Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 34


With a howling sound, the dagger was struck and by Konochi Kurusu’s blade that was like a windmill being spun in midair.

Therefore, the dagger became embedded in the ceiling of the cabin, nestled neatly into it.


Looking at Fang Li who had lost his weapon, Konochi Kurusu eyes turned cold, the katana in his hand brought with it the sound of wind being sliced and a bright arc of light. It was like a crescent moon which attacked violently onto Fang Li’s body, wanting to slice him under the blade.

But exactly at that moment, Fang Li tried to draw back a step again, but he was back to back against the wall, suddenly he found himself unable to retreat more.

In other words, for this blade, Fang Li it was impossible to avoid it as before. Within a split second, screams sounded out from the surroundings.

Especially Ikoma, helplessly looking at this situation, his eyes were opened so wide they appeared to burst out of his eye sockets.

Regarding this, Konochi Kurusu was free from any response, his look still indifferent, ominous even, the katana in his hand was like thunder, relentlessly slicing towards Fang Li.

At this moment, Konochi Kurusu was affirmed in his victory.

However, when Konochi Kurusu’s slash would soon fall onto Fang Li’s body, Fang Li’s figure tightened suddenly, springing up unexpectedly, immediately jumping up in midair.


With a grating metal collision sound, that winning slash of Konochi Kurusu’s hit against the wall instead causing sparks to fly out, a clear white trace was visible on the steel surface.

In this case, Konochi Kurusu’s attack had instead caused his palm to tingle with numbness from the collision, he could not help but make a groaning sound. Despite that, he still raised his head looking upwards.

Over there, Fang Li who had jumped in mid-air and grabbed onto the dagger embedded into the ceiling now hung upside down, his sole on the ceiling of the cabin, hanging perfectly on it his ice blue mystic eyes swept past Konochi Kurusu.


Konochi Kurusu only thought that his whole body had turned cold, in his heart he felt the shadow of death. But now, Fang Li extended his hand, tightly gripping the dagger in the roof.

Gravity finally started to affect Fang Li’s body, pulling Fang Li’s body down. However, before that Fang Li stomped heavily onto the ceiling, his whole person turning into an arrow dropping from the clouds, shooting towards the below Konochi Kurusu, in his hand the dagger was like a sharp fang, glittering with a cold light.

“You’re too naive!”

Konochi Kurusu’s look turned cold, suddenly holding up his Katana to keep off the attack from above. What a pity, Konochi Kurusu had no idea that this was exactly what Fang Li wanted him to do.

“I should be able to cut it right now right?!”

Dropping from the sky with his dagger in hand, those ice blue mystic eyes could clearly see the Death Line of Konochi Kurusu’s blade that he was using to fend the attack.

“Even if it’s a weapon, if I can see its Death, I can massacre it!”

The instant his voice fell, the dagger sliced down and cut onto the katana. This time, Fang Li hit the mark extremely smoothly, perfectly cutting the Death Line of the Katana.

Therefore, the sharp dagger had as if cut into frail paper, easily cutting off the steel weapon.

“Pa!” A sound like a broken off branch from a tree could be heard as the Katana in Konochi Kurusu’s hand was neatly cut off.

“What?!” Konochi Kurusu was surprised.

At this moment, Fang Li fell on the ground, moving towards the body of Konochi Kurusu who had lost his weapon. This caused Konochi Kurusu’s facial expression to change drastically. However, there was no time to respond.

The icy cold was felt through Konochi Kurusu’s nerve. The glittering dagger was right against the throat of Konochi Kurusu, puncturing slightly above his skin, making some blood seep out.

“pit pat…”

The blood dropped off the edge of the dagger, dropping slowly onto the ground. Konochi Kurusu looked at that face in front of him, his look fluctuating many times

“Haah… Haah…” Fang Li was breathing heavily his Mystic Eyes had quietly disappeared, revealing a pair of exhausted dark-coloured pupils. The surrounding sound had as if disappeared at this moment, in its place, a deathly stillness.

All the people looking at the scene in front, with Fang Li’s dagger on Konochi Kurusu’s throat, were totally shocked.

It was so familiar. Three days ago, in the Martial Fight Gathering arena, Fang Li just like now, had his dagger before the throat of Konochi Kurusu, therefore winning. Just, at that time, rather than Fang Li defeating Konochi Kurusu, it was more just the blunder Konochi Kurusu.

At the expense of being injured, Fang Li achieved success. However now, after three days, Fang Li still won against Konochi Kurusu.

But this time, Fang Li had actually openly and fairly won. Therefore, all people were speechless, only Ikoma, had a pleasant surprise on his face. Finally, for a long time nobody broke this silent scene.

Finally, the person to first make noise was Fang Li. Looking at Konochi Kurusu’s fluctuating uncertain look, Fang Li suddenly smiled.

“With this, did I win?”

A question the same as the one three days ago at the arena competition. A question completely the same as the last words of that time.

Konochi Kurusu decidedly looked at Fang Li, after a while, he closed his eyes.

“You won…”

Those few words established Fang Li’s victory.

“Completed a B-Rank Side Quest, obtained 5000 Exchange Points.”

When the System Notification sound sounded in the Fang Li’s mind, Konochi Kurusu moved away towards the direction of the cabin’s exit.

“Kurusu.” Araka Kibito couldn’t bear asking: “Do you plan to stay out?”

Konochi Kurusu stopped his footsteps, saying while moving away: “This was the agreement between him and me.”

Araka Kibito could not reply. However, the surrounding samurai actually started to make a ruckus.

“But, Kurusu, that fellow is in a group with those two monsters!”

“If we let them off them, who knows if they’ll turn everyone in the Hayajiro into a Kabane?!”

“If that happens, we will die!”

Each of these samurais’ shouts, caused Konochi Kurusu to suddenly open his eye. Observing the surroundings with a vision as sharp as a blade.

The samurais’ sounds suddenly stopped.

With such a situation, Konochi Kurusu’s started to talk in a cold voice.

“I am a Samurai, do not try to make me discard the most basic dignity of a Samurai.”

The samurai could not respond again.

“But… But they are Kabane!”The remaining few people were still struggling to argue.

Konochi Kurusu unemotionally said: “I complied not to meddle, as for what you all want to do, that’s totally unrelated to me.”


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