Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 29

In regards to Fang Li’s wanton slaughter, the people felt extremely shocked, but also saw hope. Originally, the Samurais’ Steam Guns could only delay the attack of the Kabane for awhile but they were actually unable to play any actual role in opposing the enemy, but with Fang Li’s wanton slaughter their attacks had suddenly seemed a lot slower.

Because Fang Li was in front, all the Kabane stared at him and proceeded to rush up to encircle him.

Being besieged by hundreds and thousands of Kabanes like this, if it was only Fang Li, even if he had comprehended Slaughterer, causing his attack speed and movement speed to be faster, Fang Li would still absolutely be ripped into fragments in a split second.

Fortunately, Mumei’s support shooting was still going. Her accurate shooting, caused each Kabane attack to stop just before Fang Li’s body before shortly welcoming his dagger piercing its heart maliciously.

Mumei also understood that rather than spending energy to aim at the same position and then repeatedly shooting it to finally penetrate the heart of the Kabane, she might as well carry out support shooting with the final kill done by Fang Li, this was much more effective, therefore she placed all her energy into carrying out support allowing Fang Li to slaughter.

Naturally, because there were too many Kabane, this idea could not be realised completely.

After all, Fang Li’s strength is limited, if there are many Kabane simultaneously besieging, even if counting on Mumei to support thereby killing them in a split second, he would eventually leave out one or two, this was unavoidable.

The leftover Kabane, would then be solved by Mumei.

Therefore, Fang Li seemed as if he was killing everywhere in the Kabane army, an extremely awe-inspiring sight, causing everyone to feel shocked, but actually the biggest hero allowing such a situation to be presented is actually Mumei.

The samurai had also gradually seen this point clearly, although they felt surprised that Fang Li could penetrate the Kabane’s hearts they also started to take action.

“Everyone!” Konochi Kurusu ordered, making a quick decision.

“Support idiot that crashed into the group of monsters!!!!”

Under the order of Konochi Kurusu, the Samurais were the same as Mumei, carrying on support shooting for Fang Li.

With that, Mumei’s pressure reduced by a lot, Fang Li’s slaughter was also more smooth, so the Kabane army was thoroughly blocked.

The problem was, such a condition couldn’t be maintained for too long.


Like the sound of glass breaking, another Kabane’s heart lost its ray, causing the fearsome monster to slowly drop down. But, in this split second, Fang Li actually suddenly stopped.

“Huff… Puff…Huff…” A rapid breathing sound was transmitted from Fang Li’s mouth. Fang Li was trying to take a breather.

At this moment, Fang Li’s chest is fluctuating fiercely, his pair of ice blue Mystic Eyes was shining as before, but the hand holding the dagger was starting to shiver. Perhaps, on Earth no one had had this tired out hand feeling?

The feeling of murdering until his hand was tired.

Now, Fang Li was precisely feeling such a condition. Naturally, this is not only because of the continuous slaughter. The reason that Fang Li stopped, the reason was also very obvious.

“Not good!” Konochi Kurusu facial expression changed, saying loudly: “This fellow’s stamina is about to run out!!!”

Araka Kibito and the other samurai similarly changed expressions. As for on the field, Fang Li maintained his small break to get his breath, strongly holding onto the dagger, his Mystic Eyes sweeping the surroundings.




Each Kabane acted as if they were a ferocious beast that finally cornered its game, in their eyes glittered an ominous light, gradually approaching Fang Li’s direction.

Like this, Fang Li was thoroughly surrounded.

“What’s the matter… What should we do?” Ikoma was still in his original place as before, not boarding, seeing that Fang Li was surrounded by the Kabane army, he anxiously shouted to Mumei: “You… think of something to do quickly!……”

Those few words were not said in full before Ikoma remained quiet. Because Ikoma saw Mumei was also in the same condition.

“Huff… Puff…Huff…”

Compared to Fang Li even her rapid breathing was higher, Mumei’s hand holding the Steam Pistols were shivering as well, in her eyes, there was an extremely rich exhaustion.

“You… what happened?” Ikoma was surprised and uncertain.

Mumei did not pay attention to Ikoma, supporting her somewhat weak body, looking at the Kabane starting to surround Fang Li, she clenched her teeth, muttering in a low voice: “Already reached the limit?”


The limit.

No matter Fang Li or Mumei they have both reached their limits.

“How could this…” Ikoma’s expression was very ugly.

For Fang Li enclosed in the monster group he was actually quite calm despite the situation, looking at the Kabane in his periphery approaching gradually, he was breathing deeply while his expression maintained a calm.

“For this situation, I’ve already prepared an item.” Fang Li reached into his leg bag with his free hand. However, the next second, Fang Li’s hand stopped suddenly.

“Du Du Du Du HONK!” With that whistle sounding, everyone was startled but then immediately happy.

Shortly after, the people saw… That stopped steel vehicle in the bay had finally started to move, slowly coming out from inside.


Above the Iron Fortress’ helm, Yomokawa Ayame opened the roof panel lifting out half her body, beckoning all the people. Seeing this, Konochi Kurusu turned his head, shouting to Fang Li: “Hurry! Start to retreat!”

Not needing Konochi Kurusu to remind him, Fang Li started to take action. Squeezing out the last of his body’s strength, Fang Li fired off into the Hayajiro’s direction. The surrounding Kabane immediately ran to pursue, without hesitation, throwing themselves at Fang Li.

“Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!” Disorderly gunshot sounds resounded again, thouse pouncing Kabane were quickly shot down one by one.

It was Mumei that opened fire first. As for Yomokawa Family Samurai, some continued to stand in their original place, carrying on the support shooting, helping Fang Li escape, some had actually directly fled to the Hayajiro.

However, even with this, it was still enough. Under the shielding of these people, Fang Li ran over. As Fang Li was soon about to escape from the Kabane encirclement, a hand held onto Fang Li’s foot all of a sudden.


Fang Li’s heart jumped, lowering his head to look below, looked at his body.

Over there, a just knocked down Kabane lay down on the ground, extending a hand, firmly holding down Fang Li’s ankle.

“Aaaaaah!” With a cruel roar, that Kabane on the ground opened its mouth and nipped towards Fang Li’s foot.

“Pu chi!”

Blood splashed.

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