Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 27


“Quickly run away!”

“The Kabanes are here!”

Everyone was thoroughly flustered, not able to give a thought to Fang Li’s deterrent again, losing their calm and rushing to be first pushing their way into the Hayajiro.

But at this time, Fang Li was naturally unable to keep any order again, only able to grip his dagger, sighing silently in his heart. Doing all that was actually for Fang Li to ensure the number of people that survive was many therefore obtaining a larger harvest for himself.

Therefore, what he could, he has done. Now, Fang Li really could not pay attention to these people.

After all, the person that he truly needs to protect is Yomokawa Ayame, but not these Aragane Station general people. At that moment, Fang Li said to Yomokawa Ayame: “Ayame-san, please get on first.”

“But… But…” Yomokawa Ayame wanted to help the people being unwilling to throw them down. Only, Fang Li directly told her the facts: “I know your feelings, but the Iron Fortress is, after all, an important Hayajiro, you are the Yomokawa Family’s eldest daughter and possess the main key, if you do not get on, the Iron Fortress will not start and everyone cannot run away, everybody wil die.”

“This fellow is right, Ayame-sama.” Konochi Kurusu earnestly looked at Yomokawa Ayame, saying: “Please get on the Hayajiro first, let us handle the situation here.”

“… Understood.” Yomokawa Ayame was silent for awhile before immediately nodding.

“Some of you guys!” Araka Kibito shouted, selecting a few Samurai, pointing in a direction saying: “Bring Ayame-sama to the Hayajiro and get on first!”

“Yes!!!” The samurai nodded accordingly, moving towards Yomokawa Ayame.

“Everyone…” Yomokawa Ayame looked at Fang Li then she looked at Konochi Kurusu and the other Samurai, finally under the support of several samurais, moved towards the Hayajiro.

“Lineup and get in position!” Konochi Kurusu ordered, calling loudly: ” We absolutely cannot let any Kabane get past us”

The samurais arranged themselves in a line of defence immediately, holding up their Steam Guns, aiming at the Kabane army and unceasingly pressing on the trigger.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang”

Disorderly gunshot sounds resounded continuously. Multiple Steam Guns’ fired, spraying across the Kabane army.

“Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang!”

The Steam Gun bullets fell on each of the Kabanes’ body, causing an unexpected sound similar to hitting on steel, jumped off their body and producing sparks, each Kabane was stricken down.

However, these Kabanes quickly stood up after a while and continued to rush towards them. At this time, even Konochi Kurusu could not attend to saying anything, together with Araka Kibito, was lifting their Steam Guns and unceasingly shooting, creating gunshot sounds that lingered on.

Among those present, besides the Samurai that were opening fire, the only remaining people were Fang Li, Mumei and Ikoma these three people.

“Damn!!!” Ikoma shouted, wanting to rush towards the Kabane.

But, before that Mumei suddenly spun her body, kicking out her leg to Ikoma’s chest.


A colliding sound was heard along with Ikoma’s painful howl, his whole body had been swept by the kick falling to the ground.

“You…” Ikoma looked angrily at Mumei. “What are you doing?!”

“Should these words, be coming from us?” Fang Li was a bit speechless saying to Ikoma: “What did you just plan on doing?”

“Naturally I planned to fight!” Ikoma said without hesitation: “Steam Guns do not have the means to overthrow the Kabane, only my Tsuranuki Zutsu can penetrate the Kabane’s heart protection, therefore, I must fight!”

“Are you silly?” Fang Li disdainfully looked at him, impolitely saying: “Not to mention that matter before, when you were unexpectedly willing to bravely step forward, now that status of you not being human has been exposed, would you believe that if you rush and fought with the Kabane, these samurais of coveting life but fearing death will shoot you as well, giving you a one way ticket to Hell?

Ikoma was quiet listening to this, looking at the Kabane army advancing in the hail of bullets as before, saying unconsciously: “But, if this continues…..”

“If this continues the Kabane sooner or later will arrive here.” Fang Li also looked into the distance in front, saying: “But we only need to drag out the time so that we can start the Hayajiro, our main purpose is not to fight with the Kabane, so long as before the Kabane arrive, the Hayajiro smoothly starts, we will win, but our goal is definitely not to massacre all the Kabane to win, you’d better make this distinction clearly.

”This…” Ikoma was speechless.

“No matter what, if you also want to maintain your life, then you’d better board honestly, otherwise, even if you are now a Kabaneri, if you were submerged in the Kabane army, you’ll still definitely die.”

Fang Li said directly: “After getting up, move to the last compartment, do not make contact with anyone.”

“That… What about you?” Ikoma almost subconsciously asked: “Aren’t you going to get on? Remaining is too dangerous!”

Fang Li had nothing to say in reply, only staring at Ikoma, making Ikoma uncomfortable.

After a moment, Fang Li smiled, saying: “You’d obviously just confronted me before but now you are worried about my safety, the so-called main character is a big softy eh.”

“Ahh?” Ikoma was shocked. Main character? What’s that meant to mean?

“Good, hurry up.” Fang Li did not respond to Ikoma again, his vision changed to the front.

“I don’t hate people such as you, therefore, do not die… softy.” As the words fell, Fang Li fiercely stepped on the ground, crossing the defence line of samurais jumping directly and rushing in the direction of the Kabane army.

“What…?!” Ikoma was surprised. Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito and the rest of the Samurai were similarly shocked.

Fang Li had as if not realised their reactions, looking at the Kabane army going all out to move forward despite the hail of bullets, not fearing that the samurais’ bullets can hit him by accident, his pair of eyes changed into the ice cold blue Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Seeing that Fang Li acts in a completely violent and reckless manner rushing to them the Kabane close by was roaring.


At this moment, a gunshot sound resounded. That roaring Kabane was shot directly, its whole body trembled, as sparks flew from its body,  its figure stagnated.

Fang Li did not need to turn around to know who the shooter is.


The young girl named Mumei was lifting up her red coloured steam pistols, untying the ribbon on her neck slowly.


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