Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 187

In the morning, the air was chilly and sunlight sprinkled from the horizon illuminating the avenue. The temperature was somewhat cold.

It was currently autumn.

Soon it would be winter. But right now, Butei High students were wearing their winter uniforms causing the campus appearance to change a little.

After one year, Butei High will welcome a new semester again greeting new students and increasing the number of new faces.

Right now, those new students would also go through the entrance examinations. Especially Assault, the same as a year ago it would be a nightmare for them today.

However, these all had nothing to do with Fang Li who was now in second grade.

At least, one year ago, the entrance exam having several new S Rank students wouldn’t happen again right?

Although there wasn’t an examination anymore there was still the opening ceremony. However, this event was likely to be missed by Fang Li.

Right now he was sleeping…

In his dormitory.

Buzz buzz

While sleeping, he heard vibrations causing his blurry head to sober up.

Opening his eyes, he saw his phone vibrating.


Fang Li yawned, lifting up the bedding and checking it.

Just as expected, the noise was an SMS. Furthermore, it was a familiar name sending it.

Fang Li smiled helplessly, drawing open the curtains of the window and looking at the avenue below.

There was a young girl with long black hair standing there looking very beautiful.

Who else could it be besides Hotogi Shirayuki?


Perhaps seeing Fang Li near the window, she noticed and met Fang Li’s line of sight showing a dazzling smile.

It was a gentle smile that could make any man happy.

Even Fang Li showed a faint smile giving a wait a minute signal with his hands as he got ready.

After spending 10 minutes washing up, he walked out of the dormitory.

“Sorry Shirayuki.” Fang Li walked up to her, “Made you wait awhile.”

“No worries.” She shook her head and said softly, “Li kun isn’t late, you’re very punctual.”

“That’s just because you wake me up every morning with those SMS messages.”

Fang Li scratched his cheek, “Else, I don’t think I could wake up so early.”

“Really?” Hotogi Shirayuki was somewhat shy, “I’m happy I can help!”

Then, the chatted naturally. This scene would tell other people immediately that their relationship had progressed a lot from before.

Since one year ago, Fang Li and Hotogi Shirayuki were no longer new students. This year, their relationship had progressed a lot. In order to let this princess that knew nothing about the outside world get familiar with it, Fang Li brought her everywhere to explore.

After all, Fang Li had also just arrived in this world and was curious as well. This familiar environment was naturally a place he’d want to explore and since he remembered Hotogi Shirayuki’s issues as well he brought her along too. Taking along such a bishoujo was also quite a benefit after all.

Now their relationship was much closer, not only were they familiar with each other’s names but they also went to school together like this since second semester last year.

Towards Fang Li, she no longer had the timid appearance from before either. This scene to other people would make them think they were childhood friends or something similar.

“Time’s up.” Fang Li looked at his phone, “Let’s go to school.”

“Un” Hotogi Shirayuki nodded.

“Fang Li kun, did you bring your gun, have you forgtten it?”

Fang Li showed a smile, his hand flashed as a glock appeared in it, spinning it with his finger it vanished again.

This scene made Hotogi Shirayuki exclaim again and again, “Li kun, that technique’s really like magic, people won’t even know how you drew out the gun or that you’re carrying one.”

Hearing this, he shrugged, “Just a small trick, don’t mind it too much.”

Regarding this, it really was just a trick.

All he did was take out and put back the gun from his Black Ring.

But this small move made him gain a big reputation. During Butei activities, people didn’t even see Fang Li draw out a gun and fire before they were defeated.

Therefore, he got the name Gun magician among the Butei, he was quite famous as an S Rank student.

What a pity, no one knew that this was just a small trick and guns weren’t his forte, they hadn’t seen his real skill yet…

No matter which country it was, these opening ceremonies were boring.

But since Hotogi Shirayuki was the new Butei High Student President, she had to go on stage to give a speech.

As one of her few friends, Fang Li had to go to show some support.

Both of them chatted as they walked towards the gym. At this moment, a sound called out to stop him.

“Oh, if it isn’t Fang Li san.”

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