Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 36

The day started to gradually get bright. Regarding these people from Aragane Station, this night was too long. The life they had in the past was gone.

For some, their family members had died, for others they turned into Kabane, they would definitely never come back again. Even Yomokawa Ayame, she too had to cope with the sadness of having her entire family be wiped out, finally welcoming the end of this long night.

Therefore, regarding the survivors on the Hayajiro, today’s sunlight was especially dazzling, it was like they hadn’t seen it for a long time.

The people said that a new day is equal to a new start. These words were deeply felt by the people from Aragane Station. Today, for these surivors that managed to run away, it was similar to a new start.

This was because, they not only needed to seek for a new place to live, but they must also consider what to do in the future.

The only thing that was unchanged after this sunlight would probably be this Iron Hayajiro, with its body made entirely of steel. Carrying each of these Aragane Station residents, it still moved as before on the railroad, bringing along with it a loud whistle as is rushed forwards.



Mumei woke up because of the dazzling sunlight. Opening her dim sleepy eyes she extended out her arm and yawned, stretching her body.

“That was a comfortable rest.”

After resting for the entire night, Mumei’s energy was fully restored. Then, Mumei noted her surroundings.

Because of the shining sunlight from the window, the entire compartment was quite bright. The steam boiler was doing its job as before. The sound of a train moving could be heard clearly.

In this shining steel compartment, Mumei looked at the other two breathing bodies in the compartment.

First the youth opposite to her.

What his name was, Mumei could not recall, she only knew he was the same as her, a Kabaneri.

At this time, this person that was the same as herself was leaning right against the wall, dozing off heavily. He looked to be quite tired as well.

In fact, if it really came down to it, the opposite person should definitely be tired? After all, regarding him, at night the relay station fell to the enemy, oneself was also no longer human, being repelled by all people, in addition, he also had some sort of unfathomable sense of justice. He would definitely be exhausted.

As for the other person here, he was leaning near the entrance to the compartment sleeping.

Regarding this person, Mumei was very interested.

He was obviously not a Kabaneri, just an ordinary human, but he could rely on an ordinary dagger to kill Kabane.

What is more inconceivable, Mumei who was good at various combat techniques could tell that this person was basically a beginner at fighting, yet he actually excelled at the technique of murder.

In a nutshell, he was someone that could massacre his opponent but he actually did not know how to beat his opponent.

Moreover, from the opposite party’s body, Mumei also repeatedly felt a strange throbbing sensation.

That throbbing sensation was telling Mumei…

“Do not underestimate him, otherwise, you will definitely be massacred by him…”

This is also another reason why Mumei was interested in this person.

Obviously, he seemed so weak, but yet he gave her a dangerous feeling. Could this feeling not make her curious?

“First time I’ve ever met such a  person…”

While saying so, Mumei just wanted to stand up but suddenly felt that her head was somewhat dizzy and her body felt quite weak.


Mumei understood her condition immediately.



She was hungry.

Calculating carefully, since yesterday, Mumei had not eaten anything until now.

“It’s not good, I won’t be able to hold on for much longer…”

Mumei’s pair of amber eyes gradually turned into a dark red colour. At once, Mumei cast her vision to her front.

Looking at that human that was causing her such curiosity.

Then, Mumei walked towards him slowly.

Compared to Mumei and Ikoma, Fang Li was actually a lot more exhausted.

The exhaustion of Mumei was from her own physique, it was just how her body worked, she herself had not actually consumed a lot of energy.

The exhaustion of Ikoma came from the impact on his mind, having his whole life changed caused him to be mentally and physically exhausted.

As for Fang Li, it was actually purely the consumption of too much stamina that caused his exhaustion.

Since Aragane Station fell to the enemy, Fang Li had basically not rested, experiencing many fights from all side, even slaughters, he had slaughtered over a hundred Kabane, the consumption for him was nothing less than huge.

After that Fang Li to protect Mumei and Ikoma, confronted the Aragane Station Samurai, having a showdown with Konochi Kurusu whose all-around strength was above himself, if you were to say he was tired, he really was much more than tired.

However, the harvest was definitely very gratifying. Not only were the Main Quests fully completed allowing him to momentarily return, after carrying on the reward grading, he would’ve earned an astonishing 29,700 exchange points, this would bring the total he would have to 30,000 exchange points. He could absolutely be said to have returned with a full load.

According to the instruction message that the Chief God’s Dimension gave him, the Chief God’s Envoy will have some extra treatment for their first Dungeon, this was in the form of earning Exchange Points.

Like Fang Li, after killing a Kabane he could obtain 100 Exchange Points, this treatment, he would definitely not have again after this first Dungeon World.

This made Fang Li rejoice.

Rejoice that his innate skill was the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

Without the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, if Fang Li wanted to use his own skill to kill Kabane and earn exchange points, then he could only go find the main character and flatter a main character like Ikoma. Hoping the Gods and Buddhas would help him make a weapon like the Tsuranuki Zutsu and also provide him the bullets to be used to kill the Kabane, thereby earning the exchange points.

Naturally, even if he obtained a method to kill Kabane if he truly wanted to kill the Kabane, he had to fight. This close range fighting regarding a rookie that just entered the Chief God’s Dimension would definitely be hard.

After all, even if you were given the gun, if you’ve never used one before even aiming would be an issue not to mention other aspects.

Because Fang Li had an inborn personality flaw, not dreading death, he was not afraid the fight, not worried about risk and not worried about the consequence, in addition, with a sensitivity to Death that was much higher than the average man, using his self-taught murder technique, he stepped over this obstacle easily.

Therefore, Fang Li’s harvest was so gratifying.

If it was another rookie, being able to complete all the first Dungeon Worlds’ Main Quests would be a very good result.

But to have such a harvest, it was definitely quite laborious, after settling all the matters, Fang Li immediately fell into a deep sleep.

Under this somewhat blurry half-concious state, Fang Li then realised.

Someone was approaching him…

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