Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 73

This was a desolate open space. There was no lawn, no trees, only dust in the air.

There was a wall surrounding the space which made it similar to a prisoner’s cage.


Suddenly, in the open space, a bright light shone. Within the light, Fang Li’s form gradually appeared and he kneeled down on the ground immediately dripping with blood. His appearance was truly pitiful.


At this moment, a bright light covered Fang Li’s body. Under the light, Fang Li’s pained expression finally relaxed. 


Fang Li’s wounds healed one after another extremely quickly. The speed at which it healed was faster than even a Kabaneri or any other sort of life.

With that light’s help, Fang Li’s fatal wounds were all immediately healed.

Furthermore, Fang Li’s dizziness from the loss of the blood was gone thanks to the light.

After several seconds, the light disappeared when Fang Li’s body was fully healed.

Fang Li who had finally been healed rejoiced, “Luckily I managed to return to the Chief God’s Dimension and the Chief God’s envoy can recover any injury after returning otherwise I’d have no idea what to do.”

As he spoke, a system notification rang out in his head.

“Serial Number 11273 has returned to the Chief God’s Dimension, begin the evaluation.”

“Dungeon World Name, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress.”

“Quest Difficulty: Fifth Rank.”

“Number of Participants: 1.”

“Number of Main Quests: 3.”

“Quest 1: Kill 10 Kabane, additional kills will be rewarded based on quantity.”

“Quest Completed, additional kills completed, the number of killed targets is massive, rewards have been largely promoted.”

“Quest 2: Protect the important plot character, Yomokawa Ayame from dying in Aragane Station and leave it smoothly, protecting additional people will be rewarded based on quantity.”

“Quest Completed, the important plot character Yomokawa Ayame survived, the number of survivors from Aragane Station is small, rewards have been slightly promoted.”

“Quest 3: Obtain 3000 Exchange Points, additional points will be rewarded based on quantity.”

“Quest Completed, obtained 30000 Exchange Points, the number of points gained is massive, rewards have been largely promoted.”

“Clearance Evaluation: Rank A+.”

Along with those words from the system notification, another set of information appeared in Fang Li’s mind.

“Examining other factors affecting the clearance evaluation.”

“Influencing factor one: Completed B-Rank Side Quest 【Martial Arts Arena Fight】The evaluation has risen but is not enough to promote the evaluation rank.”

“Influencing factor two: Completed B-Rank Side Quest 【Delayed victory and defeat】The evaluation has risen and after accumulating has been promoted.

“Influencing factor three: Completed A-Rank Hidden Quest 【Demise of the Hunters】The evaluation has risen by a large amount, achievement of S-Rank.

“Final Clearance Evaluation: S Rank.”

“Rewards are 20000 Exchange Points, 10 free Attribute Points and 5 free Skill Points.”

(The clearance evaluation rank and quest ranks are the same, divided by S, A, B, C, D and E making up six ranks. Each rank has smaller ranks within it which are for example S- Rank, S Rank and S+ Rank.)

The information he heard made Fang Li stunned for a second.

For a rookie that had just entered the Chief God’s Dimension get an S Rank in his first dungeon world, it wasn’t unprecedented but there was no other newcomer that could be the same as Fang Li at this moment in time, he could definitely be called the First Rookie!

However, what made Fang Li stunned was not this but something else.

“A Rank Hidden Quest?”

Had he unexpectedly completed a hidden quest?

At that moment, Fang Li looked in the air. 

“I want to see the Quest record.”

Chief God’s Envoys can ask to examine various things. Things such as attributes, skills and equipment could be examined.

Naturally, quests were the same.

Therefore, Fang Li then received a message.

“Serial Number 11273 had completed the A Rank Hidden Quest: Demise of the Hunters.”

“Quest Details: Eliminate all the Hunters and personally kill the Chief of the Hunters, Amatori Biba.”

“Quest Reward: Servant Certificate (Fourth Rank).”

Seeing this message, Fang Li was speechless.

This so-called hidden quest was one that was triggered without informing him so the Chief God’s Envoy would have no idea about it.

Naturally, because the Envoy was not informed, generally the failure was close to 100%

After all, if the Envoy has no idea what the quest is they wouldn’t aim to complete it so they’d unknowingly not fulfil the criteria and fail it.

But if it’s completed, within the same rank of quests, the rewards were much higher than normal side quests. Therefore many Chief God’s Envoys will try their luck with them.

This type of quest was a love and hate relationship that no envoy can aim for, if it’s fulfilled by any chance then it can just be treated as a pleasant surprise.

Now, Fang Li managed to bump into such a pleasant surprise.

Moreover, it was actually a great pleasant surprise.

Only, this pleasant surprise made Fang Li not know if to laugh or cry.

“If not for Mumei and the others I wouldn’t have fought the Hunters for no reason at all let alone kill Amatori Biba.”

“Pleasant surprise indeed but if I just ignored Mumei and the others then I wouldn’t have finished this quest?”

Thus it could be shown what sort of evil intentions the Chief God had and the sort of reason why Envoys have a love and hate relationship with the hidden quests.

Perhaps if it was another person, this reward wouldn’t exist?

Thinking of this, Fang Li lifted up his hand. A parchment of paper laid down on it.

Servant Certificate (Fourth Rank): Special Item, under the condition of agreement with a plot character that is of the fourth rank, they can be transformed into a Chief God’s Envoy servant and share their life with the user along with the user’s jurisdiction allowing them the same treatment in the Chief God’s Dimension as other Envoys, the value of this is 50,000 Exchange Points.

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