Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 186


While Fang Li was astonished the sound startled Hotogi Shirayuki as she turned her head than seeing Fang Li showed a joyful look before seeming to remember something then covering her mouth and glancing left and right.

This appearance made her look like a girl trying to hide.

“Did she do something strange?”

Fang Li whispered to himself and asked directly, “Why are you here?”

“I…I…” Hotogi Shirayuki stammered nervously.

“I…passed by here coincidentally! I definitely wasn’t tracking you!”

Fang Li’s mouth twitched.

Is it that the Mikos could not lie.

Fang Li sighed and asked again, “Why did you track me?”

“Wuu” Hotogi Shirayuki lowered her head like a child that had done something wrong before saying in a small voice, “I just wanted to see what you did in your free time.”

“Hmm?” Fang Li frowned then asked, “Why do you want to know?”

“B-because…” Her head bowed lower and lower while her voice got softer, “Because your fate is very special I can’t sit around doing nothing…”

“For that?” Fang Li forced a smile.

To save the world or destroy the world. In that instant, deciding the world’s trend.

Such an existence truly made others care about it but no one would take such a prediction seriously.

Except for her.

“It seems like you’re quite confident in your divining.” Fang Li raised his hand like he wanted to show everything on him, “But do I look like a great person? Could your divination be mistaken?”

“No…it’s not that.” Hotogi Shirayuki raised her head and didn’t seem as timid, “I can’t see your exact future and what will happen after all your fate is special but I’ve asked other people from my home to divine as well and all the results were similar, that you will affect the world’s trend.”

In regards to knowledge in this area, Hotogi Shirayuki was very earnest compared to her timid nature before.

At least, seeing her so earnest, Fang Li couldn’t bear saying that she was wrong…

Fang Li could only helplessly state, “So from some sense of mission or justice you tracked me and finally got lost and couldn’t find me then couldn’t find the exit right?”

Hotogi Shirayuki covered her small mouth.

That performance was like saying, “How did you know?!”

Fang Li really wanted to tell her that seeing you circling around like that it’s obvious you were lost therefore you were so happy when you found the person you were tracking before getting flustered at being found.

“But how did you get lost?” Fang Li asked, “Although this place is abandoned but it’s not that difficult to navigate right?”

“B-but I can’t find any exit…” Hotogi Shirayuki lowered her head again and her voice went back to mosquito level, “Because this is the first time I’ve been outside…”

“First time?” Fang Li was startled.

“Yes…” She whispered, “This is the first time since before arriving at Butei High I wasn’t  allowed to go out, even after arriving at Butei High I can’t leave without the shrine’s permission.”

A few words changed the atmosphere.

Fang Li’s mood also disappeared.

This embarrassed young girl made his brow wrinkle as he asked, “What sort of rules are those? Could it be that even in this era there’re people that want to restrict other people’s freedom?”

“Since ancient times, the shrine has existed to protect something, Hotogi Shrine is the most ancient part of it.” Her face was gentle as she explained, “Therefore, from birth, our Hotogi Mikos are existences that will protect it forever.”

At that moment, her smiling face was totally perfect without any flaws, even Fang Li was moved.

This made him realize something. That was he had to say something.

After all, when a woman said something like that a man couldn’t be aloof.

He stated directly, “Previously when you helped me divine, can you take out the other 2 cards?”

Hotogi Shirayuki was startled before nodding then taking it out of her bosom.

Fang Li took out the forest card and thought out loud, “Before, you said that this card represented loneliness showing I was different from others right?”

“Y-yes.” She nodded but was confused.

Obviously, she had no idea why Fang Li was mentioning this.

Then he continued, “But this loneliness card is always in your hands so now I’m taking it therefore from today you are not lonely.”

Then he took the card and scratched his cheek looking at the startled Hotogi Shirayuki.

“Naturally, this card also represented the past, so now I’ve taken your past, your life in the present should be enjoyed, you’re not at the shrine anyway so you might as well right?”

Fang Li extended his hand and showed a smile.

“If you’re lost, let me lead you out.”

“Therefore, don’t worry.”

Hotogi Shirayuki’s eyes showed some strong emotions.

Seeing his hand and his smiling face she extended her hand and put it in his palm.

This was the start of Fang Li and Hotogi Shirayuki’s friendship.

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