Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 75

Was the Chief God’s Dimension large? No one knew.

Fang Li had no idea as well. However, according to what he knew, the Chief God’s Dimension had four main areas, a community, trading, training and entertainment area.

The community area was where all the living spaces for each of the Chief God’s Envoys were with all the pillars. The trading area was where all the transactions were carried out, the training region was used for training and the entertainment area was for leisure activities for relaxing the mind and body.

Fang Li’s destination was the Trading Area.

Within the four regions, there were transmission points where each of the Envoys can use to go between each of the regions.

Fang Li followed the coordinates from the Chief God’s Dimension to go the Trading Area’s transmission point.

It was a large gate. All kinds of Envoys were entering into the gate and vanishing inside while some walked out of it as if appearing from thin air. It was quite a lively scene.

Fang Li joined the crowd and entered the gate.

After a brief moment of darkness, Fang Li appeared in another area. Loud noises started to spread into Fang Li’s ears.

The sudden noise caused Fang Li to wrinkle his brow and turn to see what was going on. He saw an extremely large open space with stalls along the entire area arranged neatly. They all seemed to be quite good looking and orderly.

The noise came from an argument between a store owner and a customer.

“What? You’re selling such trash for 1000 Exchange Points? Why don’t you just openly steal!”

“Hello! Is this expensive? This is a bargain!”

“What? You can’t negotiate? If you can’t negotiate it lower then why even come to the trading area just throw it somewhere else!”

“Fixed-price of 2000 Exchange Points, if you want it buy it!”

There were similar arguments all over the Trading Area with each store owner shouting and customers trying to negotiate it down. This looked exactly like a market…

This made Fang Li speechless.

“So it’s true, if there’s a price there’s going to be competition?”

Although any sort of strange item can be exchanged from the Chief God’s Dimension, some items were particular to certain Dungeon Worlds. After all, the goal of the Chief God’s Envoys was to travel each of these worlds and they were all different so it made sense that some items did not exist normally from the Chief God’s Dimension.

Therefore items that were exchanged from the Chief God’s Dimension were usually versatile or powerful items such as recovery items, special items like servant certificates or other similar items. There were no items that were from a Dungeon World.

With that being the case, if a Chief God’s Envoy had an item from a Dungeon World that they couldn’t use or didn’t need they could sell it to other envoys and earn Exchange Points.

Naturally, they could also sell it to the Chief God’s Dimension.

However, the price between buying and selling was naturally different. Often the value at which you can sell it back to the Chief God’s Dimension is half the value it can be exchanged for.

The Envoys were naturally not keen on this method, therefore, the Trading Area exists.

Here, each store was owned by an Envoy, there was also an auction room that was operated by the Chief God’s Dimension.

If you were willing to pay the auction fee of 5% then you could auction it in the auction room. If you were not willing to do that you can set up a stall at the Trading Area and exchange it normally.

“No matter what I should walk around first!”

It had to be said that Fang Li had 50,000 Exchange Points. Points this large for a rookie was a miracle, however to just save and store Exchange Points was something only an idiot would do.

All Envoys wanted to earn Exchange Points and turn it by any means possible into strength. For now, although Fang Li had a large increase in attributes from the title, he still had a few un-used Attribute points, and for his skills, he only had the Slaughterer passive skill.

As for equipment, he had none at all. Therefore Fang Li needed to urgently spend his points to increase his strength.

“Now I have ten days to relax, if I want to extend it I need to pay 1000 Exchange Points each time, it’s so expensive it makes me want to shout Motherf*cker!”

In other words, with Fang Li’s current net worth, if he just rested for two months in the Chief God’s Dimension he’d be broke immediately.

“Ten days later, I’ll immediately go to the second Dungeon World.”

“As for the Exchange Points, I better turn it into strength.”

With that sort of plan, Fang Li started to stroll and look around each stall. The items from each of the Dungeon Worlds was dazzling and broadened his horizons.

But, items that were traded through the stalls were normally not precious. The genuinely precious things no one would use a stall for it, they would use the auction room, not only can they hide their identity, they can earn a lot more!

Fang Li’s destination was, therefore, the auction room.

It was located in the centre of the Trading Area. This was a space different from normal auction rooms. This was basically a huge shop.

The shop had furniture and looked like an open-air restaurant that people could relax at. But all the Envoys here were not here to eat and drink, each of them was staring in front of them and studying something, once in awhile their hands would move like they were scrolling.

Fang Li looked at the place and took a seat somewhere. Immediately, in front of Fang Li a bright light flashed and an interface appeared. This was the auction room.

“Quite a high tech gadget.”

Fang Li couldn’t help knocking himself on the head. He copied the surrounding envoys and started scrolling on the interface.

Each item suddenly started appearing on it all arranged neatly, there were even sorting functions. These were all the items on auction. There were equipment, items and also…skils!

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