Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 32

“…” With the sound of rubbing between the blade and scabbard, Konochi Kurusu pulled out his Katana slowly.

“Kurusu?” Araka Kibito was surprised.

“What do you want to do!?” Ikoma interrogatively asked Konochi Kurusu.

The surrounding samurai also looked at each other in blank dismay. Even Fang Li, seeing Konochi Kurusu’s action, didn’t know what this fellow was trying to do, his brow wrinkled tightly.

Not paying attention to the surrounding audience’s response, Konochi Kurusu moved forward, blade in hand towards Fang Li, his look turning sharp.

“You want to rescue these two Kabaneri, right?” Konochi Kurusu’s words made Fang Li’s brow wrinkle more, but he truthfully replied.

“At the very least, I don’t want to see these two people die in your hands.”

No matter Mumei or Ikoma, both of them were only with Fang Li for less than one hour. For such a short period of time, being friendly itself was an issue let alone risking himself.

Such being the case, properly speaking, Fang Li should not need to pay attention to Mumei and Ikoma, obediently listening to the samurai, allowing him to be safe and sound, carrying his rich harvest and returning to the Chief God’s Dimension.

However, Fang Li actually had to take care of this matter.

Naturally, he’s not saving them out of any sympathy since Fang Li felt aloof from the concept of Death.

However, Fang Li had to repay Mumei’s and Ikoma’s favour.

Without Mumei, Fang Li being able to arrive at the garage and making contact with the Hayajiro would be an issue, let alone, Mumei had also shielded Fang Li before, allowing Fang Li to slaughter within the Kabane army, and obtaining a huge harvest.

Without Ikoma, if he was held by the Kabane before and nipped, possibly becoming the monster while also being submerged in the Kabane army, he would’ve died without a burial ground.

In nicer terms, the fact that Fang Li could live until now and harvest over 20,000 exchange points even completing Main Quest 2, was thanks to Mumei and Ikoma.

This favour, Fang Li must repay.

“Let alone, I also promised that small girl to leave the following matters to me.” Fang Li looked at Konochi Kurusu, slowly emphasizing each word. “Therefore, I will preserve these two people.”

The audience was suddenly frozen. Ikoma’s look completely changed as he stared at Fang Li. His look turned into one full of the gratitude.

Konochi Kurusu’s expression actually did not change from start to finish, hearing Fang Li’s words, his vision turned sharper.

“That being the case, you’ll have to first pass my test.”

While saying so, Konochi Kurusu’s both hands gripped the hilt of his Katana, his sharp vision aimed in Fang Li’s direction.

“You also owe me a rematch.”

Hears these words, Fang Li understands finally the Konochi Kurusu plan made anything.

“So that’s what it is, really such a simple and crude method.” Fang Li chuckled, his hand moving back, gripping his dagger, asking: “If I win?”

“I will not manage this matter again.” Konochi Kurusu indifferently said.

“To convince everyone else, that’s none of my concern.”

“Kurusu?” Araka Kibito was stunned.

“Kurusu!” Samurai also astonished make noise. Regarding this, Konochi Kurusu only gave the Samurai a few words.

“Do not come get in the way, this is between a matter between me and him after deciding victory and defeat, do whatever you want, but before then no one must meddle!”

The people immediately had nothing to say in reply. Meanwhile, the system’s somewhat familiar notification sound resounded.

“Serial Number 11273 has triggered a B-Rank Side Quest: Delayed rematch.”

“Quest Details: Fight the Plot Character Konochi Kurusu.”

“Quest Success Reward: 5000 Exchange Points.”

“Quest Failure Punishment: None.”

“Attention Envoy: In Dungeon Worlds, only the Main Quests’ failure will have punishments, Side Quests’ failure have no penalty but depending on the condition, failure of the quest will affect the actions of other Plot Characters.

“Reminder to the Chief God’s Envoy, if this Quest is a failure, you will be regarded as an enemy by the Plot Characters, being killed along with the Plot Character Mumei and Plot Character Ikoma.”

The notification sound from nowhere, made Fang Li’s look become sharp as well.

“Wait!” Ikoma could not bear it, directly standing and shouting at Fang Li: “This matter has nothing to do with you, you do not need to do this for us!”

“Nothing to do with me?” Fang Li could not smile, shaking his head, saying: “Whether there’s any relation with me is not for you to decide but for me.”

As those words fell, Fang Li no longer gave Ikoma any opportunity to say anything, going forward directly, arriving in front of Konochi Kurusu.

A confrontation like the one three days ago in the arena.

Fang Li’s and Konochi Kurusu’s vision connected quietly, their looks lacking the intense spark.

“Just a reminder for you.” Konochi Kurusu coldly said: “This time, even if you use your hand to stop, I will not stop.”

“Then I’ll also give you a reminder.” Fang Li drew out his dagger silently, looking up at Konochi Kurusu.

“This time, I will not hold back from killing you again.”

In the instance that his voice dropped, Fang Li’s pair of eyes suddenly changed to the ice blue mystic eyes.

Mystic Eyes of Death Perception!!


“You…?!?!” Konochi Kurusu’s eyes narrowed suddenly, shockingly saying. “Your eyes…”

The corner of Fang Li’s mouth raised, coordinated with those ice blue mystic eyes, it appeared extremely evil.

“You better be careful, this eye can definitely take your life!”

In a moment. A scene like the beforehand competition is enacted, but this time, the person of moving first was Fang Li.


Fang Li could be seen clearly shouting suddenly, his figure suddenly speeding up and turning into a fuzzy shadow instantaneously, rushing to Konochi Kurusu.

This speed compared to the previous competition, was naturally quicker manifold.

After all, in the following time difference, Fang Li obtained a skill, giving him an amplification in movement speed and attack speed.

Not knowing that Konochi Kurusu after seeing this had actually had another thought.

“He really hid his strength!”

Thinking like that, Konochi Kurusu grasps the Katana in his hand, advancing forward instead of retreating, stepping on the ground similarly and suddenly rushing to Fang Li.

Compared to Fang Li’s, Konochi Kurusu speed is also not too weak.

Therefore, the charge of both sides, closed the distance between them instantaneously. The surrounding people held their breath as Fang Li’s and Konochi Kurusu’s blades met.


With a loud shout, the sharp dagger and Katana simultaneously cut through the air.

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