Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 74

This was a very vast street. It also quite unusual. The street seemed to have no end and kept stretching to the distance.

The street was paved with not cement but a type of marble that was smooth and hard.

On both sides of the street, there were stone pillars erected that reached deep into the clouds. If this couldn’t be called strange then not many things could be called strange! But wait, there were even more strange things, there were portals underneath each of the pillars with people walking to and fro as if emerging from thin air.

The people walking into the portal looked like they vanished into the pillar!

If one carefully inspected each pillar, there were serial numbers on top of them. Furthermore, all the numbers were different and were arranged from smallest to largest going down.

That being the scene, under stone pillar number 11273, a portal started glowing. The person who walked out was Fang Li!

“This is…”

Seeing this vast and unusual street, Fang Li was instantly shocked. The guide to the Chief God’s Dimension did not tell Fang Li how space would look like only the approximate layout of it.

Therefore seeing such a vast street with pillars towering into the clouds Fang Li was just a bit surprised.

What actually made Fang Li shocked were the pedestrians on the street. There were all sorts of weird and strange beings walking and moving around. 

Some had long ears.

Some had long tails.

Some had long necks.

Some hand long fangs…

There was even a being that couldn’t really be considered human with a full body of fur and a head of some sort of animal, it looked more like a beastman than normal beastmen!

Fang Li also saw shadows flying in the sky, some were like birds, some were like beasts and there were even ones that looked like dragons flying using their wings towards the street in front.

“Are these all the Chief God’s Envoys?”

Fang Li felt that his entire worldview had just collapsed. This was actually normal. According to the Chief God’s Dimension’s information, there were three types of existences in all of creation forming a pyramid.

The peak was the Chief God’s Dimension, this was the first world and is without a doubt the primary and highest world. Only one being was born in this world. 

The Chief God.

Therefore the Chief God ruled everything in the dimension and created the current Chief God’s Dimension,

But within this pyramid on the second level, there were also smaller planes of existences called Planar Worlds.

There was an infinite number of these planar worlds, some were similar, some were slightly different and some were completely different. These worlds were all independent of each other.

The world that Fang Li came from was one of these infinite planar worlds. The Chief God’s Dimension had selected Envoys from each of these worlds and taken them into the Chief God’s Dimension.

Therefore, each Chief God’s Envoy came from different worlds and obviously had different appearances, some appeared slightly human some were completely different.

That being the case, the Chief God’s Dimension’s current appearance was normal. There were far too many planar worlds after all and the ones who could enter the Chief God’s Dimension must be quite special existences in their world, so finding someone that was exactly the same was close to impossible.

At least until now, no one had managed to meet anyone that came from the exact same planar world.

It could easily be shown then that the probability of meeting someone from the same planar world in the Chief God’s Dimension was infinitely close to 0.

As for the bottom of the pyramid, these were Dungeon Worlds. These worlds were worlds that grew from the planar world.

When a planar world became developed enough and its culture grew, all sorts of fantasies and legends would be made which would create these Dungeon Worlds.

This was the essence of the so-called, Dungeon Worlds.

Each Planar World evolved differently so each Dungeon World related to that Planar World was also different. For example Fang Li, with his Planar World, the Dungeon Worlds were geared towards 2D animations.

The Chief God’s Dimension will select envoys from the planar worlds and allow them to travel and grow within the dungeon worlds. With that in mind, beings from other planar worlds wanting to enter into another being’s planar world would need to be brought in by someone who came from that planar world or there would be no way to enter.

This knowledge could only be known after passing through the first dungeon world and getting rid of the novice title. Therefore Fang Li had only just understood all that information.

“It’s so grand, kind of like a myth…”

Even Fang Li couldn’t help but sigh at the sight. Right now however each of the envoys on the street also noted Fang Li and were looking at him.

“That’s a surprise, a new envoy from Serial Number 11273?”

“It’s about time I suppose, the last envoy from Serial Number 11273 had already died for such a long time, the Chief God’s Dimension would select one sooner or later.”

“That’s to say this guy’s a rookie?”

“He looks human.”

On the street, there were many voices commenting from each of the Chief God’s Envoys but they weren’t languages that he knew. However Fang Li actually knew the meaning of the language, it wasn’t that he could speak the language but just that he could understand it, this was an ability from the Chief God’s Dimension to understand all languages.

This was absolutely an essential ability in all Dungeon Worlds.

Therefore, Chief God’s Envoys with this ability can not only understand their language but can allow others to understand the user’s language.

Seeing all the unusual Chief God’s Envoys Fang Li showed a faint smile.

“It seems like, this Chief God’s Dimension is more interesting than I thought.”

With that in mind, Fang Li marched onto the street.

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