Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 23

“L-Let me go first!”

“No way, I want to go first!”

“Make way!”

“Let me get up!”

At the side of the ice-cold Hayajiro, many people and their families were around, people were shoving and moving baggage around pushing to go in, their faces were vicious as well as scared, going all out to push towards the Hayajiro’s entrance.

“Ohhh ~,” Mumei said with a disinterested tone: “Did some people arrive here first?”

Fang Li nodded in assent as a reply to Mumei.

Even Fang Li who had only mixed around for three days in Aragane Station knew the location of the Hayajiro let alone the people of Aragane Station. Therefore, when the warning bell resounded, the primary means of escape for the people in Aragane Station was naturally over here.

It’s just that since everyone wants to run away, it has naturally created such a scene. Each person continually pushing another person, finally making the total number of people able to board, less than expected.

“They obviously want to get on, they should board properly.” Mumei’s attractive brow wrinkled.

Fang Li also frowned, shortly afterwards as Mumei stared blankly, he grabbed one of her Steam Pistols and lifted it in midair.


A loud gunshot sound is heard at present for the first time.


The scared disturbance filled with fear vanished without a trace all of a sudden. Everyone turned their head, looking at Fang Li holding a gun, their expressions completely frozen.

Seeing this, Fang Li narrowed his eyes.

“All of you better board according to order, crowding is not permitted!” Fang Li pointed his Steam Pistol to the crowd, speaking in a tone that had a type of tranquillity that makes people palpitate.

“If anyone of you pushes and shoves around, causing everybody to be unable to run away, making you cause the death of all people, I might as well solve you now, anyone who does not believe can try freely.”

The audience was suddenly frozen.

Shortly afterwards, each person one after another then swallowed their saliva. Obviously, nobody will choose to take a risk at this time.

But Fang Li naturally was not cracking a joke. Although he hasn’t killed a living person, Fang Li can affirm if he wants to begin, there will be no hesitation.

After all, Fang Li has no emotion towards Death. Therefore, Fang Li observed the situation in the crowd, aiming with his Steam Pistol and pointing to a person close to the Hayajiro’s door, saying: “Starting with you, get on!”

Hearing this, that person because, although he was slightly scared being pointed at with Fang Li’s gun, he also felt relieved, climbing into the Hayajiro hastily.

“Next is you!”

“Next is you!”

“You as well!”

“Very good, get on one at a time!”

Under Fang Li’s direction, the scared crowd all of a sudden became very orderly.

Until finally, the people did not need Fang Li to direct them, each person close to the door boarding obediently and silently onto the vehicle.

Looking at this, Mumei looked at Fang Li saying: “You’re someone that acts pretty unreasonably.”

“Bursting alone into an army of Kabane, but also slaughtering recklessly, do you have the qualifications to that to me?”

Fang Li throws the Steam Pistol in his hand to Mumei, continuing: “Moreover, if I didn’t do this, would you also deal with is so patiently?”

“…… Making it sound as if you understand me..” Mumei whispered suspiciously.

However, at this time, Mumei suddenly felt dizzy, her petite body swayed fiercely falling towards the side.

“Are you ok?” Fang Li grasped Mumei hastily.

Immediately, a very nice-smelling scent passed from Mumei’s body, sneaking into Fang Li’s nose, making Fang Li’s corner of the eye twitch, his heart become somewhat itchy.

This young girl, although she looks very young, she could even be called a kid, even then at this age, she had an unusual charm.

If this was on Earth, a young girl of this age basically was just a brat, where was there any charm?

This makes Fang Li realize that this place really is a 2D world.

Because it’s 2D therefore there are so many Moe elements.

( If this was Earth, this girl would absolutely be pursued until she was miserable?)

In his heart he was secretly thinking, Fang Li then smiled bitterly, looking at the young girl in his bosom asking: “What happened to you?”

“… No-nothing.” Mumei rubbed her eyes, yawning, her sound became somewhat slurred as well, saying: “Just a little sleepy.”

“Sleepy?” Fang Li’s heart moved as if understanding something. However, Fang Li did not ask only such asking: “Do you want to rest?”

“Might as well…” Mumei yawned once more, seeming as if she really was sleepy.

“I’ll lead you to get up first on the vehicle to rest.” Fang Li made a prompt decision.

Only, when Fang Li was about to carry it out, a confused sound of footsteps suddenly resounded, making people turn head to pay attention to the source.

Fang Li fixed his eyes on the situation then immediately smiled.

The masters of those confused footstep sounds were no strangers, they were the Yomokawa Family Samurais. Naturally, this included Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito. Receiving Konochi Kurusu’s and Araka Kibito’s as well as other Samurai’s support was impressively Yomokawa Ayame.


Seeing Fang Li supporting Mumei to stand before the Hayajiro, Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito were somewhat surprised.

“Fang Li-san!”

Yomokawa Ayame saw Fang Li as well, making her slightly happy, seeing Fang Li survive as before, she became somewhat joyful.

Was only a pity, before Fang Li and the people could exchange greetings, the disturbance started.

Those coming were not only the people of Yomokawa Family but also one crowd of people receiving asylum. These people do not know what happened here before, when they arrived here, immediately they started running towards the Hayajiro’s direction their faces panic-stricken trying to rush to be first.

“E-Everyone!” Yomokawa Ayame then responded, hastily saying: “Please stop panicking! Board the Iron Fortress in order!”

However, these people simply did not pay attention to Yomokawa Ayame, directly running in the Hayajiro’s direction.


A gunshot sound resounded again.

The people that were about to proceed violently, stopped immediately, stopping in their original spot, looking in front, their eyes opened wide.

One of Fang Li’s hands was supporting the sleepy Mumei, another hand grasping Mumei’s gun once more, after sighing, he looked in front.

“Sigh, can all of you stop doing the same thing, it gets boring.”


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I like how he pointed out the difference between real world and an anime world… Characters in 2D are always drawn to be more cute, beautiful, sexy or just more Moe than the real world. So even girls like mumei look prettier than their age, and shes only 12yrs old… yikes

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