Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 31


Seeing his harvest made him quite gratified, Fang Li’s somewhat exhausted face also could not help but showed a slight smile.

Furthermore, now Iron Fortress was moving smoothly, Yomokawa Ayame’s and Aragane Station’s people also remained here, so long as the train keeps moving forward following the railroad passing through the city gate, they can escape from Aragane Station.

By that time, Fang Li’s Main Quest will be fully complete, the tour of this Dungeon World will also reach a finale in a perfect form. Honestly, this situation was good by many times compared to the tentative plan Fang Li had from the beginning. Immersed in his own joy, Fang Li did not discover…

Opposite to him, Ikoma was right up against the wall like him, looking at the calm Mumei in deep sleep, after his look fluctuated a bit he suddenly said: “Aren’t you afraid?” The sudden issue made Fang Li unable to respond.

After a while, Fang Li turned his vision to Ikoma, asking: “Should I be afraid?”

“…… Normal people should be afraid right?” Ikoma looked at Fang Li, his face extremely earnest.

“After all, the people here, besides you, are all not human.”


Regarding this existence, even Ikoma had not fully believed yet let alone other people. This youth who has a firm resolve to overthrow the Kabane understood the most that an existence like himself, will cause deep fear in humans.

“Let alone a normal person, even the samurai will fear us, they’d never allow us to travel with them,” Ikoma said in a low voice: “You? It can’t be that you’re really not afraid?”

Fang Li was silent. After a moment, Fang Li sighed: “And here I thought you wanted to say something important.”

Fang Li’s words, caused Ikoma to stare blankly.

“I guess it’s not that I can’t understand what you’re trying to say.” Fang Li shrugged, showing a smile that appeared like a laugh or a calm smile, saying: “It’s just a pity that no matter what existence you are if all you can do is bring death to me then sorry, I can’t be afraid.”

“Can’t be afraid?” Ikoma was surprised, doubtfully asking: “What do you mean?”

“Just a play on words, don’t think too much about it.” Fang Li shook his head, changing the topic. “Actually I haven’t thanked you yet for saving me.”

“…… No need for thanks.” Ikoma lowered his head, saying: “Saving your life is just a normal thing to do, our common enemies are the Kabane, but not humans.”

Hearing this, Fang Li did not say anything, in his heart, he actually sighed with emotion. The only person who would think like this would only be Ikoma.

This fellow really is a softy.

“No matter what, I need to thank you.” Fang Li looked straight ahead at Ikoma, his expression also became earnest. “Thank you for saving me.”

Although Fang Li did not have any feelings towards death, not really dreading his own death, but since he was rescued, he must express his gratitude. Just because someone is unimportant to himself, therefore not thanking them after being saved, this arrogant idea, Fang Li did not have at all.

Naturally, Fang Li didn’t know that this thought of his in the current time when everybody was insecure, was how rare of a trait.

On his face, Ikoma top showed a smiling face, saying: “You are also a really strange person.”

“Right?” Fang Li smiled bitterly, saying to Ikoma: “I don’t want to be called that by you.”

“That’s also true.” Ikoma touched his own glowing heart, his expression turned somewhat complex. “Compared to you, I’m more strange.” As the words fell, the compartment once again turned silent.

Seeing Ikoma’s complex look and expression, after Fang Li hesitated for a bit he asked.

“Do you want to change back into a human?”

“What?” Ikoma was shocked.

“I asked if you want to change back into a human?” Fang Li earnest continued: “If you want to change back to a human, perhaps I can……”

Those few words, could not be completed in time before Fang Li’s and Ikoma’s ear moved.

That’s because an extremely disorderly sound of footsteps reached the ears of both Fang Li and Ikoma.

“This…” Ikoma expression was somewhat astonished.

“They’ve come?” Fang Li looked like he completely expected what was about to happen, his vision moving to the door of the compartment.

The sound of footsteps approached quickly, arriving outside the door after a while.


Along with a resounding sound, the gate to the compartment was crudely opened. Shortly afterwards, one crowd of samurai grasping their steam guns all emerged in the compartment, in a with a *ka ka ka* sound, they lifted their guns in hand approaching Fang Li’s group.

Among the Samurai, there was Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito form surprisingly.

“You…?!” Ikoma suddenly stood up. Fang Li similarly stood up slowly, lifting his head, looking at the samurai in front. Within these samurai’s eyes, Fang Li could realize the obvious hostility clearly.

Just, within this hostility, there was a combination of a faint trace of fear. Only Konochi Kurusu’s and Araka Kibito’s look was different from these other samurais.

Araka Kibito’s had some hesitation in his eyes.

Konochi Kurusu’s eyes, on the other hand, were just indifferent.

He looked at Mumei in deep sleep Mumei, then moving to look at the serious looking Ikoma, finally, Konochi Kurusu cast his vision on Fang Li body.

Shortly afterwards, Konochi Kurusu asked a question.

“Are you and them in the same group?”

The atmosphere in the compartment suddenly turned dangerous. Everyone’s vision centralized on Fang Li’s body.

Including Ikoma’s.

That being the case, Fang Li did not reply but showed a faint smile, not answering.

“Are you, afraid..?” Konochi Kurusu’s look turned gloomy. As for the other samurai, as if hit in their sore spot, they all got angry.

“Wanderer, do you think you’re really a saviour?”

“Kurusu, who cares about him, just kill him along with them!”


“Someone who is willing to be in the same place with these two monsters, this fellow is definitely not human!”


Under the clamouring of all the samurai, the atmosphere turned more and more dangerous.

Fang Li did not actually pay any attention to these samurais, only looking at Konochi Kurusu.

Within Fang Li’s gaze, Konochi Kurusu closed his eyes, then opened them once again, in his eyes there was a clear and bright light.

Then, Konochi Kurusu took out the Katana by his waist.



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