Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 77

This is a dagger.

The whole body was shining silver. The blade section was smooth and sharp. On the handle, there was a waning moon symbol.

It looked like something carved out of moonlight. A beautiful weapon. 

After seeing this weapon, Fang Li’s vision changed. As a newcomer to fighting having just entered the Chief God’s Dimension Fang Li was not experienced with weaponds, he chose a dagger to use together with his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.

After all, all Fang Li needed was to attack that death line, perhaps a long weapon would be easier to use since it had more reach but Fang Li had no experience with those types of weapons that’s why he chose a dagger.

The probability of a short weapon hitting the mark is also quite high.

After going through the Dungeon World and gaining experience, Fang Li’s skill with the dagger increased by a lot. 

“That being the case I might as well choose a familiar weapon.”

Therefore, Fang Li picked this Moon Blade.

“Compared to attacking power, it’d be better for me to promote my attack speed not to mention that second attack effect that can make the match respond a step slower before my Mystic Eyes it would be a fatal flaw.”

Without hesitating, Fang Li decided to participate in this Moon Blade auction.

Fang Li clicked the Moon Blade and opened up the auction interface.

The Moon Blade price kept steadily increasing…





Fang Li was stunned.

“It’s already over 3000 Exchange Points!?”

Who would’ve thought that this dagger he chose would keep rising so quickly.

Fang Li decided to bid 3500 Exchange Points directly. The figure finally stopped rising.

Until after a moment it rose again from 3500 to 3600…

Seeing this, Fang Li showed a faint smile and rose the price to 3800 immediately.

The figure stopped immediately.

Obviously, nobody would’ve thought that the price would suddenly jump so much?

With no one else bidding on the price, Fang Li’s interface showed his bid as the highest. If in ten seconds there was no one bidding the dagger would belong to Fang Li. 

But the figure suddenly jumped up again and turned to 3900!

Seeing this, Fang Li was not worried but smiled instead.

“After such a long time it only increased by a mere 100 Exchange Points, this would be the limit of the other guy?”

Thinking of this, Fang Li increased the price to 4000 immediately.

Right now, the bidding screen was motionless. Fang Li saw an Envoy nearby cursing.

“What kind of rich young master would bid 4000 Exchange Points on a dagger like this?!”

Fang Li almost choked.

My goodness, who would’ve thought that the person he was bidding against was so closeby!

However, who cares if the price is high, rich people are willful!

Not caring about the foul-mouthed Envoy, Fang Li continued to leisurely browse other equipment.

Finally, Fang Li found some more good items.

Snowflake Ring
Category: Accessory
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: All Attributes + 5

With that sort of effect this ring literally gave half the effects that Fang Li’s title that took him so much effort to get gave!

Fang Li was naturally not willing to let go of something good like this. Finally, he spent 4000 Exchange Points on the rings. Fang Li also bought another accessory.

Black Ring
Category: Accessory
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: All Attributes + 2, contains a personal storage space, the size of the space is 1 x 1 x 1

Although it was inferior to the Snowflake Ring the personal space was quite a good effect that he couldn’t disregard.

After a fierce fight, Fang Li spent another 4000 Exchange Points to get this ring. In total Fang Li spent 22,000 Exchange Points for all the equipment.

This was all top rank equipment that he could be proud of.

It had to be said that if it were another Envoy, without being at the late stage of Fifth Rank there would be no way for them to collect all this.

Fang Li managed to get this far thanks to his huge harvest from the First World, therefore, he didn’t need to worry about his Equipment until he levelled up.

As for all the equipment he purchased, the Chief God’s Dimension will automatically transfer it to the Envoy’s residence, therefore, he didn’t need to worry about his security.

“I’ve suddenly spent about half of my Exchange Points…”

Fang Li was happy but also couldn’t help but smile bitterly. However turning Exchange Points into strength was a matter of primary importance.

“Now that I’ve solved the Equipment issue let’s check out some skills.”

Fang Li clicked on the Skill interface and saw a list of crystals containing skills.

The Skill sealed in the crystal was described next to each crystal.

Since Fang Li solved his Equipment issue, Fang Li although he was a bit interested in Skills he was more just glancing through them with a bored expression to finish up.

Therefore, Fang Li directly dragged the list up to the top. The interface from the Chief God’s Dimension was quite user-friendly. The most precious item would be more likely to appear at the top.

Fang Li could therefore just glance through the most valuable skills at the top of the interface.

Finally, a skill was shown on Fang Li’s interface.

Stigma ( Lv.1 )

Active Skill.

STR promoted by 100%.

VIT promoted by  100%.

AGI promoted by  100%.

Power obtains a large-scale promotion.

Based on the time of use and skill level a burden on the user will be given. 

Skill Level can be promoted.

With such a skill in Fang Li’s sight, his bored expression finally froze and his heartbeat sped up. He even had to look closer at the interface to make sure he saw it right.

After a long time, Fang Li heaved a sigh of relief but his mood was extremely excited.

“This skill I must absolutely get!”

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