Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 71


The Fused Colony struck hard against its heart position, the strength of the hit was so strong it crushed its chest with an explosive sound!

The Fused Colony made of massive amounts of Kabane were immediately destroyed without enough time to even scream as they were turned into piles of bloody water splashing about.


The Fused Colony having lost most of its body started to roar at the sky.

That roar seemed to contain some…pain

Fang Li who had jumped up and was no in midair clearly saw this as he let his body fall with gravity, he could see the exposed chest of the Fused Colony.

After a second, Fang Li finally found his goal.


There was a dazzling blue light shinging from the exposed chest cavity, that heart was glowing brightly and illuminating the area.

Amatori Biba was like a puppet with broken strings his head faced down and with his body leaned forward and covered from all sides with Kabane connected to him through numerous extensions from his body.

Although Fang Li was far away, he could still see. He could see that since Amatori Biba had turned into the Fused Colony’s core he no longer had any human expressions.

That black coloured blood truly could create a Fused Colony artificially.

However, after being injected with the black blood, even a Kabaneri would lose their humanity completely and turn into a Kabane…a monster.

The current Amatori Biba had perhaps already lost all reason.

Otherwise, the Fused Colony would never do something as stupid as attacking itself.

But for Fang Li, this was actually an opportunity.

“The only opportunity!”

At that moment, Fang Li turned in the air like a missile and shot down from the clouds with an ear-splitting bang as he dropped towards the Fused Colony below him.

The monster that had lost most of its body roared and tried to use its remaining arm to swat at Fang Li.

“Don’t get in the way!”

Fang Li’s ice blue mystic eyes flashed and the Katana in his hand moved as his whole person turned into an arrow shooting towards the Fused Colony.

From a distance, it looked like a meteor dropping onto a giant with only half a body.

At once, they both collided.


That was the sound of air being broken.

That meteor fell directly from the clouds onto the hand reaching up and unexpectedly cut the whole hand into two halves!

At this moment, Fang Li pushed his strength to its limits, perhaps even surpassing his limits, using the mystic eyes of death perception to cut through each Kabane that was making up the hand of the Fused Colony until its entire arm was broken up.


The Fused Colony let out another painful howl. Whether it could actually feel the pain from having parts of its Kabane-made body cut off, Fang Li had no idea.

But, Fang Li having managed to cut off its arm crashed right into the exposed chest of the Fused Colony.


Inside its chest, each Kabane threw themselves at Fang Li but because they were tied down by the extensions from Amatori Biba they couldn’t move.

Fang Li had managed to reach the core of the Fused Colony using this method, reaching Amatori Biba.

His ice blue mystic eyes looked straight at the glowing blue heart on Amatori Biba’s chest. A death line crack appeared in his eyes…

As soon as this crack appeared…

“This will finish everything!”

Fang Li held up the katana in his hand and stabbed forward at Amatori Biba’s heart.

However right at this moment… a jet black longsword struck out from a Kabane nearby!


With a loud collision, Fang Li’s katana was knocked away by the long sword.

Fang Li turned around in surprise. He could see from within the Kabane, there was a person… Amatori Biba.

“You…?!” The Fang Li’s pupil suddenly shrinks.

What just happened?

Didn’t Amatori Biba turn into the Fused Colony’s core?



At this time, Fang Li suddenly remembered an extremely important matter.

He remembered that within the original plot, the only type of person that could turn into a Fused Colony’s core were females. For males, they would simply go on a rampage until they died.

Could it be that…

“You’ve guessed correctly, Fang Li-kun.”

Amatori Biba opened his eyes and said indifferently.

The person that injected the black blood was not me but one of my subordinates disguised as me.

As he finished speaking, the Kabaneri acting as the core suddenly shot out some iron extensions!

*Pu chi pu chi pu chi!*

The sharp iron extensions, passed right through Fang Li’s body, penetrating all of his limbs and causing massive amounts of blood to flow out.


The unprecedented pain reached each of Fang Li’s nerves and caused him unprecedented pain as he let out a cry from his throat.

With his whole body pierced by those sharp extensions, this was Fang Li’s most severe wound, he had only escaped death by a hair’s breadth.

“I’ve finally won, Fang Li-kun.”

Amatori Biba looked at the incapacitated Fang Li and started speaking.

“You and me together will become part of this Fused Colony.”

Then, the iron extensions started retracting bringing Fang Li along with it towards the core of the Fused Colony.


At this time, Fang Li who had his head lowered suddenly started laughing.

Amatori Biba’s brow wrinkled and asked, “Why are you smiling?”

Hearing this, Fang Li resisted the severe pain from his body, smiling slowly.

“I’m smiling because your conclusion was too fast…”

“Too fast?”

Amatori Biba looked at Fang Li who had his whole body pierced. Shaking his head he said, “Your whole body has been pierced through, your weapon is gone, what else can you do?”

“I still have a hand don’t I?”, Fang Li raised his head and looked up slowly, staring face to face with Amatori Biba.

“As for my weapon, I have one…”

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Just end the arc already… Too many clifhangers and forced stretches to the story make anything boring after awhile. The audience simply loses interest to see what happens next because there will enevitabley be another twist to make the story longer. This arc outlived it’s entertainment value 20 chapters ago…

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