Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 33

Only based on attributes, from various aspects, Konochi Kurusu is without a doubt above Fang Li.

Currently, only based on AGI (Agility) even Fang Li will lose to Konochi Kurusu.

But, after the Slaughterer amplification, at least in speed, Fang Li was not too weak compared to Konochi Kurusu.

Therefore, when they both met, the dagger and Katana simultaneously moved, cutting through the air at an exceptional speed, slashing towards the opposite party.

At once, they collided.


A clear colliding sound resounded. Radiant sparks jumped out from the place where they collided.

Under such a condition, Konochi Kurusu had the superiority. This authentic samurai relied on his much STR (Strength) compared to Fang Li, easily flicking away Fang Li’s dagger.

Immediately, Fang Li only felt a great strength from bumping on the Katana, his palm shaking with numbness, Fang Li’s footsteps cannot help but draw back a little.

This split second flaw was captured clearly by Konochi Kurusu.

“Haaaaa!” Konochi Kurusu shouted coldly, his foot stomping on the ground and his body twisting tightly, the katana in his hand slashed suddenly to the withdrawing Fang Li.

This is an extremely exquisite slash. Moreover, the might is enormous.

The strong fierce strength, made the blades’ surroundings curl up with an intense fresh breeze, the sound of a sharp sword breaking through the wind causing a *huhu* noise.

Once this hits, Fang Li will absolutely be cut starting from the shoulder till his side rib, creating a sharp wound.

Just like what Konochi Kurusu mentioned before. This time, Konochi Kurusu will not show mercy again.

Even if Fang Li raises his hand to stop the blade, Konochi Kurusu will still without any hesitation cut off his arm.

Understanding this point and feeling the oppression from the swords’ wind, Fang Li’s expression is still quite calm, his tip of the toe stepping on the ground, his body turned towards the side suddenly at maximum speed.


The sharp breeze touched Fang Li’s body, causing that sound of wind being cut to reverberate near Fang Li’s ear, that slash containing a strong force was easily fended by Fang Li.

At this moment, Fang Li’s Mystic Eyes did not look at Konochi Kurusu, but rather that sharp Katana.

Above the light and thin blade, a Death Line crack was visible.

This is the Death of this weapon.

“Right here!”

Fang Li’s hand tightened his dagger, slashing towards the Katana’s Death Line maliciously. So long as it hits the marked Death Line on the blade, then this weapon would truly die, directly killed by Fang Li’s dagger.

What a pity, compared with the human body, a weapon that could be wielded extremely fast was very difficult to hit.

Not to mention, the size of the weapon is much smaller than the human body, the Death Line is also therefore much smaller than on a human body, to “kill” it is without a doubt extremely difficult.

The evidence is, Konochi Kurusu’s mere conditioned reflex made him raise the Katana in his hand, the Death Line, therefore, deviated out of nowhere and Fang Li’s goal was missed.


At that moment, the dagger heavily hit on above the Death Line of the Katana, creating a delightful bell sound.

“Really, it’s not as easy as I thought?” Although Fang Li had already guessed that this would happen, he was still unavoidably surprised.

“What’s wrong? Is this the extent of your skill?” Konochi Kurusu did not know why Fang Li was not attacking him, but the weapon, however, this did not stop him from continuing to fight.

Therefore, Konochi Kurusu lifted the Katana in his hand and with a slight hesitation, his arm swung down again rapidly.

Immediately, the sharp Katana turned into continuous wind slashes, creating many afterimages in midair, slashing towards Fang Li’s whole body.

At this moment, Konochi Kurusu displayed the limit of his Sword Technique, the Katana followed many mysterious paths in his hand sometimes it was a straight line other times a curve, resembling a shower, covering Fang Li’s whole body.

Facing such an exquisite sword technique, Fang Li did not have any method to deal with it, only relying on the Death Line on the Katana captured by his Mystic Eyes, to reluctantly see through the slash’s path fending with his dagger.


An interlocked strike sent sparks flying everywhere.

Fang Li’s palm was again shaking with numbness because of the formidable strength, his figure moving to retreat.

“clang clang clang clang clang!”

Konochi Kurusu was not a forgiving person, those wind like slashes did not stop coming from everywhere and anywhere, cutting off any escape route for Fang Li, making it so that Fang Li could only keep each strike off one by one.

Numerous collision sounds, reverberated in the air.

With such a situation, with how Fang Li’s STR was already weaker than Konochi Kurusu, his wrist incapable of withstanding Konochi Kurusu’s slashes, made him retreat more and more.

But, Fang Li’s expression is still calm, even if his arm is shaken causing immense pain, he still tried to catch the Katana’s Death Line with his Mystic Eyes despite the extremely fast movement even causing his eyes to hurt, his look did no vacillate by a tiny bit.


Immediately, Konochi Kurusu not knowing if because he was anxious or because he was tired he sucked in a cold breath.

Right now, Konochi Kurusu did not think that his own attack, will unexpectedly completely be fended by Fang Li.

A wanderer with no martial arts foundation had actually seen through the excellent Sword Technique of a Samurai and also fended them off.

“It seems like, not only is his eye strange, his vision is also so.” Konochi Kurusu thought.

This idea guessed about half the truth.

Fang Li being able to see through Konochi Kurusu’s excellent Sword Technique, therefore fending off attacks, completely depended on the Death Line captured by his Mystic Eyes.

Just, Fang Li’s Mystic Eyes’ sight was not capturing the visible weapon, but the invisible Death Line.

Although the Katana was extremely fast, Fang Li was not aiming to cut the Death Line, to only see the Death Line there was no issue.

So long as he can see the Death Line, Fang Li will always know Konochi Kurusu’s slash direction.

Relying on captured Death Line in his Mystic Eyes, Fang Li kept off all the attacks of Konochi Kurusu.


“This is merely all it is!”

The hand of Konochi Kurusu holding the Katana tied up tightly, his whole body’s strength poured into a slash towards Fang Li, this was his heaviest blade.

The ice blue Mystic Eyes smoothly captured this attack. But, with the fresh breeze howling close by Fang Li understood.

This strike, he cannot fend.


As if confirming Fang Li’s idea, an extremely heavy blade full of strength fell above Fang Li’s dagger, with the noise of steel and steel colliding, it struck heavily onto Fang Li’s dagger.

“It worked!”

Konochi Kurusu’s look turned fierce, striding forward an elegant cut sliced the air again, bringing with it a strong gale, cutting towards Fang Li’s body.

Fang Li fiercely raised his head, his Mystic Eyes blooming a dazzling ray.


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