Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 30


Under the gaze of all people, blood splashed in midair as if it dropped from the clouds, sprinkling all over the place, the ground that Fang Li is at was dyed red. This scene, in the eyes of everyone, happened in slow motion, causing the heart of the people to tremble.

Only Fang Li, holding his dagger in a tight handshake, looking at that shadow appearing in front of him suddenly, had his face covered with a stunned expression.


Out of nowhere, Ikoma had ran over and grabbed the Kabane holding Fang Li’s foot, in his hand, Tsuranuki Zutsu was aimed straight at the Kabane’s heart area as he roared loudly.

Immediately, Ikoma pressed Tsuranuki Zutsu’s trigger.


A sound akin to a gunpowder explosion resounded, Tsuranuki Zutsu in Ikoma’s hand was like a pile driver, piercing into the Kabane’s heart protection, crushing the glowing heart below.

At this time, Fang Li responded. He was rescued. Rescued by this youth that transformed into a Kabaneri not too long ago.

“Quick!!!” Ikoma did not pay attention to Fang Li’s stunned expression, calling out to him directly: “Hurry and leave this place!”

Fang Li turned serious, not able to attend to anything else he moved with Ikoma running away at maximum speed. In a bit, Fang Li and Ikoma finally returned to the samurai’s side.

Seeing that Ikoma was running toward this area, the guns of some Samurai subconsciously moved up, but they were stopped by the scolding of Konochi Kurusu.

“Keep shooting while retreating! Return to the Hayajiro!” Therefore, the samurai with Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito started to carry on their shooting whilst retreating.

But Fang Li and Ikoma ran away to Mumei’s side, arriving in front of Mumei.

“You…” Mumei looked up, looking at Fang Li, whose whole body is bathed in blood, tiredly saying in a low voice: “You really act too unreasonably.”

Looking at Mumei’s utterly exhausted appearance, Fang Li took a deep breath, while smiling bitterly, going forward, he took the ribbon in Mumei’s hand, tying it on her neck personally, saying in a soft voice: “Therefore, as I said before you don’t have the qualifications to say that to me.”

“…… No matter what, take care of everything later.” Mumei was obedient, allowing Fang Li to help her tie the ribbon, she did not even have any strength to reject, her sound appeared more and more weak saying: “I… I’m already at my limit…”

“I know.” Fang Li showed a faint smile, saying: “Hopefully when you wake up you don’t discover that I’ve lost you on the roadside.” Mumei stared at Fang Li, immediately her eyes then closed gently, her body suddenly falling down.

Fang Li moved forward and grab her, letting Mumei sink in his bosom, directly using a princess carry, to hug Mumei. Luckily Mumei’s body weight is actually quite light, otherwise, with Fang Li’s weak and pitiful 1 STR, he didn’t know if he could carry this young girl.

“Good.” Fang Li said to the nearby Ikoma: “Let’s hurry to get onto the Hayajiro.”

“What about her?” Ikoma shot a look at Mumei that was in deep sleep in Fang Li’s bosom, after some hesitation, slowly asking: “What happened to her?”

“She’s all right, only a little tired.” Fang Li superficially replied said: “She’ll wake up soon.”

Then, Fang Li hugging the sleeping Mumei, started to accelerate towards the Hayajiro’s direction.  Looking at this, Ikoma could not help but whisper: “Their sentiments are really good…”

However, this was actually Ikoma’s assumption. Fang Li and Mumei’s sentiments were not actually good from the start
After all, the time from when they both got to know each other till now, it wasn’t even one hour.

“Du Du Du Du HONK!!!!”

The whistle sound was resounding from the Hayajiro across the entire of Aragane Station’s sky. Under the shooting while retreating strategy, the samurai finally boarded the Hayajiro, running into this moving Steel Fortress.

“Aaaaaaaaah! ROAR!!” The Kabane army sent out unwilling roars, trying to obstruct the Hayajiro.

As this happened, these Kabanes naturally turned into piles of meat under the Hayajiro’s wheel, similar to trash being crushed and mashed up. Then, the Hayajiro’s movement on the track got faster and faster, moving towards the city gates to escape.

Inside one of the Hayajiro’s compartments. This was the last compartment inside the Hayajiro. In the compartment, there was no other person, only a large boiler that made the temperature of the compartment somewhat high.

Fang Li held Mumei and entered this compartment with Ikoma. The surroundings were silent, one could only hear the sound of steam and the Hayjiro’s wheel rolling on the tracks.

Fang Li placed down Mumei from his bosom near a wall, taking off his body’s cloak, and just about to cover Mumei’s body, but he actually suddenly stopped and frowned, looking at Ikoma.

“……” Ikoma was startled, but still asked: “What’s wrong?”

“Is the cloak on your body useful?” Fang Li said directly: “If not lend it to me.”

“Cloak?” Ikoma then noted something. The cloak on Fang Li’s body used to resist the cold, was fully dyed red in blood, looking like it just came out of a blood pond, it was really scary.

But Fang Li wanted to cover up Mumei, he naturally could not let her put on a cloak dyed full of blood.

“Take it.” Ikoma did not hesitate too much, taking off his cloak and throwing it to Fang Li. Because it was pulled by Mumei before, the cloak was somewhat torn, but purely as a cover, it could sufficiently cover Mumei’s petite body.

After finishing that, Fang Li grasped his dagger hanging on his waist in his hand, sitting next to Mumei on the nearby wall, taking a deep a breath. His stamina had restored by a little. However, excessively swinging and stabbing had made Fang Li’s muscles somewhat sore, his mind was also really exhausted. However, with all that work, even nearly dying, his harvest ended up being very impressive.

With the help of Mumei and the other samurai, Fang Li was able to kill many Kabane in the Kabane army, not only comprehending a skill but also obtaining a massive amount of Exchange Points.

Then, what was Fang Li’s current number of Exchange Points? 24700!!.

Fang Li managed to kill more than 100 Kabane, turning them into Exchange Points and causing a huge leap in his balance!

In his first Dungeon World harvesting over 20,000 Exchange Points!

This result, was able to show disdain for all Envoys that initially became Chief God’s Envoys! Although the emergence of this result was not an achievement of only Fang Li, but the advantage was actually definitely completely grasped by Fang Li!



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