Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 70


Above the vast railway track, a berserk howl could be heard making soundwaves like hurricanes that swept away rock and dust.

This monster made of Kabane swung its giant arms on the railway track in front of it while roaring.


With that resounding noise, the impact caused by the monster’s strike was like an explosion destroying all of the surroundings. The ground itself was shaken and crushed rocks flew everywhere. 

This sort of scene could only be described as a disaster. Before such a disaster the power of a single human appeared so frail…

Therefore, Fang Li was easily blown away by the blow and flew through the air like rubbish being thrown as he tried to adjust his position in midair finally managing to land properly and get pushed back a few steps before finally stopping.

Cough cough…”, Fang Li couldn’t help but cough out blood from his throat.

That bandage wrapped around his wound also started leaking red blood. Fang Li’s old would have clearly reopened causing him even more pain.

But, Fang Li didn’t have any free time to feel pain as he took out a stamina recovery potion from his leg bad and immediately pulled out the stopper, pouring all the liquid into his mouth.

After taking the stamina recovery potion, Fang Li finally felt his body regain some strength.

That giant monster, however, let out another large roar and rushed at Fang Li like a rampaging beast.


The sound of the ground cracking with each footstep was clearly audible.


Even stones were crushed under that monster’s rampage.

Facing such an incarnation of violence, Fang Li had no way of preventing it, he could only look on helplessly as it rushed towards him.

Then, the giant monster raised its arms again, aiming directly at Fang Li as it swung down.


The clear sound of the impact was loud enough to cause strong winds to blow, as it shot rubble everywhere again.

Facing this fearful attack, Fang Li tried to avoid it and resist but he couldn’t withstand the sheer force of it and was blown away again like a kite as he shot off onto a hill nearby.

This time, the severe pain from the impact caused Fang Li to almost lose consciousness!

“Damn it!”, Fang Li clenched his teeth and endured the pain as he gripped the katana in his hand, his pair of mystic blue eyes stared coldly at the Fused Colony’s body in front of him.

Immediately, Fang Li saw many lines of death, there were far too many! Within a Fused Colony, each Kabane was an independent life just that they were absorbed and used to create the body of the Fused Colony.

Therefore Fang Li saw hundreds if not thousands of Kabane death lines…

“Now…how the hell do I kill this??”

Not to mention even killing all these Kabane would do nothing, as long as the core, Amatori Biba was still alive then more Kabanes could turn into parts of the Fused Colony.

Therefore, the goal Fang Li should kill was not the Fused Colony itself but Amatori Biba.

“But… how should I make it expose its core?”

Fang Li’s Mystic Eyes stared at the Fused Colony’s heart location, the blue light there told him that there was where its weakness was.

Maybe because of Fang Li staring at its weak spot, the Fused Colony let out a berserk roar and like a demented beast, it rushed once more at Fang Li.

This monster that was like a tank made Fang Li’s heart tremble, he couldn’t even think of fighting back…


“I can’t just not fight back!”

If he only dodged, then there was no way to kill the monster in front of him.

“I need to get close!”

Only by getting close could he launch an attack.

To kill this barbaric monster…


With determination, Fang Li stomped on the ground of the hill behind him and shot forward like a bullet towards the chest of the Fused Colony carrying with him a sky-piercing noise.

This sort of action could only be described in one way, courting death.

As both sides quickly met, the difference in their size could clearly be seen. They couldn’t even be compared!


The giant monster’s rampage did not reduce as it continued to dash at the hill causing destruction everywhere.

But suddenly the ground quaked and shook as a strong wind blew into it, that strong impact caused the Fused Colony to lose some parts of its body immediately.

Kabane that was making up its body fell to the ground one by one.

But the Fused Colony that had lost some of its body parts swayed from side to side as it used its remaining hands to pat down on its body.

This patting caused the Fused Colony to start breaking up more and more of its body.

*Bang bang bang bang!*

The giant monster continuously hit itself as it caused more and more of its body to fly out.

Naturally, the Fused Colony was not purposefully hitting itself, it was doing this because there was something still in the Fused Colony’s body.


A flash of chilly light flashed through.

*Pu chi!”

The heart of a Kabane that was forming part of this Fused Colony was immediately stabbed.

Fang Li threw out this Kabane’s body and crawled on the Fused Colony’s body avoiding the Fused Colony’s attacks while using his katana to kill each Kabane one by one as he stepped upon each of their corpses towards the heart of the Fused Colony.

“Since you enjoy hitting yourself, why not help me?”

Fang Li jumped up and directly towards the heart of the Fused Colony


The Kabane that formed the chest immediately yelled and tried to grab Fang Li. Fang Li just jumped up and leapt into the air.

At this time, that Fused Colony’s giant arm fell directly at the spot where Fang Li disappeared…right above its own heart…

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