Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 72

When Fang Li’s sound reached Amatori Biba’s ears, his heart suddenly gave rise to a bad premonition.

However, it was too late.

Fang Li suddenly raised his head, a pair of ice blue mystic eyes glittered. Shortly afterwards, Fang Li’s remaining hand that hadn’t been pierced shook and a weapon fell out of his sleeve.

Its body was jet black and it’s surface was extremely sharp. 

It was a kunai.

Amazingly, this was the kunai that Fang Li retrieved from Mumei, he hadn’t gotten the chance to give it back to her.


With a sky-splitting sound, the sharp kunai tore through the air towards the heart of the Fused Colony as Amatori Biba’s face changed drastically.

*Pu chi!”

At that moment, the blue glowing heart was pierced…

Blood, sprinkling everywhere.


In the desolate plains without any life, there was a single Fused Colony with only half its body screaming out in pain.


A dazzling ray shone from inside the Fused Colony and slowly one by one each Kabane making up the Fused Colony also started glowing.

At that moment, the huge Fused Colony was inflating like a balloon that was about to blow up!


With a resounding explosion, the Fused Colony exploded and the sky started to rain Kabane as they fell like pouring rain.

This was probably one of the few rainstorms seen so far?

Except for the fact that each drop of rainwater from the rainstorm was actually a Kabane.

Massive amounts of Kabane fell on the ground and appeared to have died since they stopped moving.

But from within the massive Fused Colony, two forms also dropped from the sky, and fell on the ground causing a dust cloud.

*Pa pa pa pa!*

The sounds of stones being crushed could be heard.


The strong winds then blew away that sand cloud.

cough cough…”, Fang Li coughed several times before finally coughing out some blood, his whole body was dripping with blood as he kept trembling.

But even so, Fang Li hadn’t loosened his only remaining hand.

That hand was still tightly gripping a sharp kunai stabbed straight into a bright blue heart.

Only, this wasn‘t the heart of the Fused Colony’s core…It was Amatori Biba’s heart.

Amatori Biba lay down beneath Fang Li his mouth was also overflowing with blood and his eyes started blurring.

It wasn’t because he lost the battle and went insane. It was because this was a sign of him about to die.

This was the final act in his life. Once he could see no more, he’ll be dead.

Amatori Biba was very clear about this.

All sound has as if vanished at this moment.

All that remained were Fang Li’s rapid breathing.

Amatori Biba stared at Fang Li before making a hoarse sound, “You’ve won…”

Hearing this, Fang Li looked up at Amatori Biba shaking his head saying, “No, I didn’t beat you, you lost to destiny.”


Amatori Biba did not lose to Fang Li, but he lost to destiny.

If not for that, then those iron extensions would have pierced all of Fang Li’s body and not allowed him to give the final strike.

If not for that, then Mumei’s kunai wouldn’t be with him as a result of the fight they had before. He relied on this kunai to get this victory.

Therefore, Amatori Biba did not lose to Fang Li, he lost to destiny.

Lowering his head he looked at Amatori Biba’s glowing blue heart and couldn’t help sarcastically saying, “You said that the person who injected the black blood wasn’t you when it obviously was you.”

On the roof of the Hunters’ Hayajiro, the one who snuck up and attacked Fang Li and Mumei was Amatori Biba. Similarly, the person who injected the black blood was also Amatori Biba.

If that weren’t the case, Fang Li didn’t believe that a disguised subordinate would be able to talk to him for so long without showing any flaws.

Therefore the truth of the matter was, Amatori Biba injected his subordinate with the black blood to hide and turn her into the Fused Colony’s core then he injected himself later in front of Fang Li. That fierce stake that pierced him was probably part of his plan so he could hide near the core?

In other words, Amatori Biba made full preparations beforehand.

This was a more believable scenario.

Fang Li finally solved this issue and solved Amatori Biba’s plan. It was a pity that despite all that planning Amatori Biba had still lost.

“This is your death”, Fang Li held the kunai and spoke slowly.

“This is your destiny.”

Amatori Biba’s face slowly turned gloomy. Then after a while he smiled.

That smiling face underneath all the blood seemed quite cold and fierce.

“Destiny?”, Amatori Biba squeezed out the words with difficulty, “Who would’ve thought that you who doesn’t fear death would believe in destiny.”

“…… Right, I believe in destiny.”

Fang Li closed his eyes.

“If not for that, then nothing could explain the flaw I was born with.”

While saying so, Fang Li’s words turned more powerful.

“But, I believe in destiny, this doesn’t mean I’ll accept destiny!”

Fang Li opened his eyes and those ice blue mystic eyes appeared once more.

“If there really is a destiny that I can’t change then I’ll kill it!”

“I believe that is the reason why I have these eyes!”

Everything suddenly froze.

Staring at Fang Li’s ice blue mystic eyes, Amatori Biba’s smile changed.

From the chilly look he had, it turned into one of relief.

“Perhaps, you truly did kill my destiny as well.”

Leaving behind those words, Amatori Biba’s eyes lost all life.


The glowing blue heart changed into powder and dissipated in the air.

Amatori Biba…was dead.

At this time, the sound of a system notification rang out in Fang Li’s head.

“Serial Number 11273 has used up all remaining time, transferring automatically to the Chief God’s Dimension.”

TL Note: Well then guys that ends this Arc! I’ll be quickly getting the next arc out tomorrow!

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