Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 156

By the time all the Aragmai had left the Russian Branch, it had been half an hour.

After this incident, the Russian Branch was greatly damaged. Not to mention half of the region was destroyed by the Aragami already only the main and peripheral areas could be said to be seriously damaged.

But the casualties couldn’t even be counted.

Because of Rollins’ plan the high levels of the Russian Branch hadn’t taken the Aragami threat seriously and caused them to be unprepared therefore creating massive casualties.

The normal people didn’t actually have too many casualties.

After all, even if it was superficial, the Aragami attacking the city would still make them need to take in people who wanted asylum. Therefore, the normal people still survived in the majority, it was mainly the Russian Branch’s soldiers that paid the price.

Finally, even the God Eaters had casualties among them, enough to put a dent into the Russian Branch’s core strength.

According to Rindou Amamiya’s analysis, these were all the doings of the minister, therefore, Fenrir Headquarters would likely remove him from his position and send someone else to take care of it.

Fang Li could only say one thing to this, serves him right.

For the destruction caused by the Aragami, the Russian Branch’s minister was at least 50% responsible.

Who forced him to work with Rollins and hide Eros causing this outcome after all?

Later, Fenrir will appoint a new minister and the reconstruction can start. However, this all had nothing to do with Fang Li.

Fang Li finally got rid of his fatigue after resting for an hour. Although he still couldn’t fight he could at least walk.

After refreshing himself, Fang Li looked at the ruined wall surrounding the Russian Branch and found Rindou Amamiya.

With his back to the sun, Rindou Amamiya was smoking as he looked at the ruined Russian Branch, sensing someone approach he opened his mouth to say, “This really was a disaster.”

Hearing this, Fang Li stood next to him and tranquilly looked at the ruins saying, “You should rejoice that at least in this disaster the civilians weren’t injured.”

“Otherwise, because of a bunch of people with ulterior motives all of them would have died without knowing why. That would be a true disaster.”

“That’s true.” Rindou Amamiya smoked and thought out loud, “After all, their only support was the four of us from the Far East Branch.”

“Having only a few people isn’t a bad thing.” Fang Li said and tossed the touch pad to Rindou Amamiya.

“I’m giving it back to you, inside there’s a copy of many confidential files as well as the Eros Project report, the investigation of the Russian Branch should be complete now right?”

Listening to his words, Rindou Amamiya didn’t confirm anything just patting his shoulder and saying, “Thanks for the hard work.”

“I didn’t do it for you.” Fang Li smiled, “My mission is complete now right?”

“Of course.” Rindou Amamiya spread out his hands and said, “But there’s still some damage control to do, I’ll be happy if you could help out.”

“It’s a pity but I’m quite busy.” Fang Li smiled and said, “I won’t be moving with you again, try hard yourself.”

Those words made Rindou Amamiya silent.

Blowing out some smoke he looked at the ruins and asked a question he’d been wanting to ask, “Who are you?”

This issue made the air suddenly turn heavier.

However, Fang Li didn’t find it strange but instead relaxed. That’s because this was a normal question.

The Chief God’s Dimension only gave Fang Li the status of an ordinary soldier. He was obviously not a God Eater yet had physical abilities of one. He didn’t have a God Arc yet could kill Aragami. Even Aphrodite died from his attacks, from all this is was impossible for people to think he was an ordinary soldier.

Even if the status was made by the Chief God’s Dimension, Rindou Amamiya could still return to the Far East Branch and investigate Fang Li showing no issues. But his performance didn’t match his status so he would definitely be suspected still.

What’s more, people might even think he was an undercover agent working in the Far East Branch.

This status could easily be fabricated after all.

As the matter stands, not having this question would be even more strange.

Now with him asking this, Fang Li thought it was totally normal. But similarly, he didn’t plan on explaining.

He couldn’t talk about anything regarding the Chief God’s Dimension with plot characters or his rewards will be deducted based on severity.

Therefore he just said, “I’m just a passer-by in this world, I might influence it a bit but I’m still just a passer-by.”

Then he turned around and walked away.

Rindou Amamiya turned to see his back and helplessly said, “Still as mysterious as ever.”

Fang Li then slowly left his field of view.

The system notification immediately resounded.

“Completed an A-Rank side quest, 10,000 Exchange Points obtained.”

“Completed an A-Rank side quest, 10 free attribute points obtained.”

“Serial number 11273 has completed all Main Quests, you may choose to return or remain in the Dungeon World.”

“If you return now, your quests will be evaluated for the rewards.”

“If you choose to stay, you can remain for three days.”



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