the Russian Branch was enormous. When they were fighting Aphrodite these Aragami couldn’t meddle. But now that they had solved Aphrodite then they had to deal with them.

If he exhausted all his strength in the fight against Aphrodite then dying on the battlefield was certain.

It’s a pity that a person can’t calculate against heaven, finally, Fang Li was forced to use Stigma to save his life against Aphrodite’s rampage but it made him incapable of fighting anymore.

As those Vajra kept approaching, Fang Li’s eyes glittered. At this moment though, his earpiece made a sound.

“The ejection mechanism’s been solved! I’m preparing to launch!”

This was Hibari.

Hearing this, Fang Li couldn’t help but rile up his mood looking towards the main facility.

Even from Fang Li’s direction, he could see the centre building’s ceiling start to move.

It looked as if a rocket was about to launch carrying a huge culture tank with it.

At this moment, Hibari’s voice came through again.

“Ejection countdown start!”

“5 seconds to launch!”










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