Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 35

Konochi Kurusu’s words caused the surrounding samurais’ looks to all of a sudden become dangerous. Obviously, the majority of people were frightened as before of Ikoma and Mumei, they were not willing to travel along with these two people.

But Fang Li who had stood on the side of Mumei and Ikoma was also regarded as an enemy by the samurai. Therefore, besides Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito, each samurai slowly raised their guns in hand.

“Damn…” Ikoma clenched his teeth, looking at Fang Li’s with some hesitation. Seeing the condition turning into a road of no return, Ikoma did not want to implicate Fang Li again.

Therefore, the matter that Ikoma wants to do now, was to let Fang Li keep away from them, stopping him from continuing being enemies with the samurai.

In such a situation, Fang Li might still be able to go on living. What a pity, Ikoma did not know that regarding Fang Li, continuing to live was absolutely not a matter of importance to him.

Frankly speaking, if he did not even fear death then living was not really anything important. However, even if living is not anything important, that is not to say that Fang Li would not like to live.

Therefore, looking at these samurais each one holding up their guns slowly, Fang Li heart thought silently at heart.

“It should appear around now, the person that can reverse the current condition.” Fang Li’s and Konochi Kurusu’s showdown triggered a side quest.

This side quest reminded him that upon failure, Fang Li would be killed by the samurai.

In other words, after the judgement of victory, once Fang Li wins, there should be some sort of result that changes the course of events. Facts showed that Fang Li’s suspicion was correct.

When the samurais were prepared to kill Fang Li and the others a sound suddenly resounded.

“Stop it quickly!”

This delightful sound caused the attention of all people to shift all of a sudden. The next second, the people then saw.

Walking into the compartment from the entrance, Yomokawa Ayame and two bodyguards walked in.


The samurais were immediately shocked.


Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito were also startled, shortly afterwards they hastily went forward to protect Yomokawa Ayame.

“Ayame-sama, why did you come here?” Konochi Kurusu’s expression was quite serious, he said to her: “It’s too dangerous here, please return to the front!”

Although the showdown between Konochi Kurusu and Fang Li ended in failure, caused Konochi Kurusu to decide to no longer meddle in this matter, but no matter what, there were two inhuman existences here, Yomokawa Ayame being here, he could not discount the possibility that she might be injured.

Regarding this, Yomokawa Ayame naturally understood his meaning but actually shook her head.

“Sorry, Kurusu, let me be the judge this time.”

Yomokawa Ayame looked at Fang Li, on that fine pretty face there was no longer that fragility from several days ago what remained was a resolute sense of a mission to complete.

This sense was the sense of being the Yomokawa Family’s only survivor.

“Aragane Station had fallen to the enemy, father has been confirmed to be dead, now… the Yomokawa Family’s only remaining person is me. For the sake of everyone in this Hayajiro I will shoulder the responsibility”

Yomokawa Ayame’s look was somewhat sad, but her line of vision was still tightly locked onto Fang Li, saying: “Fang Li-san, personally, I am willing to believe that you are not the sort of person that would easily injure someone, but for the people of the Hayajiro I need a guarantee that you are harmless.”

“…… I know.” Fang Li looked straight at Yomokawa Ayame, straightforwardly asking: “What do you want me to do?”

Yomokawa Ayame did not reply immediately but looked at Ikoma’s cloudy and uncertain expression, then looked at Mumei’s sound asleep expression, deciding on something after awhile.

At once, Yomokawa Ayame opened her mouth.

“I can let you remain on the Hayajiro”

These words, caused Ikoma’s eyes to turned brighter, the corners of Fang Li’s mouth also rose..

But the samurai actually anxiously started to shout.

“That’s can’t be good Ayame-sama!”

“We cannot let those two monsters remain on the Hayajiro!”

“It’s too dangerous!”

The shouts from these samurai, caused Yomokawa Ayame to be unable to bear saying: “These three fought with the Kabane, without them, we may have been unable to run away, can it be that you want to disregard this benevolence?”

The samurais then immediately turned silent.

This matter, they had clearly seen at the scene with their own eyes, Fang Li’s action then was clear in their mind.

“But, they are after all not human, they might harm us…”

Despite that, the samurai still said the basic source of the conflict.

In brief, it was a matter of feeling safe.

The fear of death.

The fear of monsters.

The fear of the future.

The fear of the present situation.

All kinds of fears had obliterated these samurais’ lofty aspirations and high ideals.

Using Ikoma’s words…

“They’re just one group of cowards…” Ikoma said in a low voice.

Luckily, these words weren’t heard by the samurais. Otherwise, it may be feared that their response might turn even more intense?

But Fang Li, looking at the entire atmosphere, because of Yomokawa Ayame entering the stage, it had turned somewhat more tame, he decided to immediately strike while the iron was hot.

“You’re all just worried that Mumei and Ikoma will attack you?” Fang Li asked them, continuing: “If that’s the case, then let me be in charge of looking after them”

“Let you look after them?” Yomokawa Ayame changed her look, she was somewhat startled.

“On the Hayajiro, Mumei and Ikoma will only remain in this last compartment, they will not enter any of the front compartments.” Fang Li looked at Yomokawa Ayame, saying: “I will also stay here, I will be responsible for guarding them, if they plan to enter the front compartments, I will prevent them, with this can you feel relieved?”

Konochi Kurusu and Araka Kibito frowned immediately.

But the samurais were also obviously not willing to believe Fang Li, advising Yomokawa Ayame politely as before.

However, Yomokawa Ayame agreed with Fang Li’s proposal.

“I understand, then I’ll lend this compartment to you.” Yomokawa Ayame said to Fang Li: “I hope you can observe this agreement.”

Therefore, Fang Li’s group was able to remain on the Iron Fortress smoothly. Then, the Iron Fortress slowly rode out of Aragane Station, smoothly escaping.

At this moment, the System Notification sound reverberated in Fang Li’s mind.

“Serial Number 11273 had completed all the Main Quests, you may choose to return to the Chief God’s Dimension at any time, or to remain in the Dungeon World.”

“If the choice is to return, then the Quest evaluation will be carried out and the reward will be given.”

“If the choice is to remain, then you may remain in the Dungeon World for another three days.”

Without too much hesitation, Fang Li chose to remain.

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