Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 76

It was mentioned before that skills weren’t able to be exchanged in the Chief God’s Dimension. The only way to obtain them was through the Dungeon Worlds.

However, there are times when some skills that an Envoy learns are useless to them or they aren’t really suitable so they can’t learn it. It would be quite sad if the skill that took them an untold number of hardships to obtain was useless, it would make all their effort wasted!

But there was where a special item from the Chief God’s Dimension comes in. 

Skill Crystal: Special Item, this item can seal a skill that the user has studies inside when used the user can learn the skill from the skill crystal. Value of 5000 Exchange Points.

The skills that were auctioned were these types of skill crystals. This allowed all the Envoys to learn different skills from all sorts of Dungeon Worlds.

As skills were one of the Envoys’ main strength Fang Li naturally couldn’t ignore them.

However, the first section Fang Li checked was the Equipment section.

“I’ll just directly check the Fifth rank equipment, I can’t wear high ranked equipment anyway.”

An Envoy’s rank affects their strength to a huge extent. Just by being of a lowe rank would mean not being able to wear high-rank equipment and not being able to upgrade their skills to a higher level/

Skills such as Fang Li’s slaughterer that could be promoted for example. With a skill like this an Envoy needs to use skill points all the time to upgrade it step by step until it reaches the highest possible in the rank then the rank needs to increase before it can be promoted further.

Asides from Equipment and Skills, the ranking affects Attributes as well. A Fifth rank Envoy can upgrade their attributes until they have 100 of each. Not inclusive of equipment, skills and title bonuses, this is the maximum limit within the Fifth Rank.

If an Envoy wanted to continue promoting their Attributes, they need to level up.

As for the conditions needed to level up, one of them was to have 100 points of combined attributes.

After the Envoy reaches 100 points, they can carry out the promotion quest and when that is completed they will level up and reach for a higher boundary.

At present, Fang Li’s attributes were only a pitiful 9 points. Even if the titles were added that’s only 19 points. So he temporarily could not consider levelling up.

That’s why besides Fifth rank equipment, it was pointless to look at other equipment other than to drool at them.

Therefore, Fang Li started to browse the Equipment section.

“This is not bad.”

“This is also not bad.”

“This is not good, it’s not suitable for me.”

“Who would’ve thought this sort of Equipment would be here, who would auction this?!”

“A lot of people bidding for it so it must be good, I’ll offer as well!”

“WTF! Such a big price increase are you bullying me because I’m a rookie!”

Finally, Fang Li spent an entire hour choosing and bidding until he chose four items.

Fimbulvetr’s Shirt
Category: Upper Garment
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: When attacked there’s a certain probability of attacking with ice that will freeze.

Black Tang Leggings
Category: Lower Garment
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: Every ten minutes 1/10 Stamina will be restored.

Light Wind Gloves
Category: Handguard
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: Increase attack speed by 10%, it can also be used as a defence to some extent.

Rotating Steps Boots
Category: Shoes
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: Increase movement speed by 20%, increase jump strength by 20%, when retreating speed will increase.

The Equipment that Envoys can wear are divided into seven those were, Weapons, Upper Garments, Lower Garments, Handguards, Shoes and two Accessories.

Therefore, Fang Li spent an entire 10,000 Exchange Points, to get the upper garment, lower garment, hand guards and shoes. 

Fimbulvetr’s Shirt cost him 3000 Exchange Points.

Black Tang leggings cost him 2000 Exchange Points.

Light Wind Gloves cost him 2000 Exchange Points.

Rotating Steps Boots cost him 3000 Exchange Points.

Freely spending 1/5 of his savings so quickly made even Fang Li blush with shame.

“These four items cost me 10,000 Exchange Points, items with effect amplifications are quite expensive.”

“This is only Fifth Rank Equipment if it was First Rank Equipment, how much would even one item cost?”

“Ok ok, I’d rather not imagine.”

Fang Li smiled bitterly.

Fang Li did not think he made a loss, any item that could be auctioned would definitely be high quality so he would not be at a disadvantage.

Not to mention the set of Equipment he bought would give him a very big boost when worn.

For example, the attack speed and movement speed bonuses from the handguard and shoes would be very useful to Fang Li.

Fang Li knew his own specialisation. 

Speed Type.

Moreover, it was the peak of speed.

With his Mystic Eyes of Death Perception, Fang Li had no need for attacking power, anything would be extremely damaged or killed when their Death Line was cut.

Not to mention the Mystic Eyes of Death can cut through all defences so Fang Li had no need to promote its attacking power. His defensive power was the same case, so long as his speed has reached a certain extent and the enemy can’t catch him who could hit him?

Perhaps using such a dramatic setup would make Fang Li weaker earlier on but later on Fang Li’s method of fighting will be able to fully display itself and he will turn into a Death God that can travel anywhere.

“Naturally, I also need a weapon.”

After all, even if Fang Li didn’t settle on the attacking power, there were a lot of unusual useful effects on the Equipment in the Chief God’s Dimension.

“If there is a weapon with a good effect I must buy it!”

While saying so Fang Li saw something. In front of him on the interface was a weapon.

Moon Blade
Category: Weapon
Rank: Fifth Rank
Effect: Increase attack speed by 20%, create a double image that will attack and make the target unresponsive for a while. 

Seeing this weapon, Fang Li couldn’t help but stare…

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