Illimitable Until Death

Chapter 69

Since Fang Li knew the original storyline of this world and he had watched it in his head from the angle of a God-like being knowing the future and past of a person from A-Z, Fang Li liked to immerse himself with these plot characters.

That’s because Fang Li knew about the naive and innocent Mumei.

Fang Li knew about the kindness of Yomokawa Ayame.

Fang Li knew about Ikoma’s strong faith and determination.

Fang Li also knew about Konochi Kurusu’s loyalty and dignity.

These were things that couldn’t have been known if one couldn’t see it directly but it was shown on the screen to everyone, giving life to these fictional characters and showing how special they were.

These traits were very attractive to Fang Li since they were very agreeable to him. Therefore Fang Li genuinely did like Mumei, Yomokawa Ayame, Ikoma and also Konochi Kurusu.

This wasn’t really any sort of special feeling. It was just that within the plot of an Anime, there would be characters that people would like and characters people would hate. Fang Li was the same.

Although these people were not perfect and they had their own shortcomings such as Mumei’s willfulness, Yomokawa Ayame’s weakness, Ikoma’s clumsiness and Konochi Kurusu’s blind devotion. This was a love-hate relationship.

At least, for Fang Li that was the case.

In short, Fang Li had quite a good impression towards these four.

Therefore, Fang Li chose to help them.

Repaying a favour was only a part of it, it was mostly an excuse really. It was because he liked them that he chose to help. The reason was truly that simple.

Perhaps, this mentality was quite dangerous for a Chief God’s envoy since they would be involved in more fights.

However, Fang Li was not ashamed of having this mentality.

“I already lack a part of the human heart, turning into a strange being, if I let go of even more emotion, won’t I turn into an even stranger being?”

I’ve already died once anyway, right?

Fang Li was aloof to the whole concept of Death, to begin with so to fight tooth and nail for such a cause shouldn’t be too hard right?

That being the case, if there’s such an advantage like saving the people he likes, shouldn’t he just do what he wants to do?

Naturally for Fang Li, helping and saving others was not his goal, he wasn’t such a nice person. What Fang Li wanted to do was simply to follow his heart. He wanted to help the people he liked as much as possible.

People like Mumei, Ayame, Ikoma and Kurusu that had all helped him, could it be that he should just stand by and do nothing?


But also, regarding the people he hated, he should go all out to hate and kill them as well. For example, Amatori Biba, this person that could kill people with any sort of means no matter how wrong. Could he just restrain himself against someone like this?


Then, the conclusion of this was clear.

“If I don’t hate you, I want you to live.”

“If I do hate you, I’ll definitely destroy you.”

“That’s the reason, that’s my reason.”

Fang Li opened his eyes and looked at Mumei, showing a faint smile.

“Therefore, do not forget, your first life was given to you by Amatori Biba, this second life was actually given to you by me, so even if it’s only for my sake, you have to live well.”

“I…”, Mumei’s mouth opened slightly, but she found that she couldn’t say anything in response.

Mumei felt that her heart was constantly beating like crazy, a strange heat could be felt that she had felt before. This was probably the feeling she felt quite a lot when her mother was still alive.

Mumei couldn’t feel this feeling with Amatori Biba, her “Ani-sama” or the Hunters. But right now she could feel it flowing making her almost want to cry.

So that’s it.

So that’s it!

This was the feeling of being loved? Even if she had turned into a Kabaneri and was no longer human, this feeling remained deep inside her heart and finally emerged today.

“Fang Li…”, Yomokawa Ayame, Ikoma and Konochi Kurusu gazed at Fang Li as well, countless words were stopped up in their mouths.

With that being the case, only Fang Li’s heart was steady.

“I am only a traveller in your lives, but I don’t want to become an easily forgotten traveller.”

Fang Li observed everyone and smiled.

“Therefore, in this final moment, I’ll take the lead.”

As his words fell, Fang Li took Konochi Kurusu’s blade and turned around showing his back to everyone.

“For the people inside the Kousetsujou, I don’t really care much.”

“But I hope all of you will live well.”

“Definitely do not die.”

Leaves behind those words, Fang Li leapt down from the moving Hayajiro.

“Fang Li-san!”

“Fang Li-san!”


Ikoma, Yomokawa Ayame and Konochi Kurusu shouted at the same time as they saw Fang Li’s form steadily falling on the railroad tracks. His form was straight and tall with no sign of retreating. 

The giant monster pursuing roared like a devil and closed the distance between it and Fang Li.

The Kousetsujou gradually went further away from Fang Li until they could only see Fang Li’s back. Seeing that back facing them with his front facing the giant monster, Mumei that was lying down in Yomokawa Ayame’s bosom couldn’t help shoving away Ayame’s arms and shouting out.

“I will definitely live well!”

“Therefore, you definitely can’t die!”

Her immature but clear sound resounded through the sky before vanishing in the wind.

Then, the Kousetsujou gradually went farther and farther away, bringing with it hope.

The sound of the wheels on the railroad couldn’t be heard again.

But at this time, Fang Li raised his head and looked in front.


The giant monster was roaring crazily as it ran towards Fang Li.

Looking at that monster’s fearful speed, Fang Li thought out loud, “Well then, I only have one more thing to do in this world.”

That’s to keep an initial promise he made.

“To kill you!”

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Why MC is talking like an enlightened being? I mean, he is just a friendless shut in, a normal human being but simply lacking the fear of ‘death’. Everything others should be normal or below average.

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