Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 28

The blue ribbon tied on Mumei’s neck was not an ordinary object.

This is an existence similar to a switch. As a Kabaneri, Mumei had fought with from childhood, so after the numerous extremely specialized training, she not only excels at hand-to-hand combat but also the use of many weapons, it can be said that she’s a perfect soldier for combat.

However, this is only her ordinary condition. The Mumei after untying the blue ribbon on her neck will have her physical ability be promoted to beyond an ordinary Kabane.

Therefore, that blue ribbon could be said to be her switch, once untied, her strength will have an extraordinary growth, making her extremely formidable.

The ability to regard hundreds and thousands of Kabane as if they were nothing lies here. Having this physical ability far beyond ordinary Kabanes along with her proficiency in combat techniques, even if Mumei wanted to she couldn’t think of them as hard to beat.

The issue was that fighting in this condition could not be maintained forever, once the time it’s activated is too long it’ll cause a burden to her body making her very exhausted, if she fought for a long period of time in this form she’ll even directly fall asleep.

This was the reason why after arriving at the place, Mumei’s mind had suddenly become exhausted, making her sleepy. Although Fang Li had not noted from the start but thinking clearly, she should have loosened her ribbon when leading the way for him and only put it on when they arrived.

Now to support Fang Li, Mumei has untied the ribbon again.

“I don’t have much time.” Mumei in Ikoma’s astonished vision aimed her Steam Pistols in front, her pair of amber eyes changed to a deep scarlet all of a sudden.

This was a sign of Mumei entering her physical enhancement condition, her high concentration was instantaneously shown.

“Since you want to kill the Kabane, then you do the killing, I’ll stay here and do support shooting.” After all, with Mumei’s present condition, wanting her to carry on a violent offensive to the enemy lines again is definitely somewhat difficult.

“Begin…” As her words fall, the scarlet lustre in her eyes turns even deeper, the two steam pistols’ muzzle starts to spout sparks.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang” The red steam pistol continued ringing out gunshot sounds, even within the sounds of other Steam Guns the pistol’s sounds were exceptionally clear. The bullets unseeable to the naked eye turned into sharp weapons that sped along at a fast speed hitting each Kabane.

“Clang Clang Clang Clang Clang!”

Each round of steam pistol shots that hit them would cause a sound of metal striking metal. Immediately, each Kabane that was hit hard would then freeze temporarily, some even almost falling down

“It’s now!!!!”Fang Li’s ice blue mystic eyes glittered a bright glow.  For the Kabane being attacked by the bullets, they were unable to in a short time adjust their figure before Fang Li rushed towards them.

“Pu Chi!” The dagger sliced in, bringing with it tons of blood.

“Pu Chi! Pu Chi! Pu Chi! Pu Chi!”

As the sound of bodies being torn resounded, Fang Li had thoroughly turned into a slaughterer.

His figure like a shadow.

His speed like the wind.

The lethal weapon in his hand was like the sharp claws a ghost, piercing the glowing hearts one after another.


Before dying, each Kabane sent out a painful howl at the verge of death before dropping down one by one, turning dead once again. Fang Li continued doing this making full use of support from Mumei’s shooting, moving back and forth among the Kabane army. Under the cooperation of the two, with each of Mumei’s Steam Pistols hit causing the Kabane to stop temporarily before they were killed immediately by Fang Li, the monsters were slaughtered.

“Killed a Kabane, obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane, obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane, obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane, obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

“Killed a Kabane, obtained 100 Exchange Points.”

The System’s cold mechanical voice notifications kept reverberating in Fang Li’s mind. However, Fang Li could not hear any of it right now, he had completely immersed himself in the blood of the Kabane, in his eyes only remained those cracked lines, in his heart, there was only one reverberating sound.




As if hearing the roaring within Fang Li’s innermost feelings, the next second, the System Notification sound suddenly changed.

“Serial Number 11273 has entered the slaughter condition, automatically comprehending the Skill Slaughterer.”

Slaughterer ( Lv.1 )
– Passive Skill.
– Attack Speed + 10%.
– Movement Speed + 20%.
– Skill Level may be promoted.


The sudden System notification sound made Fang Li be separated from the slaughtering condition, in his heart he was startled and happy.

Skill! Unexpectedly it was a skill!

Who would have thought that he would in such a case, voluntarily comprehend a skill! This really was a blessing in disguise!

In the Chief God’s Dimension, only various items and such could be exchanged, Skills cannot be exchanged in the Chief God’s Dimension. It is said that this was a type of encouragement for the Chief God’s Envoys to carry on travelling in each Dungeon World.

In each Dungeon World, various Skills would emerge one after another, having the characteristics of each world, the Chief God’s Dimension envoy would travel along all the dimensions possibly gaining these sudden huge profits, thus becoming more formidable.

Therefore, the Chief God’s Envoys traversing of each Dungeon, besides wanting to obtain Exchange Points, another goal was to obtain that world’s unique Skill. But besides using various ways to go to each Dungeon World and gaining a Skill, Chief God’s Envoys naturally have other methods of learning a Skill.

For example, like Fang Li, comprehending it voluntarily due to various reasons. This is actually a quite rare method.

Therefore, Fang Li was so pleasantly surprised. In his heart, he was pleasantly surprised but at the same time, Fang Li’s slaughter did not stop.

Although it wasn’t obvious, Mumei actually found something. The speed that Fang Li moved in the Kabanearmy, had suddenly promoted a lot.

No matter attack speed, or movement speed.

“What happened?” Mumei was astonished. “How did he suddenly get stronger?” Besides Mumei, other people were shocked as well.

Naturally, the reason that the other people were shocked was not because of finding out Fang Li had suddenly gotten stronger but because they saw that bloody scene.

“He…” Ikoma said in an extremely stunned voice that gave voice to everyone’s thoughts.

“Is he unexpectedly able to kill Kabane?” This is the reason that the people were shocked.

“This fellow…” Konochi Kurusu’s facial features could help but turn serious.

“Unexpectedly hiding his strength…”

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This is definitely an improvement compared to Grand Summoning. All Yan had to do was buy the skills and abilities. Which gave readers so many headaches and issues. Because we knew he could just buy everything and become supreme but he never did that… But now theres an excuse, they have to be learned meaning it’s pointless to attempt to learn everything all at once… at least for now

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